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Last Hurrah

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"Last Hurrah"
I felt it was time for me to share one of my fondest memories involving masturbation.
My girlfriend of many years and I were slowly but surely headed for a breakup. She was housesitting many miles away and we were using the time as a trial separation, which eventually became permanent. There was very little affection exchanged between us at the time, and our sex life was pretty much done for. I was visiting her at the house sit, and instead of driving home quite late, I ended up staying the night, something neither of us were exactly thrilled about. It was an uncomfortably hot summer, so we stretched out on the hide-a-bed with the windows open and tried to sleep.
I was always more open to the prospect of sex than she, and when it was apparent that none was to be had that night, like so many others, I resigned myself to idly juggling the package and staring at the same spot on the ceiling she presumably did. Despite the lack of love in the air, I soon found a throbbing cock in my hands, the kind you know is there to stay for a while. Up to this point I was being quite subtle...while I wasn't embarrassed to touch myself around her, I wasn't keen on advertising it. But for some reason I adopted a "fuck-it" stance on the matter.
"I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to touch myself for a while" I found myself announce. And then I did.
In the years we'd been a couple we had masturbated together a number of times, but it was always a planned event, and hardly spontaneous. It was always fun, and I knew it turned her on to see me slowly stroke my cock as I watched her feverishly finger herself in turn. It wasn't my goal to get her worked up, but I certainly liked the idea. It didn't seem likely though."Okay" she replied, and seemed about as interested as a lesbian at a Chippendales.
Her attitude only strengthened my resolved to pleasure myself, to hell with her.
I enjoyed the cooler night air breezing across my naked body and fantasized about all manner of people and plots as I slowly ran my fist up and down my increasingly slippery shaft. A rhythmic noise was made by my hand squeezing the skin around the dollop of pre-cum seeping out as I took my time of it. I began to get extremely aroused by the fact that I was confidently pounding my penis, making love solo, as my partner became increasingly less indifferent next to me. I became aware of her watching, and even stared back, my expression asking her "Well?"
"I think I'm going to touch myself too" she announced herself. This truly surprised me. I was suddenly proud to have been able to awaken in her that which I thought was dead...sexual arousal. Sure enough, after she peeled off her now sweaty T-shirt and panties and began to circle her clit and lips in that pattern I'd come to know well enough, I could hear the rhythmic squishing of her folds, now wet with her dew. Normally this would have shifted the focus to her, as with so many other aspects of our life together, (with which I won't bore you now). But instead I let it remain my show, and allowed an uncharacteristic exhibitionist streak to show through. I soon began to breath heavily, not affected and fake, but just relaxing and letting my pleasure be known. I circled my nipple with my own juices, then tasted my finger, at which she moaned ever so slightly in response. I was still so surprised this was happening.
I rolled my head away and spied a glass case across the room, the door of which was open, reflecting back to me the image of us both laying there, fucking ourselves together, but apart. Now I could stare at us both unabashed, while still maintaining the illusion that I couldn't care less what she was doing, or that she was even there.
She rolled up slightly a few times, as if to afford herself a better view of my increasingly fervent strokes. At one point I thought she meant to wrap her lips around the head of my dick, she leaned so close. Then she fell back, as if in resignation, and sliding her finger up inside herself a few times she smeared her juices around quite loudly. Suddenly she moaned sharply, almost a yodel,(which sounds silly, but I assure you it sounded most serious and drove me wild). She played with her pussy expertly with one hand as the other firmly squeezed her smallish tits and large puffy nipples. The idea that I was so genuinely turning her on after a long period of apathy was getting me hotter that the next day's forecast. I'd known her to come quite quickly on certain occasions, and this being one of them I turned away from the pale reflection on the glass, and watched her.
Eyes clamped shut, twisting her head this way and that on the pillow, she moaned sharply again as she bucked her hips, legs shaking, back arching. She came quite loudly, and I was suddenly aware that we might be heard through the open windows. Again I heard a little voice say "Fuck it"
"Yeah!" I said somewhat above a whisper "Feel good?"
"Unh..." she moaned a few times, slowly letting the contractions of her orgasm abate. "That SO turns me on" she said, still drunk on her own coming. I realize it's not great dialogue, but what it lacks in color, it more than made up for in tone...I guess you had to be there to hear it.
Naturally by that time I was ready to paint the ceiling with my impatient cum, and I allowed myself the indulgence of my own moaning as I went for broke. I sped up stroking my cock, surely glowing red by now. While I (apparently) have a slightly above average erect cock (which I hate reading in these stories as it sounds so false) it seemed enormous to me then. My girlfriend was quite petite so it seemed even bigger when she was involved. I looked down at my rigid member, illuminated by the light from the street outside, and when I could feel my orgasm begin I squeezed a bit tighter around the head and stroked slowly and purposefully a few times. The spasms of pleasure that followed were exquisite.
I don't know if it was because of the sexual dry spell, the level of arousal, or the proximity of my finger to the slit of my penis (or a combo of all of the above) but the load of hot white cum that shot out of my cock leapt into the air, through the dim light and into the darkness was prodigious. It was one of those rare times when the volume of cum described in stories such as these, actually did shoot out of me. It was awesome. I wasn't the only one of this opinion as my companion said simply "Wow." I bucked my own hips a little, riding the spasms of pleasure, eyes rolled back, and "jizz-faced," as my friend calls it.
I must have looked like a goof, but I was beyond caring. Suddenly I felt even more hot warmth as she finally sucked my salty wet cock into her mouth, moaning, vibrating the head with the noise. I stopped stroking altogether, and let her give me a deliciously unexpected blowjob for my effort. She wasn't one to go out of her way to swallow my cum, though she had no problem with me coming in her mouth. Well, tonight she paid me the compliment of licking me clean of the gobs of liquid. (That's another thing you see in these stories that I often find hard to swallow, as it were, but it happened this night.) The sucking led to a renewed rigidity to my shaft, which I put to use when she allowed my to lay her back down and fuck her wet musky pussy slowly, for a good while to come. I don't believe she came again that night, but I did, gently hammering her, if you can imagine, the slapping of our bodies together leading to another spasm of pleasure and dose of cum shot deep inside of her. I remember rolling off her, us both panting, and holding hands firmly, then collapsing into a relaxed and contented sleep.
The last thing either of us said that night was "That was nice." I know that seems trite, but it's what was said.
That was the 3rd to the last time we fucked and the final mutual wank we shared...though I daresay it was the best. I hope this tale turns somebody on. It's a memory I've put to good use on many a lonesome night.
God bless masturbation...it'll save the world.



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