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Largest Shot of My Life

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First I would like to say that I recently discovered your site and have enjoyed it immensely and have shared your site address with several women friends that also find your site addictive.

I clearly remember my largest come shot from masturbation. It happened when my wife was nine months pregnant. I am an avid masturbator and like to come at least once each day. When my wife was overdue with our son she was restless and hardly slept at all. It would seem I would just get started jacking off and I would hear her stirring around in the house and have to stop. This went on for 5 or 6 days and finally I just couldn't stand it anymore, I HAD to come.

I told her that I was going to walk into the woods to look for firewood for the coming season. I walked into the woods far enough so that I was out of sight of the house and dropped my pants and underwear with my back to a tree. I started stroking my semi-erect cock, (7 1/2', thick, with a very dominate head) and the pre-come soon began to ooze from the slit. Using the pre-come as lubricant I continued to stroke, my cock, from all of the teasing of the past few days, never felt bigger or harder.

Soon I could feel the beginnings of the familiar feeling of an impending orgasm. I decided that I should tease it a little so I slowed the pace and just slow stroked and softly rubbed my balls. This just made my cock throb, the head was swollen and wet and the veins in the shaft were bulging in the sun light.

I teased and stroked until I just couldn't stand it any longer and began stroking faster and faster, the pre-come oozing at a steady pace now lubricating the head and my fingers as they fairly well flew up and down my cock. I could feel it begin in my legs and then the contractions started, the first shot only went a couple feet then the second flew about 4 feet, a thick ropey shot about 3 feet long of yellowish white come. Then two or three smaller shots followed as the feeling passed and the come just oozed from the slit. I remember that the second shot made a line in the dry leaves on the ground and could remember hearing it hit the leaves when it landed. It had been a huge shot of come, not a couple of drops but a long ropey shot, the yellowish color from letting it wait so long to spurt out.

I wiped my hands on the dry leaves and squeezed the last few drops from my cock and then returned to the house, lighter than when I had left.



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