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Late Eighties Summer Job

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Back in the late 80s I had a summer job at a large hotel resort that was up in the mountains and far from anywhere. I ended up working with the maintenance staff doing odd jobs wherever they were needed. This story takes place on one hot steamy summer day.

My boss brought me over to the ski rental building the day before and showed me what he wanted me to do the following day. He told me that since it was summer and this was the ski rental building there was never anyone around and the peace and quiet was his favorite part of the job. Anytime he wanted to get away for the day he would go and work at the ski rental building during the summer. 'It's the last place anyone would want to be on a summer day,' he would tell me. My job for the following day would be to move all the equipment to one side of the building then paint everything on the empty side. Then the day after that I would move everything back to the other side and paint that empty side.

The next day he drove me out to the building and asked if I had any further questions for him as he would be gone into town for the rest of the day. I had only one. I asked if it was okay, if it got too hot to remove my work shirt while I was outside the direct view of customers. He replied that I could work naked if I wanted, he didn't care. He did however warn me that he posted a help wanted note on the employee bulletin board saying painters were wanted to help paint the ski rental building. He had no takers and assumed no one would show up since it was going to be a nice day.

He left and I got to work. Within the hour the temperature had risen and the shirt came off. I had no music to listen to and no one to talk to. The peace and quiet was more deafening than enjoyable to me. I continued on with my moving the equipment when out of nowhere a girl walked into the rental building asking if anyone was there. I moved into the hall and yelled that I was in the back. Not knowing what was going on I went to look for my shirt and remembered I had left it up front, the same location she was. She walked back to my location and said she saw the ad for painter help on the employee bulletin board. When I showed her what I was doing and explained that I was not the boss and could not hire her to help she said that it was okay because she thought she could use her artist training to help paint and misunderstood the help wanted posting. She said she would leave and then asked if anyone else was around to help me. When I said it was just me alone she said she felt bad for me and would stay to help me because she felt that someone should be here or at least have music playing.

We worked at moving the equipment and it was moving along faster with help. We then broke open the paint cans and started painting everything that was white we had to paint white again. A nice thick coat to last another year, is what I was told. While the day progressed the temp increased ever so much more. Without air conditioning the beads of sweat were pouring off our bodies. She had a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on and had removed her flip flops to work barefoot. She then shocked me when she asked if she could take her shirt off. I looked at her a bit confused I guess because she quickly responded with 'I have my swim suit on underneath.' I said if she didn't mind then I didn't mind. Whatever was cool with her was cool with me. Her shirt came off and she had on the skimpiest bikini top on I had ever seen.

It came time for our lunch break and I said I was going to sit outside on the deck and get some sun while I eat my lunch. She said she would join me as that was her back up plan and the reason she was wearing her suit under her shorts and shirt. I took off my socks and shoes and rolled my pant legs up to mid calf. She laid out in her shorts and bikini top. I went inside for a minute to use the restroom and when I came back out she had removed her shorts and was in her bikini and sitting on the bench with her head tilted back and eyes closed looking up to the sun's rays. I had a chance to stand there and look her body over. I started to grow in my shorts and was about to adjust things when she opens her eyes and looks right at me. My boner was being bent over in an uncomfortable position. She says the quietness of the place would be broken if someone came by, we would hear them coming, and she would put her shorts and shirt back on. I said that sounds like a good idea as I walked back to the bench I was sitting on. She kept looking at me, all the time I was trying to adjust myself without her knowing what I was doing inside my pants.

She says to me that I will have funny looking 'sun lines' if I keep my pants on. She said to remove my pants and sun in my undershorts, she wouldn't care. I told her I could not remove my pants but did not tell her that the boner in my pants would be sticking up through my underwear. See, the style of underwear I wear is bikini style, just like my dad has always worn. I was always told as a kid that I had to wear tighty whites until I became a man at 18 and then I could wear the same style underwear my dad wore. So when I had turned 18 and gotten a job, my parents allowed me to upgrade to the manly style my dad wore. Being new to the style of underwear I still had to get use to hiding my boners. She continued to pressure me and kept saying that she was practically in her underwear, that image was not helping.

She told me that in her home country that topless and even nude sun bathing was acceptable and us Americans were too prudish. I tried to find a way to tell her that I had a boner and was embarrassed to be that way in front of her. She continued her rant that sunning oneself and sex were too different things, and she was comfortable with her body and I should be comfortable in my body. She then said 'here, look I have no sun lines' as she took her top off. Again, this was not helping my situation. I told her that tanning in the buff actually sounded interesting to me. So she continues by saying she will remove her bottoms and I will take off mine. Yet again, I tried to tell her that I was now fully erect and embarrassed to tell her as well as show her. She again asked me to remove my pants and sun with her naked on the deck. No one was around, no one else would see us and nothing was going to happen. Its no big deal in her home country.

With her constant pressure and nagging me I finally broke down and told her that if I was naked I might get an erection and would be embarrassed in front of her. She said she understood. She said she would remove her bottom, lay down on the deck and close her eyes. I could then do the same and she wouldn't look. If she did want to open her eyes she would first tell me and I could cover up if I wanted too. She told me that as soon as I fell the warm sun's rays touch my body I would not want to cover back up.

