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Led Into Temptation

Posted by: Age: 36 Posted on: 1 comments
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Distracted from my work by a sexy stud.


I need to say that this story in no way an indication that I am unprofessional or a slut, but a healthy woman. I am an x-ray technician and in the course of my 10-year career I have seen many men and women in various stages of undress, not to mention various shapes and sizes. My girlfriends think I have a great job and loads of opportunities for hot times with sexy guys; I'm not proud to say, but there have only been 2 times when I succumbed to the temptation of a naked body in front of me.
The most recent happened last week. He was 48 years old - I remember this since I commented that there must be a mistake on his chart. He was so buff and sexy and young looking, that I thought he was 10 years younger. He was having a routine sonogram of his testicles because his doctor thought he had felt irregularities during the genital-rectal exam. Of course, the guy was nervous and anxious.
I asked him to remove his clothes and change into the surgical gown. Lying on the table, I lifted the gown to uncover a very taut, washboard stomach covered in fur that trailed to a curly black pubic bush from which hung one of the longest penises I have ever seen, still soft, and resting on a very large pair of testicles. Obviously, in the course of the exam, I was going to need to touch him - which made me nervous and anxious as well.
I lifted his dick to rub the jelly-like substance on his balls and he began squirming; I thought it was because the jelly was cold, but I discovered his cock was stiffening and lengthening in my hand - he was getting aroused. He said he was trying to think of unpleasant things to avoid an erection and offending me, but having recently been divorced it was awhile since a beautiful young woman touched him there.
I assured him I wasn't offended and tried to encourage him to relax, that we'd both get through this. I continued rubbing on the jelly to run the equipment over his balls to view them on the screen and image them. I didn't let go of his swollen cock, I admit. It had to be 9 inches long and maybe 5 or 6 inches around since my hand barely closed around it. I hadn't ever held a cock so large so I wasn't letting go. It was throbbing and oozing precum. It was obvious we had a problem on our hands - literally. His eyes were closed, maybe hoping it would go away or maybe hoping it wouldn't end.
As difficult as it was, I continued the exam, occasionally giving his hot shaft a squeeze; the images were clear which was good news and he breathed a sigh a relief. I turned to put the equipment down and saw this long, thick cock sticking up from his groin. He said he was going to have trouble putting his equipment away. We smiled, laughed even. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue. His smile so sincere. I was letting emotions get in the way of professional behavior. I locked eyes with him, each of us wanting to complete what was started. I reached for his big, beautiful cock and began jerking it up and down, slow at first, then increasing my strokes. He lifted his gown further and began rubbing his chest and pinching his nipples. I bent over to whisper in his ear and ran the fingers of my free hand through his hair. His hips were bucking forward, pumping my fist as I jacked the biggest dick I'd ever seen. He shot load of cum all over and then his head hit the table with a thud. He was a gentleman and never touched me inappropriately. He lay there spent and I knew I was going to be in big trouble.
His leaving seemed a bit awkward, but he just called to see if I'd like to go out with him sometime. Maybe I'll get to hold that big dick once again.



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