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Lake House

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Thank you Solo Touch!


Hey everyone, I love this site, and I think it's time that I contributed something, so here goes. This happened about a week ago. My mom and dad went on a vacation to N.Y.C. and me and my brother were left with my uncle named Bill. Bill is really cool because he doesn't care what we do or anything. So anyway, he has a lake house about two hours from the city and he said we were going there for two days. He also told us that we could each bring a friend.

I decided to bring a cute friend of mine named Kate, and my brother, who is 15 years old and named Jason, brought a friend named Tom. I knew Tom from when he comes over to see Jason. Tom is really hot and turns me on, he is 16 as well as me and Kate.

So, when we got to the lake house, I was amazed. It was a giant house. Three stories tall, big pool and hot tub, a boat dock, just about everything. We got there about 2:00pm and Kate and I sat around and talked and watched TV(there were some adult channels, so we were getting pretty hot) At about 10:00pm my uncle walked into our room while we were watching porn. We didn't change the channel or anything because, as I said, he really doesn't care what we do. He said he had to meet someone, and that he might not be home till tommorow. As he said that, he gave us a wink and motioned to the TV and then downstairs, where Tom and Jason were staying. Then he said have fun, and smiled, and then left the room.

Kate and I got wet thinking of what my uncle suggested. After my uncle left Kate and I went downstairs to get something to drink. I got a cola and Kate got a smoothie. As we were in the kitchen, we looked around the living room and saw that the boys weren't there. We went into the living room and saw an empty bag of chips and the TV turned to the same Adult television show we were watching. I heard some soft laughing, and I went out on the porch. I looked down at the pool and saw that Tom and my brother were in the hot tub. I showed Kate, and we decided to go down there.

First we changed into our bathing suits. Then we went down there with our drinks in our hand. When the boys saw us they looked a little surprised to see us. It was about 11:30PM. I got into the hot tub and sat really close to Tom, and Kate did the same next to my brother. We started talking about the weather, how nice the night was etc. Then Kate said, 'What do you guys think of that porn'? They looked kinda confused and I pointed to the living room. They said, 'Oh, That'.

We all four of us agreed that it was a little too fake for real life. I was starting to get a little turned on by the talking and the nice heat of the hot tub. The talking continued and then slowed. Kate and my brother were talking and Tom and I were just listening. I turned to him and smiled, and he smiled back. I looked down into the water, but I couldn't see much because of all the bubbles. All I could see was my thigh touching Tom's thigh. Then I felt his soft hand slowly and discreetly move to my inner thigh. Oh man, that made my pussy tingle a lot, and I really wanted to touch it, but I didn't because my brother was there. Tom just started slowly rubbing my thigh, and I signalled to Kate that we should go inside. So, Kate and I stood up and said that we were going to change into something dry and watch TV in the living room.

Kate and I got to our room and we took off our bathing suits while we talked. I never noticed that Kate had such an amazing body. We told each other our sizes. She is a 34C and 120 lb and I am a 34C and 120lb too. We laughed a little and then we took a shower. After we got out, we changed into our pyjamas. They were made out of very soft cotton. We didn't even bother putting on panties. We looked out the window and saw that the boys were out of the hot tub. Kate and I noticed that the porn was still on, so we continued to watch.

About five minutes later the boys came downstairs. By that time, Kate and I were in the gamesroom playing pool. The boys walked in without their shirts on, and asked us if we wanted to play a game of pool, we said sure. There were two teams, Tom and I versus Kate and my bro. The game went on pretty evenly until I hit the ball off the table. We all laughed. Tom got behind me and had his cock on my inner thigh (he was wearing jeans, so we were the only ones to know about it) as he was behind me, he showed me how to hit the ball.

When we were done with that, Tom and I went to the living room and sat down. I was lying down with my head resting in Tom's lap. Tom then said 'I am getting so horny with your head on my cock', I said, 'Yeh I know, I can feel you'. I told him to pull down his pants, he did. I was pleasantly surprised to see his cock was big and hard. I asked him if he knew how to masturbate a girl, and he said he could try. I pulled down my pyjama bottoms. He started rubbing my pussy, and pushed a finger in. I was getting very wet. He kept rubbing and squeezing my pussy lips until I had the most intense orgasm of my life.

He said did I like it, and I almost screamed 'Yes!' As I lay there, I started rubbing my clit. As I did, Tom leaned back and watched me. I soon noticed he was stroking himself. As I reached another orgasm he was moaning and moaning. I then sat up and he kept rubbing himself. I stood on the couch watching him jack off. I started to smile, and then I turned around, showing him my ass. I could hear him moaning more. I turned my head around my shoulder to see if he had cummed. He hadn't, so I continued. I slowly bent down exposing my pussy to him, I started to rub my clit for him. That must have been too much for him, because he moaned very loudly. I turned around and watched him cum all over himself. I loved watching multiple shots of cum land all over his stomach and some on his face.

After Tom and I cleaned up, we went upstairs and looked into our room. We saw Kate and my brother doing the same thing. They saw both of us peeking at them and told us to come in. So we did. We repeated the same thing over and over until we noticed the sun come up.

When I woke up I could hear my uncle walking towards our room. We were all asleep in the same bed, naked. He came into the room and he just smiled at us and said, 'So I see you guys had a good time. Don't worry, I won't tell your parents.' We thanked him and then we went home that night.

That was last week. I really wanted to share it with someone. Thank you Solo Touch for letting me share this.



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