So she removes her bottoms and lays down, no care in the world. it was like she did this all the time. I began to follow suit and removed my pants. I then removed my underwear because they were not hiding much to begin with. I laid down. She stayed still and said nothing. About ten minutes later she broke the silence and asked if I was doing okay. Seeing that my erection had somewhat subsided I told her she was right. The warm sun's rays felt awesome on my skin, even the parts that had never seen the light of day before. She warned me to go easy with those light areas as they tend to burn fairly fast. She said she was going to get up and use the restroom and I could cover myself if I wanted. I said that I was fine and she could open her eyes. She got up facing the other direction and walked inside. When she came out she was looking at me and said I look like a professional nude sun bather but with 'sun lines.'

She sat on the bench behind me and asked if our lunch break was up yet. I had completely forgotten we were on a lunch break. I sat up and turned towards her and began to tell her we could do whatever we wanted to, go back to work or sun some more. I was trying to get her to say 'more sun.' Instead she asked 'Whatever we want?' in a shy sexy voice. Being new to the naked in front of a member of the opposite sex, this was not helping my situation and I had to change the subject fast or things were going to pop up again.

I told her that we should get back to work and finish painting. She said okay and went to grab her shorts when she asked if she could remain topless while painting because she felt cooler inside without her clothes on and she did not want to risk getting paint on her bikini. She started to inspect her bikini top for signs of white paint splatter. I asked is it really that much cooler in there without clothes on. She offered me to go inside with her and see for myself. I am not sure what happened to the temp that day but it did feel cooler walking around inside with nothing on, no shoes, no shirt, no pants. I joking said to her we should continue working without putting our clothes back on. She said she was all for it and it sounded like a great idea. I told her it was just a joke. She replied she was serious and it sounded like a good way to prevent her from getting paint on her shorts as well.

So we went back to work painting anything that was white with more white paint. It did feel cooler and I think we worked faster. That was until I got a glimpse of her bending at the waist and reaching down to paint the bottom rung of the boot storage area. The view I had from that angle sent me over the edge. I had to excuse myself before my erection reached its peak. I went into the men's bathroom. I saw myself in the mirror and the fresh image in my head of what I had just seen I knew I had to rub one out. I also knew she was in the next room and had to be quick and quiet. I started to stroke away and closed my eyes to get that image again of her bent over. I opened my eyes again and watched myself in the mirror. I didn't know what was better, I had never seen myself stroke in the mirror before, but then again I had never seen a naked girl bend over like that before.

I was close to cumming when I heard her call out for me asking where did I go. I was stupid in responding, I am in here. In she walks to the men's room and sees me mid stroke, I see her over my shoulder in the mirror. She lets out a gasp and covers her opened mouth then walks out. I was too close and finished with three more pumps. Cum shot all over the mirror and sink. I felt spent. I quickly cleaned up my mess as my erection subsided. I had to go back out there, but what would I say? What could I say? What could I do?

She was painting when I stepped back into the room. I was going to go back outside and get my pants to put them back on when she asked where I was going. I told her and she asked 'why?' I told her I was sorry she saw that and she stopped me saying that it was her that should be sorry she walked in on me. She said it was normal thing to do and I should apologize for anything. She then asked what brought it on, why did I feel the need then and there to do it. I told her it was her bending over and the view I got. She didn't quite understand. I said I had a view of things I had never seen before in person and I instantly grew aroused and felt the need to rub one out. She said she now understood and said she was sorry she didn't think she had that type of affect on me. I told her she would have that affect on any red blooded male. She thanked me for such a sweet compliment. She then asked if it would be better if we got dressed and if she left for the day. I told her I appreciated her company and would not hold her here longer than she wanted to be here. I also said being dressed or naked would also be up to her. I told her I was going to put my pants back on in case it happened again, me getting an erection. She said she still felt bad about my boss leaving me here all alone by myself and that working without clothing on was still cooler and preferred by her. She said she would stay and stay naked if it was okay with me. She said I could put my hot pants back on if I wanted to. I took that as an okay for me to remain naked. So we got back to work. I decided I would but some rows between us and work with my back towards her to avoid any future sightings that could arise things again.

We finished in good time after lunch and started to clean things up. We both retreated to gender specific restrooms to clean up or hands. When we were done we went out to the deck and the sun was still high in the sky and it felt just as good as it did during lunch time when we were sunning. I sat on the bench and closed my eyes. She came out from the woman's room and saw me sitting there. She asked if I was going to get dressed and head back. I said I would but someone from my department might see me and report me to our boss that I finished up early and did not help out others. I said I was going to hang there and get some more sun. She agreed and said she would stay with me, if I didn't mind. I didn't care.

While sitting there silent, she lets out a loud sigh and says she misses her boyfriend back home. I ask her a bunch of questions and she opens up to me her details about their relationship and where they are in it. I sat there the whole time with my eyes closed listening to her. She then says that my dick is a little bit bigger than his but his is maybe a little bit longer. I open my eyes, not believing what I just heard and she is staring at my dick. She lets out another sigh and says that she really does miss him, while still starring at MY dick. She then says, without any reserve in her tone, that she really misses him and his dick and she is horny about thinking about him. That's when without warning my dick starts to move and grow on its own accord. I try to think about puppies, ice cream, history class, math times tables, but nothing helps. My erection grows to about a full blown hard on right in front of her, while she is still looking at my dick. She then breaks her stare and says she is sorry, she should not be telling me these things.

