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Laundry Day Part 4

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Hope your are enjilling yourselves!


Over the next few days we had school lessons and sports practices etc. so I didn't get to see Scott much, (we were in different courses and all) But one day after my last school subject (Music Class) he met me outside of the hall and pulled me behind the building. Nobody noticed...

It was the very last building at the back of the school and was surrounded by trees so it was very private. He pressed me up against the wall and kissed me hard. He told me it had been hell not being able to see me. I told him he made me feel amazing and he said that I made him feel amazing too.

He said he had been talking to an older guy friend of his. I gasp and he said not to worry he didn't say anything about me, and that he was just asking questions about sex, masturbation and the like. I nodded.

He told me he was 'full up down there' and that he wanted me to 'give him a hand'. I blushed but wanted to do it, but just not here in the open although it was private enough... I told him that and he nodded. He said back at his place. His parents would not be home until almost six. It was only 3:30 so we would have plenty of time to ourselves. I said ok.

We rushed home as fast as we could. We only lived next door to each other so I quickly ran in and told my mum that I was going next door to study with Scott. Our parents were very trusting of us so they thought nothing of it. Even though my mum did say I was looking rather flushed.

I went over to Scotts place, he was waiting in anticipation for me. I could see his bulge through his pants as he let me in and I giggled at him. He laughed too and kissed me then led me up to his room.....

He already had a towel on the floor at the end of the bed and closed the door behind us... He dropped his pants and up sprang his 'stem' waiting for me help it out...

He sat on the end of his bed and took my hand, I sat next to him and he told me I could touch it...

I was on his right side and took my right hand around his shaft, his whole body jerked and he said I had very cold hands, I said I was sorry and rubbed my hands together to warm them. He said its ok, and that he liked the feeling.

I took hold of it again and massaged it in my hand and his eyes closed as his breath drew heavy.

He told me to stroke it harder and I did pulling at it slowly, it was a very strange feeling but Scott was definitely enjoying it!

He told me to go faster and I did. Pulling at his stem and it was as hard as a rock... I kept this up for only two minutes or so and he kept telling me what he liked... Me squeezing it hard, pulling it right to the end and back again, faster, faster, Oh yesss that's it he said, so I continued... suddenly a huge shot of white came out of it and Scott was moaning for me to keep going. I continued and got some all over my hands but it didnt seem to matter. After a few seconds he was breathing heavily and told me that was amazing. He said that was the best feeling that he had ever had and that I was special.....

Still more to come of my experiences...



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