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Learning to Masturbate

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Boys and girls learn early about self love, some as early as infants. But mostly prepubescent boys and girls experience there first encounter with it at around the age of eight to ten years of age. My sister for example began 'playing' with herself when she was eight years old while one of my female cousins began doing it when she was as young as six. Six years old is the earliest age that I can recall having an erection. Me and a neighbor boy removed our clothes in an old storage shed out behind his house. There we took turns giving each other 'shots'. We did this by inserting our erect penises into each other's navels. I don't know what led up to that but I can distinctly remember this occurrence. I guess you can record that as my 'first' sexual encounter of any sorts.
I never masturbated though until I was ten years old. I can remember it well. It was night time and everyone was getting ready for bed. Neither me nor my brothers wore pajamas to sleep in. We slept only in our undershorts as did or dad. And dear old dad was unwittingly my inspiration. As we were going to bed I noticed dad standing in the doorway of our bedroom. He too had undressed down to his undershorts. As he talked to us he had his hand down inside of his shorts and was unconsciously fondling himself. I thought this was a peculiar action and wondered why he would be doing it. After I had gotten under the covers, I decided to try a little experimenting on my own to find out just what if anything there was to what dad had been doing to himself. I tentatively stuck my had down inside my shorts. There I found my limp penis and began to gingerly fondle it. Well, to my surprise and amazement, my penis responded and was quickly standing at erection. This was the first erection that I'd had since probably I was six and it was certainly the first one that I had caused on my own by touching myself. I didn't know what to do with it! I was experiencing new and exhilarating sensations. The more I fondled myself the more I began to swoon. I'd never felt like this and I liked it! I found that if I bent my knees and spread my legs the sensation became more intently focused there in my groin. The more I fondled myself the more I wanted to enhance the experience. So I daringly withdrew my hand from my undershorts and inserted it into the front flap. There I found my waiting hardon and removed it from its confines along with my testicles.
The simple fact that my erect penis and balls were now 'exposed' was intoxicating. But still, I didn't know what to do with my excited and very hard peter. I just laid there fondling it and enjoying it immensely! Then, quite by accident, I happened to rub the head of it against the underside of the cover above me. Wow! All of the sensations I'd been experiencing were suddenly concentrated right there in the pulsating, throbbing head of my dick! This was definitely an avenue worth exploring! So, I began rubbing it intentionally. With my stiff penis shaft between my thumb and forefinger I rapidly moved it back and forth. This caused friction between the head of my penis and the cover above. I was masturbating! As I masturbated, all of those new and wonderful sensations kept building and building until I felt like I was going to explode with shear pleasure. Instead, I exploded with shear semen! I shot a wad of cum all over the underside of the cover and all over myself. It frightened me!
After all, that was my first real attempt at masturbation and I wasn't prepared for it. However, after that first attempt, I learned that It could be just as pleasurable the next time - and the next - and the next. As far as the cummings went, I learned that I could rub my dick head against the cover until I was at the very brink of orgasm and then pinch my dick hard as I cummed. Then, after I had completed my orgasm, I would roll over onto my side and release my dick catching my cum as it spilled out into my hand. Then I would simply wipe it off onto the sheet at the edge of the mattress. I'm sure mom wondered what the stiff stains on my sheets were. But then again, maybe not.



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