I remind her that she caught me stroking earlier and I should be the one that is sorry still. She again says it was her fault for walking into the men's room and for bending over and showing parts of her body that I had never seen before. I then ask her, now that I know she knows what a man does when he is horny, what a woman does when she is horny. She said that woman too masturbate or have sex. She then stunned me when she said that sex between her and I was not going to happen. And by default, she left masturbation open and available. When I questioned her about her open mistake she asked if I would mind if she masturbated while I took care of my erection. I told her she is free to go into the woman's room if she feels the need. She asked why the woman's room? I thought she was referring to the men's room when she said we could do it outside right where we were. Man I love this girl and her bright ideas. Never would I have thought she would masturbate in front of me, let alone her doing it outside. She said she was getting hot and horny and said she was going to do it and I was free to join in with her but she would not touch me and I could not touch her.

She spread her legs and started to rub her slit with one hand while massaging her nipple with her other hand. She closed her eyes. I sat there for a brief second staring at her not believing this was happening to me. She started to moan and squirm in her seat, crouching down further into the bench until her butt was in the air and her legs spread wide. I grabbed my dick and started to stroke extra fast at first because I didn't want her to stop before I was able to squirt another load with her body's image in my head. She opened her eyes and saw me going to town on my dick. She briefly stopped and asked me to slow down she wanted to see if we could both climax together. She said I had to slow down and let her catch up to me. She then inserted her finger into her hole and moved it back and forth. Her hand that was on her nipple was now down on her pubic mound and she was massaging that area, later I found out that she was massaging her clit, not her pubic hair.

I could not take it anymore, that feeling of euphoria was upon me and I had to let go of another load when she again opened her eyes and saw my state and asked me to stop what I was doing. I asked if she was crazy I was almost there. She said to trust her and stop stroking. I asked what she wanted me to do instead of stroking. She said to kneel down in front of her and watch what she was doing. I knelt down on the deck in front of her and had a front row seat to the greatest show on earth! She moved her fingers in and around her hole. She expertly caressed her lips and rubbed the right places. She seemed to know what she was doing and the view I had was amazing. I told her I could not take much longer of this and had to stroke myself. She asked if I would just hold out and what her some more. I told her she needed to hurry up.

I stood up mainly because my blood circulation was lacking and I was getting light headed. She saw me stand up between her legs and saw my rock hard, sticking straight up dick. She then began to tell me to 'stroke it. Stroke it. That's it, just like that, stroke it.' I was again reaching that point of no return and stroked for all I had. I shot my load straight up into the air and it had landed on her thigh and some on the deck. The warm cum landing on her leg was a jolt she needed and she began to climax herself with more moans and undistinguished comments coming from her. She slowed her caresses and moved her hand back up to her breast and started again massaging her nipple and caressing her breast.

I stood there in front of this hunched down naked girl and I still had the most rock hard hardon I had ever had before. She stayed there, with a smile on her face and biting her lower lip. She then pulled herself up on the bench and rolled her head back and closed her eyes. I sat down next to her, still rock hard. She still had my cum on her leg. She then said she had always wanted to taste a man's sperm to see what it tasted like. She reached down with the hand that had been caressing her breast and scooped up some cum and put those fingers in her mouth. She said it was actually yummier than she thought and asked me if I had ever wanted to taste a girl's? I looked puzzled at her and she lifted her other hand and stuck her fingers in front of my mouth. She looked puzzled back at me and asked, 'want to taste?' I opened my mouth and she inserted her fingers. Boy was that ever sexy. I think I was ever close to losing it again, this time without ever touching myself.

She took her fingers back and sat there looking spent and about ready for a nap. She said we really should get dressed in case someone comes by. I reminded her we have been there most of the day and not seen or heard from anyone. More than likely no one would be by. I was really thinking, I hope someone comes by so I can have some sort of witness to this unbelievable story that I was willing to share with my great grandchildren, should I ever be so lucky.

We stayed for another half hour, naked and fairly silent. When we got dressed and headed back down the road towards the main resort my boss came up the road in his work truck. He stopped and picked us up. He asked me if she had helped the entire day and asked if I thought she should be paid for her help. I told him, with a smile on my face that she helped out more than she was hired to do and that she deserves whatever payment he could get her. He asked, 'was she that helpful?' I answered she was in fact more than that helpful. She smiled and we drove back to the resort.

We later hooked up a few times that summer for some more sunning as she felt comfortable being naked around me. We never did more than masturbate ourselves. We never touched each other. She never asked to taste my sperm again. But we had several sessions and almost all of them were outside in the open. We were never caught, however she did bring a friend one time to sun with us, but she chickened out at the last minute and returned to the resort alone that day.

I have been sunning naked for 20 plus years and love it like it was my first time. With a first time like that, who wouldn't?



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