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Leaving the Staff A Present

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This is the very first time I ever did anything like this and I was only 15, and GOD it felt sexy.


So me and my girlfriend went to a restaurant for her birthday called 'Rare Steakhouse' the food was lovely but I'm not here to talk about the food. Anyway as we entered the restaurant I found myself staring at the waitress, she was about 5'9, red tied back hair, half her cleavage on show from her perky breasts, and she was wearing no tights with the shortest skirt I've ever seen.

The stunning waitress directed us to our table and gave us the menu's and we ordered our food, but on her way to the kitchen she dropped a menu, went to pick it up and that's when I realised, not only was she short of her tights she was short of her underwear too! I stared for about 5 seconds at her, what you could tell was soaking wet pussy, glistening in the LED lights 0n the roof.

After seeing that I had a raging hard on but I didn't just want a handjob under the table from my girlfriend I wanted something more thrilling than that. So I left to go to the bathroom and in the bathroom there was only 2 stalls and one was taken so I entered the other one and sat on the toilet seat trousers down, quietly tossing myself off so the guy in the next cubicle couldn't hear me.

After about 2 minutes of tossing myself off slowly and quietly I wanted more fun, so I stripped completely, and sat there bare in the toilet tossing myself off. But as I was nearing cum I heard the guy next to me start to moan, and I could hear the movement of his hand sliding up and down his cock, I wasn't too sure what to do so I moaned quietly and started stroking faster to see if he would notice me. After about three minutes I was close to cumming and I stopped myself but the feeling overwhelmed my body I felt my body shiver from head to toe and I let out a huge moan. It was so loud I was sure he would hear it because he stopped moaning too, it was silent.

I heard a slight bang and to my surprise he had popped his head over the cubicle and found me naked with my rock hard cock in my hands sitting on the edge of the toilet with my legs spread across the cubicle walls like I was some sort of horny spider, he was silent for a few seconds, I must have shocked him, then he said 'Mind if I join?' I just politely nodded my head still in shock. His cubicle door unlocked so I unlocked mine, and he walked in.

He must have been about six foot, quite athletic well looked after and groomed and his cock was huge it must have been at least 8.5 inches at most. He said 'here suck it' so I wrapped my lips around his monster of a cock and he grabbed my head and started thrusting it onto his penis, it wasn't long before he let go of my head and I was just doing it myself faster and faster, I felt his cock stiffen up in my mouth and before I knew it he had blown his load all in my mouth, my mouth was filled. He said 'Here spit it out in your boxer shorts' I didn't know why he wanted me too but I did, and then is was my turn, he got down on all fours wrapped his firm fist around my cock and just started sucking, the feeling was great, some complete stranger sucking you off and the feeling you could get caught any minute is so intense that I blew my load in under a minute, he did the same again and spat my cum in his boxers. 'Now' he said 'You hang my boxers on your door and I'll hang yours on mine then whoever is lucky enough to find them might enjoy using them'

After that we got changed said goodbye to each other and walked out the mens room he left the restaurant before me so I couldn't give him a cheeky wink on my way out of anything, but I think I saw someone walk out the men's room with a bulge in his pocket, I hope that was my boxers because it really turned me on. When I got home I tossed myself off about three more times it was a great night and I'm going to be doing it a lot more now !!!!



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