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Learning With Bobby

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I discovered masturbation with my friend Bobby....


I had played with my penis a little, and had orgasms, quite unexpectedly, in the shower and bed. Then my second best friend, Bobby, asked if I knew about masturbation. I didn't know the word, or that it was something you DO, but I soon found out, and Bobby moved from second best to BEST friend.

Bobby had already been practising...stroking with different things, in different ways, and he showed me that I could make myself cum anytime I wanted!! And how!! We right away started sleeping over at his house. Bobby would stroke himself under the covers and tell me everything that he was doing, and I'd copy it and tell him how good it felt. We both would cum. Or sometimes we'd come close, and Bobby would slow us down, tell me to let go, so that we could prolong the feeling. Bobby talked a lot, but when he was about to cum he got silent, and after a while I got very excited when this happened.

I'd only had glimpsed of Bobby's cock when it was stiff, and I had never seen him cum...I was dying to, though!!! After school one day we decided to go off in the bushes on the way home and jack off. We already knew a place, where we'd played before; it was totally hidden, the bushes make a kind of a room. We got there, and Bobby was standing and started rubbing his pants. I realized I was almost as eager for Bobby to see me jacking off as I was to see him, and I sat down and pulled my pants down to my ankles. I was already very stiff, and it felt so great to stroke like that, where Bobby could see me.

Soon slid his pants down. The place in the bushes was small, and his naked dick was only a couple of feet away. I'll never forget the site. His was longer than mine, by a little, but his balls were much bigger and lower and stuck out from his thighs. His dick was totally straight, like mine, with a big tip. His fingers were long and smooth, and I watched him stroking, more fluid and sensual than I'd imagined, his cock harder and straighter.

We were both extremely excited, and it wasn't long before I saw Bobby's dick and ass stiffen, the muscles in his belly and thighs grow hard, and then it happened, his dick started twitching and jumping in his hand until he just held it and enjoyed the pulsing. I don't remember coming, just feeling completely erotic and blissful.

The next day, Bobby and I ducked into the bushes again and quickly took down our pants. We were both already hard. This time Bobby sat down, lied down, next to me, our hips touching, and his eyes were on my dick. Mine were glued to his. We started to cum pretty quickly, and Bobby said, 'Let go!' and we both stopped, our dicks stiff in the air, and relaxed for a moment, then went back to softly stroking again. Oh, the feeling, the soft, honey like bliss, was so great.

Soon we got close to cumming again, both of us stiff and stroking harder, uncontrollably. Bobby let go and uttered 'Stop' but it was too late for him, and I watched his little dick twitching and bobbing in the air as his hand grasped his balls. He had pulled his legs up high was pumping them as he came.

On sleepovers, we were always worried that his mom would come in, and jacking in the bushes had whetted our appetite to watch each other (and, it later became obvious, to play with each other). A couple of weeks later the weather was warm and got the idea to camp in his backyard on the weekend, and we spent two days after school setting up a tent and getting ready. The first afternoon, when his mom went to the store, we had our first (quick) jackoff in the tent!

Saturday night we went out right after dinner, before it was dark. Bobby had some magazines that we read and we lay there getting hot and hard, until it got dark and we felt safe. Bobby had the idea for us to put our pj's tops on so that if his mom came out we could cover ourselves and look like we were just in bed. He also brought some other magazines, just in case.

The tent was small, and getting dressed and ready with our sleeping bags we were falling over each other, and even wrestled a little. Then we lay out with out bags unzipped, next to each other. I was stroking, looking at a magazine, and suddenly I felt Bobby's hand feeling my balls. My heart raced. I kept stroking, but quickly had to stop, I was so close to cumming. I let go, and Bobby's hand slipped up smoothly to squeeze my cock.

I looked down to watch. The sight of his hand on my cock...it was beautiful. The feel of it was even better!

Very soon he, too, had to stop stroking before I came, and we lay there together for a while, our hard dicks throbbing, caressing our thighs and balls, waiting for a little relaxation. We both had let go. I rolled over to look at Bobby's dick, and my leg went over his and I squirmed until my cock was rubbing his thigh. Oh, that felt so good!!

I rubbed against him more and harder, watching him stroke himself and then rolled on top of him straddling him, pressing my cock against his. We humped uncontrollably pressing hard dicks together, faster and smoother, and I felt Bobby tense and hard and quiet underneath my thighs and knew he was about to cum, and felt a huge rush begin at my toes and fill my body with orgasmic spasms against his, while our little cocks touched and pressed and tingled and finally pulsed together, over and over and over until we were spent.

Well, that was the beginning. Bobby and I built a fort in his basement out of large cardboard moving boxes, with an entrance so small and turned so that his mom could never see in. Sometimes after school we would just quickly jackoff in the bushes, or in the fort. Sometimes the mood would hit us hard, and we would go to the fort, strip, and masturbate all afternoon, rubbing our bodies together.

For a year or more, neither of us had any semen. Then Bobby had a drop or two, then more, and little hairs had appeared above his shaft. It was six months before his hairs were longer, and to the sides of his shaft, too.

Then, unfortunately, my family had to move away. I met some new friends, and immediately tried to get them to masturbate with me-and I lost them immediately! It was two years before I became friends with Larry, a short, funny guy who admired me a lot. We started hanging out, and because of my other experiences, I didn't even mention masturbating at all. Inevitably, though, we talked about girls, and one night Larry brought it up, about how he jacked of thinking of one particular girl.

I don't think I said much, I was still afraid, but the idea of jacking with Larry filled my mind. I cautiously mentioned that I jacked off thinking of one of her friends....a couple of days later we were alone at Larry's house, and he started talking about those girls tits and bodies and stuff. I was embarrassed and still afraid and didn't know how to respond, and at the same time I was excited and blushing, I'm sure. Larry broke the ice, and soon we were on his bed, pants down watching each other masturbate. It was such a HUGE relief!! Larry's cock was full grown, over seven inches, and surrounded by a little dirty blonde hair (Larry was pretty smooth), and when he came he drenched his hand with cum!

Over the next few days I learned that Larry had masturbated with several boys, or really that Larry had masturbated them, which he loved to do. Every afternoon we possibly could (his mom worked and his sister often came back late from school.), we got together and stroked each other, sometimes with another boy (or two). It seemed so natural and great again to be doing that.

I regained my confidence, or boldness, and ever since, through college and now, I've cautiously felt out guys and discovered friends who wanted to masturbate together. In the dorms in college, the word got around, and sometimes guys would drop in, or want to go 'out for pizza' Sometimes, I'm surprised. I have a couple of married friends who regularly come to my place to jack off with other guys, and one of them sometimes brings his wife.



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