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Learning...No Joke.

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Reading the story 'Growing Up' (11/19) made me reminisce about the way I discovered masturbation.


From the time I was about 13 and a half, I was having wet dreams, as many as 2 - 3 per week. In sex-ed class, I had learned that they were normal, but I learned nothing about controlling them through masturbation. I began to anticipate them based on how I felt when I went to bed. Basically, if I went to bed with a hard-on, I would probably be waking up early with my shorts full of cum.

Later that year my parents and I went on vacation to visit my aunt and uncle and my cousins. I slept in my cousin's room, he is a little younger than I am, less than a year. I was a bit nervous about this arrangement because I couldn't control my wet dreams. Would he know if I had one? How would I handle the clean-up? Does he have wet dreams? Well we never did talk about sex or masturbation, but we did fool around and compare boners and other silly stuff.

One evening, I was lying on my sleeping bag looking at his book shelf and found a joke book. My cousin said it was his older sisters'. I started paging through it and then we started taking turns reading the jokes. Most of them were considered 'dirty' at least in the minds of teenagers. Then I read one that would change my world. 'A groom wanted to make his new wife comfortable and didn't want her to feel pressured to have sex. So he told her that before falling asleep every night, if she wanted to have sex, she should pull his penis once; and if she didn't want sex, she should pull his penis one hundred times.' After reading it, my cousin and I just kind of looked at each other...we didn't get it. I thought, why would anyone want his penis pulled one hundred times? Well, that night, as I laid in my sleeping bag, and my cousin had fallen asleep, I wanted to see what would happen. So I started pulling. Well by the time I hit 10 I was hard. Nothing too new, but I didn't realize that I could make that happen. I kept going and by the time I hit 30, the feeling of my hand massaging my hard cock was addicting. Not knowing what to expect, I kept going at a slow but steady pace. I could feel something building, so I slowed down and would even take short breaks. Little did I know, I was edging. By the time I made it to the nineties I was straining to keep that feeling down and I was panting and sweating. Finally, I made it to 100. WOW, what a feeling. I thought that was enough for one night, and I went to sleep.

The next morning, I asked my cousin if he tried doing what that joke said, and he said, 'No (as if to say of course not), did you?' I got embarrassed for even asking and I said, 'No.' I tried it again the next night and had a similar experience. After getting to about thirty, I would go nice and slow for ten pulls, then a little faster, then slower. A great feeling.

The next day we left for home and it would be another two days until I got to the privacy of my room. The day after we got back, my parents went to work, and I slept in. After I woke up and showered, I got onto my bed and started my new counting game. This time, after barely making it to one hundred, I thought 'To hell with counting.' I kept going and edging ever so close to erupting. A few times I had to strain to keep it in but a few drops of a familiar white sticky fluid came oozing out. I looked at it and realized that it was semen, the same stuff I had been finding in my shorts in the early mornings after wet dreams. I kept going, then finally couldn't keep it back and a few spurts of warm semen shot out landing on my thighs, and stomach, then oozed over my hand. WOW. Now I got the joke!

I fell asleep and woke up an hour or so later and tried again! This time, I rode it straight to 100 and then just kept going to enjoy my new favorite solo hobby. Needless to say, I never had another wet dream.



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