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Last Night With My Wife

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This may sound familiar to a lot of you men with wives or significant others.


Last night around bedtime my wife Becky and I went through our usual routine to prepare for a restful night of slumber. There was the usual bathroom visits along with the exercise of getting into our bed clothes. That for me is always easy since all I sleep in is my undershorts. Becky on the other hand usually wears a thigh length nightie along with her panties.

The first to get into bed was Becky. She scooted down under the covers on her side of the bed, the left side. (I always sleep on her right.) Then I got into bed. The soft, cottony sheets felt so good to my tired body. I could feel the tensions of the day gradually start to melt away. We carried on a light conversation for a few minutes as married people often do in this situation. Then gradually we both got sleepy headed and started to doze off. Before we did I gave Becky a good night kiss. Then she rolled over onto her left side to go to sleep.

I laid there facing the ceiling for a few minutes waiting for sleep. Then I rolled over onto my left side and draped my arm over my wife as I scooted up close to her in a 'spooning' fashion. The warmth radiating from her resting form felt comforting and soothing. I was contented.

As I laid there waiting for sleep I started caressing my wife's stomach. As I did I pulled her nightie up so I could feel her bare skin which was soft and smooth. I kept rubbing her stomach as I laid there enjoying the sensuous touch under my finger tips. Her warm body so close was intoxicating. Then it happened. I started getting hard! I'm sure that Becky couldn't help but notice my penis as it grew more and more erect. It was literally poking her in the back.

I moved my hand away from her stomach and further up under her nightie. Then I started caressing her left breast. Becky has the most beautiful breasts that are about grapefruit sized with perky nipples that stand out about half an inch when they are erect. As my fingers moved over her nipple I could feel it stiffen under my touch. That's when I knew for sure that she was going to be receptive to my advances.

I laid there for a few minutes playing with Becky's tits. Then I moved my hand away from those soft orbs and down along her stomach and then in between her thighs where I started rubbing her crotch through her panties. Within seconds Becky responded and rolled over onto her back to oblige me. I employed my fingers by rubbing through the thin fabric of her panties where I guessed her clitoris would be. Becky laid there motionless enjoying being played with as I continued rubbing on her. Then after a few minutes she wordlessly lifted her bottom up off the bed and removed her panties in preparation for what she now knew was a fully fledged love making session. At that moment I took advantage of the interruption to go ahead and remove my undershorts as well, for the same reason.

I was now completely naked lying there beside my wife. My penis was as hard as it could be. As we settled back down we dispensed with the covers opting to bare it all. Becky was lying on her back with me on my left side beside her and propped up on my left elbow.

The light filtering into the bedroom was just sufficient to illuminate my wife's reclining form. In anticipation she had pulled her nightie up under her chin exposing practically all of her body. I could almost make out the freckles on her upper chest. The pink color of her now erect nipples standing up on her full, luscious breasts was faintly discernable. My erect cock leapt as my eyes drank in the erotic vision displayed there before me. My gaze travelled down from her breasts and over her smooth stomach to the triangle of bushy hair at her crotch. Her normally fiery, orangish red pubic hairs appeared dark in the dim light. I wanted her so bad that I was light headed with desire.

My right hand quickly found it's way back to Becky's crotch. This time however there was no barrier to stand in the way between my fingers and her pussy. My fingers travelled through her curly pubic hairs and down in between her legs. As I began to explore I felt the crease of her inner pussy lips under my finger tip. These I quickly parted as I nudged my finger in between them, feeling the moistness inside as I began to search for her hole. Becky sensed what I was going to do to her and so spread her legs a little bit wider for me. I soon found the opening to her vagina and proceeded to insert my finger into it. Once my finger was up inside of her I could feel the soft, moist flesh of her pussy clamping down around it like a snug glove. I've always been amazed at how tight it feels when I finger her this way. Of course this 'snugness' is what makes my penis feel so good when we screw.

As I continued to lie there beside Becky I began to finger fuck her. My finger plunged all the way up inside of her pussy to past the second knuckle and out and back in again. I continued doing this for several minutes. In the meantime my hardon was lying up against her thigh. Becky felt it and soon had her hand wrapped around it. She then began to pump her hand up and down my shaft. So there we were. I was jilling her and she was jacking me.

I looked at Becky and I could tell that she was enjoying what was being done to her. She had her eyes closed and her mouth was slightly opened. I'm sure that had there been enough light I could have seen the flush on her neck.

As much as she enjoyed me fingering her I knew that the best way to get her off was by me playing with her clit. So I pulled my finger out of her tight pussy and moved it up between her juicy slit in search of that precious little nub. It wasn't hard to find either. Becky's clit was swollen and stiff hiding there under her clitoral hood. I quickly began massaging it with my middle finger.

The more I diddled Becky's clit the more sporadic her pumping my dick became. In fact she almost quit entirely so she could concentrate on the pleasure I was providing her. It was ok though. I knew that I wouldn't be cumming that way anyhow.

I leaned over and started kissing Becky's neck and chest making my way down to her breasts as I masturbated her. As I kissed and licked her hot flesh I could feel the occasional jerk of her hand up and down on my erect penis as she half-heartedly continued masturbating me.

My finger moved rapidly on Becky's clitoris as she drew nearer and nearer to having an orgasm. As I diddled her I kept applying a steady pressure right where she needed it most. It was having the desired affect too because after a few minutes she started having these little jerking spasms and her breathing became labored. I knew she was close. So I continued working her clit. Then all of a sudden she arched her back and clamped her legs tight on my hand and began bucking it. She was cumming! I kept diddling her all the way through her orgasm until she grabbed my hand and pulled it away.



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