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Learning from My Friend

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When I was younger, I was really curious about sex. I had a neighbor who was my best friend and a year older than me. We'd play together all the time and sometimes it was my favorite play which was sex play.

We'd play 'pretend we're married' where, with all our clothes on, he would lay down on his back and I'd lay on top of him. We would rub our dicks against each other through our clothes. It felt really good as we both got our little hard-ons and kept humping each other.

We'd do it outside at night behind the neighbors bushes, or we'd go to my dad's shop in the back yard and lock the door.

I wanted a little more one time. We were in the little shop, and I asked my friend if he would unzip his pants; that we would keep our undies on and rub our dicks together through just our undies.

He did it and it felt a lot better than through our clothes, so we did it for a long time. Then I felt it get wet between us and I thought he peed and asked him if he did and he said he did, but looking back, I think he ejaculated.

At the time I didn't know what an orgasm was; I didn't know anything. The only thing I knew that came out of a dick was pee!

I think he came in his undies that time, because he was already thirteen and it was only a short time later one afternoon when I went over to his house to see him. As I was walking to his back door, he called to me from the side door of their garage. When I went through the door, my friend was pushed up against the corner of the workbench and was jacking off!

At the time, I didn't know what jacking off was, and had never seen him or any other male with an erection. I remember being astonished at how big he was and how excited I suddenly was at seeing him doing what he was doing.

He just said 'it feels good' and kept doing it. Unfortunately his mom came out of the house, so he put himself away real quick. But I wanted to see more, so I insisted that he come over to my bedroom, which he did.

When I locked us in my little bedroom, he sat on my bed across from me. I turned my desk chair around and told him to 'do it some more'.

He complied, unzipped and started playing with himself until he got fully hard again. I just kept telling him how big he was and he just kept saying how good it felt.

He was circumcized and his dick was sticking straight up; it's head was pink and I could see his balls. He would spit into his fingers and it made a squishing sound as he rubbed himself.

After a wonderfully long and exciting time of just sitting there watching my friend masturbate, he said 'do you want to see it squirt', to which I had no idea what he was talking about, and naively asked 'are you gonna pee?'

Between his now labored breathing, he said no, 'I'm gonna squirt my cum'. I still had no idea, but certainly wanted to see whatever it was he was going to do!

He then told me to come over and put my hands in front of his dick, and showed me with his own hand; cupping it in front of himself.

I did as he asked and relished getting right in front of him for a better view. His breathing became heavy pants and he announced 'It's gonna do it!'

The first shot went over my hands and onto the leg of my jeans. It kept flinging out; he pumped squirt after squirt of whatever this hot and gooey stuff was, into my waiting hands.

That day I learned a lot, and it wasn't too many months later that I would join him in being able to ejaculate and we would become what I now know as 'jack off buddies'.

We weren't gay, and both liked and dated girls. We'd eventually go cruising in my 57 Chevy, looking to pick up girls. But if we weren't successful, we knew that when we got home, we could 'relieve our teenage tensions' with each other.

He'd park where no one could see us and we'd jack each other off together; my hand on him and his on me at the same time. Looking back, it was probably more enjoyable than when we'd pick up girls, as we knew we had a 'sure thing', it was 'free' and rubbing each other until we'd cum felt soooo good!

When we did each other, we'd say if we were getting close, so we could make each other cum at the same time, which we usually did.



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