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Laid With

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I've enjoyed the stories here for a long time. So now I need share one.


When I was in my late teens another boy my age and I were lifeguards at a swimming pool on an army post and became good friends. We would hang out together and shot pool after the pool closed. On one particularly hot summer night Billy suggested that we go for a swim. At that time AC was very uncommon so the idea sounded great to me.

We had keys to the pool but our bathing suits were at home so Billy said we should skinny dip. We turned on a minimum of underwater lights just enough to see in the water.

We shed our clothes and got into the water. Billy said race you over and back. I did a flip turn at the opposite wall and pushed off and near the end of my glide Billy who had let me get well ahead of him was below me and reached up grabbed my soft dangling peter and gave it a playful tug.

I was surprised. It tickled and was very erotic. I doubled up to protect my genitals. Billy was long gone. I had wanted to touch his peter for a long time and now I had an excuse so I went after him for revenge. When I caught up to him and tried to grab his peter he caught my hand but let me slowly get to his peter and when I got hold of it he released my hand and took hold of my now hard peter.

So there we were breathing hard from swimming and sexual excitement and masturbating each other. After about a minute I let go of Billy and took his hand and had him let go of my peter.

Billy said what's the matter? Don't you want me to beat you off?

I said yes but not in the pool. Lets get out, get comfortable, take our time and really enjoy it.

So we got out and made ourselves mats out of towels that swimmers left that were stored in a utility room. We were both circumcised with average sized dicks and balls. After playing around feeling, rubbing dicks together etc. We spent a long time teasing each other in the following way.

The teaser would lie on his back and the one being teased would be on knees and elbows, knees on one side and an elbow on the other side of the teaser with one elbow under the teasers neck. The teaser would take some of the loose skin near the frenulum and gently roll it between his thumb and a finger, occasionally gently squeezing and pulling the glans. When the boy being teased was close to orgasm we would switch places.

After Billy finished teasing me for the fifth time he said beat me off I need to cum. He was already on his back so I got on his right side. I snuggled next to him with my dick pressed against his hip and began to masturbate him with my right hand occasionally kissing him on the neck and cheek. When I sensed he was close from the whining and wiggling I stuck my tongue in his left ear and wiggled it around for a few seconds. This sent him over the top. He tensed up arched his back and I could feel his penis throb every time he squirted cum. I had just been teased close to orgasm so between the stimulation my dick got from him squirming and the thrill of holding his dick while he was ejaculating put me over the top and I shot cum all over his hip.

While we were resting Billy said that tongue thing was really hot and asked where I learned it. I said that I learned from a girl. She moved before you got here. One evening she was at the pool waiting for the pool to shut so we could go out. She came over to the lifeguard chair and said I have a secret. I said tell me. So she climbed up the side of the lifeguard chair hung on with one hand and cupped the other over my ear and stuck her tongue in my ear for about 5 seconds. She got down and looked up at me with a big grin.

I said, 'That got my attention so tell me the secret'. She climbed back up and whispered in my ear 'I know you are horny and your dick is hard as a brick.. I'm horny and my pussy is wet and you are going to get laid when we go out tonight'. Billy the answer your next question is that you just got laid.



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