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Learning With Kathy

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This was the best summer. The summer I learnt about girls.


Where I grew up and where I still live, the closest neighbor is 12 miles away. You can see forever, most days here. The best part about growing up in a secluded area and having a lake all to yourself, was that you can go skinny dipping anytime you want. My brothers and I, we would ride our horses to the lake, strip down and jump in. The one problem with the lake, is that it comes from the mountains and it is cold. We would see who could stay in the longest, before the pain of the cold water got to you and your penis tried to crawl inside of you to stay warm.

One summer, a cousin Kathy, came to stay with us for the month of July. Her parents thought it would be a good idea for her to get out of the city, and spend her summer in the country, before she went off to college. My brothers had both moved off the ranch that winter. I was 14 at the time, and had just discovered girls and my body was starting to look like my dad and my brothers.

Before Kathy arrived, my mother told me, it was my job to keep her entertained, show her the mountains, take her out on the horses, do what you and your brothers do. And if you are successful at keeping her happy, you will be rewarded in the end. My mom knew, that I wanted a new dirt bike, that's a big thing for a 14 year old.

Wow, that's Kathy! I thought to myself, when I meet her. I had not seen her, since I was maybe 10. Kathy was tall and had all this red hair. Her skin was as white as snow and blue eyes that could make any man melt. Being 14, I was a puddle. Kathy was a true city kid, but I was going to make her a country girl.

The next day, Kathy and I went riding, it was hot and dusty. I was having a goodtime, but Kathy wasn't. She asked, what do you do to cool off on hot days. I told her that we go swimming. Kathy stated that she didn't have a swim suit. I told her that you don't need one were we are going. When we got to the lake, I helped Kathy off her horse, and said, let's go. You first, she said. Ok, I do it all the time. Off came the clothes and in I went. The water was so cold that day, but I couldn't say anything. I just waited for her. Oh and the wait was worth it. Under that tee shirt and jeans, was the body of a goddess. Kathy was the first woman, I had ever seen naked, other than my mom. Her red hair, on that snow white skin and a small red patch of pubic hair. Her breasts were not all that large, but who cares. She was naked and she was going to be swimming with me. Kathy ran into the water, only to run out as fast as she came in, screaming about how cold it was. Her nipples looked to be so hard, that they would break off. During all this time, I didn't notice, that the cold water had not caused any shrinkage, but I was hard as a baseball bat. And my wood was not going down, but I was freezing. I needed to get out of the water, so I walked out backwards, thinking that Kathy wouldn't see my wood. I was almost out of the water and walking backwards, was working, until I stepped on a rock and fell backwards, landing in shallow water only a couple of inches deep. There I am, on my back with a full erection, that you could have seen for miles.

Kathy came over to me, because she thought I was hurt. When she noticed, that I wasn't she just smiled and said, looks like the water was not that cold after all. I couldn't believe this, a naked woman kneeling next to me at 14 and I have a cock that is so hard, it hurts. Kathy asked, do you always get hard when you go swimming? If so, we need to go more often and do you know what to do with that cock of yours. Before I could get the words out, Kathy was rubbing my cock and balls. This was new to me, and a first. It didn't take me long to shoot my load. It shot over my head and onto my chest. Kathy couldn't believe how far I shot it. Let's do that again, she said, but I want to watch you do it.

As I started to jerk off, Kathy laid on the grass beside me and began to rub herself. Kathy would rub her breasts and squeeze her nipples. Then she rubbed her pussy. As I watched her, I became harder and harder. They Kathy asked it I wanted to rub her. I had never touched something so soft. Each time, I touched her pussy she would arch her back and grab a handful of grass as to rip it out of the ground. As I was rubbing her, she reached up and grabbed my cock as if she was going to rip it off. Kathy was loud, when she had her orgasm. I thought something was wrong and that I had hurt her somehow. Then Kathy told me it was my turn. Do it again, let see how far you can shoot. I stood up, and pumped away. When I did shoot, it must have gone three feet again. Kathy was amazed again, I have never seen anyone shoot that far.

We laid on the grass, until the sun started to go down and the day got cooler. When we got home, my mom asked what we did today. Oh, nothing much, as most kids would say. That was the best summer, I have ever had. Kathy and I spent a lot of time exploring each other. We masturbated at the lake, in the wood and even in the saddle. It was the summer that I learned about masturbating and that girls do it also. About, ten years after that summer, Kathy purchased the ranch down the road from us. Nothing has ever happened since she moved back, but I do know that she and her husband visit the lake now an then. And yes, I did get that dirt bike.



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