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Late at Night in the Park

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After reading a story on this site, I wanted to do something a bit kinky.

Staking Out the Women's Room


Two days ago, I read a story on this site called 'Staking out the Women's Room' (it's a Female/Female story from Feb. 26th - I have provided a link to that story above). The idea of horny women going to bathroom stalls at their workplaces turned me on beyond belief.
That story conjured up a lot of nice images for me... especially the fact that the woman who wrote the story knew that the woman in the other stall was masturbating because of the 'squishy sounds and fast breathing' that she was hearing. I knew exactly what she was talking about and the thoughts it created in my mind were just so vivid and hot it made me ache. I went all yesterday replaying the images over and over in my mind.
I work out quite a bit. I am in pretty decent shape and I have a decent sex drive but it's been years since I had a girlfriend with whom to share sexual experiences (professional school has kept me incredibly busy)... so needless to say I masturbate a lot and have a rich fantasy life! Last night when I went for a jog, I was feeling just so horny it hurt. I kept on getting semi-hard while I was running... I couldn't do my run properly!
It was dark. I live near a main road and across the main road from my house is a park. The park was fairly empty except for the occasional couple out on a romantic walk. I got this intense impulse to sit on one of the park benches and strip off my jogging pants right there and rub my throbbing hard-on until all my tensions were released. The problem was that the park was very well lit at night and, from time to time, couples on late-night walks did come strolling through. Damn!
Just then, an idea struck me. Towards the outer edges of the park were big bushes. The bushed were in darkness and I knew I could easily hide in one and jerk off and I would be able to see out but no one would be able to see in. I waited until there was no one in sight and quickly ducked into one of the bushes. It was very prickly and leafy in there but I was so horny I didn't care at all. To my delight, there was a high tree stump at the heart of the bush (too high to sit down on but it made a good bum rest)and a big branch for me to hold on to!
I quietly stripped off my pants and undies and folded placed them to the side. I sat on the 'bum rest' tree stump and spread my legs. I likes the way it felt against my naked ass and my balls. I shave my balls regularly and I love the feel of different textures on them. I grabbed the branch with one hand and my dick with the other and I started jerking off. I felt my penis swell and and stiffen into a hard, throbbing pole. I was excited by the fact that I was hiding in a public place and doing something bad. I also had my pants and undies completely off... so if anyone caught me, I wouldn't be able to quickly pull them on and make an excuse. That was part of the trill! I was secretly hoping someone would catch me.
My body was all hot and sweaty from jogging. My shirt was sticking to my chest. I focused on the feeling of the cool tree stump on my ass and my tense leg muscles and the cool night air on my balls. The tree leaves and the wet, dewy grass smelled like perfume to me. Everything felt so good. I felt like a nasty, horny animal and I was loving the feeling. I was panting and I started making soft grunting noises. At first the noises were not on purpose but I realized that just the sound of them turned me on... so I just kept grunting.
I was savoring every little bit of this. I didn't want the moment to end... so I spent a while at it... but it was feeling so good, eventually I had to let go of my load.
I was so turned on that my orgasm was completely *intense*. I felt the muscles in my pelvis squeeze real tight and the big contraction felt so good and so sweet. It was followed by a series of other powerful contractions. I just remember looking down at my penis as I came... My cum shots squirted about a foot and a half into the air! It felt great!!!
When it was over, I just stayed panting for a few moments. I felt so relaxed and so happy. I took some leaves from a nearby tree and wiped the cum of my hand. Then, I quietly slipped my pants and undies back on and jogged home to take a long, relaxing hot shower.
Thanks guys!



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