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Learning With Friend's Daughter

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A bit long but hope you enjoy my first encounter with a girl


When I was 15 my parents invited some friends over to stay for a few days and they brought their daughter Katherine who was a couple of years younger than me. We had one spare bedroom which the parents took and I was told that as I had a spare bed in my room Katherine would be sharing with me. I wasn't happy but was told I either shared or slept on the couch which didn't exactly appeal to me, so I reluctantly agreed. At least I thought I might get a chance to see her getting undressed as at that time in my life just seeing a girl's knickers was still a thrill to me.

When they arrived I found that Katherine was real cute. She had a mass of curly red hair and I could see that under her T shirt she was already wearing a bra, although she didn't look that big in the chest, and her jeans also showed off a nice little round bottom. We got on okay together so I figured the next few days mightn't be as bad as I thought.

That night when we went up to bed she disappeared off to the bathroom and came back changed into a large baggy T shirt so I was not going to see her getting undressed after all. We got into our beds and I put out the light and just as I was getting to sleep I heard movement from her bed and then quiet little gasping sounds started. I was about to ask her if she was okay when I realised what she was doing, she was playing with herself in bed and getting herself off. Eventually there was a stifled little moan and then silence. I was lying there with a massive boner from listening to her but had no tissues to hand to do anything about it. At that time I was in the habit of masturbating most nights before I went to sleep but had decided there was no way I could do it with Katherine in the room so wasn't prepared. At last it went down and I went to sleep.

The next day I looked at her a bit differently as before I would never have dreamed that she even masturbated never mind doing it while sharing a room with someone else. That night was the same, about five minutes after putting the light out I heard movement and the little noises coming from her bed again. This time I was prepared and as I listened to her masturbate I slowly stroked my own erection and as she gave out her final moan I filled the tissues I had put in the bed with my own ejaculation.

The third night I decided I was going to do something if she did it again, and sure enough I once again heard movement and little noises start. I sat up and put the light back on and asked her if she was okay. She just froze in the bed. I could see that she had her legs pulled up under the sheets and her hands appeared to be down there too. She stuttered out that she was fine but I told her I knew what she was doing and it was okay, I liked to do it too before I went to sleep. At first she said she wasn't doing anything but when I told her I knew she was playing with herself she finally admitted to it and then pleaded with me not to tell anyone. She looked really worried and ashamed, so I told her it was no big deal and of course I wouldn't tell anyone. I then asked her if she'd ever seen a boy doing it and she said no. My heart was thumping as I then said to her that she could watch me do it on the condition that I could watch her. I had no idea what her reply would be but after a short while she nodded her head and whispered okay.

Boy was I nervous as I got out of bed and told her to do the same. We stood facing one another and I said that we both needed to get naked and I'd go first, I could barely get the words out I was so nervous yet excited at the same time. Again she said okay. My erection was already tenting out the front of my boxers, all I was wearing, and as I slid them down and off it sprang out in full view. Her eyes were wide in amazement as she said she didn't know they were that big. I'm only very average sized but I suppose to a girl seeing her first erection it must have looked quite impressive. I told her it was only like that because I was so excited and that now it was her turn. I could tell she was nervous too but she lifted the T shirt over her head and off, she had nothing on underneath so stood there naked with a nervous little smile on her face.

I was shaking with excitement, this was the first naked girl I'd ever seen, whatever her age, and it was something I'd fantasised about for ages. Her breasts were only small, more large swellings really, but the nipples were standing out stiff and erect. As I looked at the top of her legs I saw she had little ginger pubic hairs starting to grow through which I could see the slit of her vagina. I told her she was lovely which seemed to relax her a little.

I suggested we get onto my bed facing each other and again I'd go first and show her what I do then it would be her turn. As she sat facing me her legs parted and for the first time I could see her pussy properly, the first one I'd ever seen other than in a magazine, she was noticeably wet down there. My hand went to my erection and I started to stroke myself while I looked at her and I knew I wasn't going to last long. Too quickly I was spurting ropes out into the air, landing on my stomach which made Katherine gasp as I don't think she had any idea that's what happened when boys cum. I cleaned up then said it was her turn. She was a bit embarrassed at first but she parted her legs a bit more and then her hands went to work rubbing and stroking her pussy. I was fascinated as I had no idea what girls did to themselves to get off. She was making those little noises again and her pussy was getting wetter and more open as she played with it. Eventually her body seemed to stiffen as she raised her hips up off the bed and gave out her final little moan. So that's what she did to herself the other nights while I was listening.

After she'd recovered we both decided it was time to get to bed and we once again promised not to tell anyone about what we'd done and it would be our own little secret.

The next day I could think of little apart from what had happened the night before and was hoping we could do it again although I wasn't sure what Katherine's reaction would be. I needn't have worried, during the afternoon she came up to me and asked if we could 'do things' again before going to sleep that night, as if I was about to say no! I couldn't wait to get to bed that evening and as we went upstairs to my room I already had a real boner in my pants.

This time we both undressed in the bedroom, neither of us bothering to go to the bathroom to do it in private. Watching her taking her clothes off, seeing her in her underwear, then removing her bra and then taking her knickers off turned me on like mad, so much better than the night before. By the time my boxers came off my erection was pointing out stiff and proud. The feeling this time round was more excitement than nerves for both of us.

We got on the bed again and Katherine then asked if she could touch it, my erection. I said yes and her hand came across and grasped my boner, and then to my delight she started to move her hand up and down trying to do what I'd been doing to myself the night before, wow. She was squeezing a bit too tight and jerking a bit too quickly so I took hold of her hand with mine. I think she thought I was trying to stop her but then realised I was going to show her how to hold it and move up and down the way I wanted. She soon picked it up and I lay back and let her jerk me off. It was so different having someone else do it to me, not being in control myself, that I wanted it to last for ever but it was difficult to hold back I was so excited. Eventually I shot out ropes much to Katherine's delight, some of the sperm ran down her hand and she said how warm and sticky it felt. After we cleaned up it was now her turn.

She sat back with her legs apart and now I was a bit nervous as I had no idea what to really do to her to get her off. I started stroking her thighs and then touched her pussy, it was warm and already wet on the lips. I started rubbing but not particularly well as, like I'd done with her, she took my hand and showed me where to touch her and how to rub her. She liked being rubbed in little circles on what I now know was her clit or her 'little man' as she called it. Eventually I got the hang of it and kept playing with her pussy while she played with her by now erect nipples. And then she stiffened and let out her familiar moan and I felt a gush of wetness from her pussy onto my fingers. I'd managed to bring a girl off for the first time.

She stayed two more nights and each night we masturbated each other getting better with every attempt. The last night we both slept naked together in my bed after masturbating. We never tried to have full sex, we were too afraid of the consequences, but feeling her warm soft skin next to mine was the most amazing sensation for a boy who just a few days earlier had never even seen a naked girl. I remember awakening with Katherine's back to me and a stiff boner pressed up against one cheek of her bottom. Very slowly so as not to wake her I moved my hips backwards and forwards causing the foreskin of my penis to pull back and the head to rub against her bottom. It didn't take long before I shot my load not caring about the unavoidable stains that would be on the sheets.

I hoped that Katherine and her parents would come to stay again but unfortunately they didn't. I have no idea if most girls were like Katherine at that age or if she was just a bit sexually advanced but those few days were a real education for me. If our parents had any idea of what the two of us were doing together they'd have gone mad but they obviously didn't expect us to get up to such things. I did meet Katherine again about three years later but that's another story.



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