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Lack of Options Leads To Education

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I haven't changed the names. Every word is true. I've had this story for years and am so glad to finally have a place to share it. I know it's long and may not be all that arousing, but I want to share it in my own way. Thank you for this great forum for expression and education.


When I was in college I earned the majority of my practical sex education, as I'm sure many do. Despite growing up in a very conservative environment, I still found ways to satisfy my natural appetites, most often on my own, but occasionally with another (two boys, one girl). I was familiar enough with my own body, but was very much looking forward to exploring and learning more about others once I was finally out from under my parents thumb.

In spite of my experiences I was still quite virginal. Once in college, I was cautious, but anxious to find the right young man to finally give myself to. Late in my first year I met Tim. We had a lot in common and got along well. There was real chemistry but, all too soon, the semester ended and it was time for summer break. My freshmen year ended in frustration without anything more than some passionate necking, but Tim and I kept in touch. Throughout the summer we shared many phone calls, each one escalating in intensity, and several rather direct, but tasteful, letters. There was no question what our intentions would be upon our reunion in fall term.

At this point the obligatory physical description is necessary. I was, and am, petite all over. I'm less than five and a half feet tall and, even after two children, weigh barely over 100 pounds. I was often self-conscious about my size and subsequent lack of feminine figure, but the way Tim treated me gave me confidence, that and the fact that he was somewhat undersized as well. Not dramatically so, just so much that next to one another we looked like a well-matched couple. I think my size gave him confidence too. Back to the story.

Within a week of arriving back on campus Tim and I made plans for our reunion date. It would be dinner and a movie, must at least feign respectability, then back to a hotel for you-know-what, extra special since we were going to be each others first. We really felt ready (I know I did). The date went beautifully until we were finally at the hotel. We were all over each other and clothes began coming off, mine mostly as Tim was very enthusiastic. As we were pressing ourselves together, however, I could feel his obvious arousal and something didn't seem right about his proportions. Finally I took a step back and placed my hand on his bare chest. He gave me a questioning look but I smiled at him to let him know all was well. I then deliberately looked down at the front of his pants, which were bulging obscenely, and ran my hand over the shape trying to justify the anticipated dimensions stored in my head with the actual size of the object under my hand. My previous experiences in high school had both been with young men of averagish proportions just on the cusp of manhood. I had handled them briefly in different ways but still thought I had a pretty good idea what was to be expected when confronted with the male anatomy. Tim's proportions, thus, had me a bit confused.

With some hesitation I placed my fingers on his fly, with obvious intent, and looked into his eyes for consent, which of course he confirmed with a nod. I unfastened his pants, which nearly undid themselves due to the dramatic pressure within, and suddenly there I was looking at an object I was not at all prepared for. Ladies (and gentlemen) Tim had a very, very large penis! Not just in length, but girth as well. I don't need to give exact dimensions (which of course I eventually found out), or compare him to some common object to impress upon you how shocking it was to me, or would likely be to anyone. Suffice to say that there was nothing common about it. Through all my own personal experience, knowledge aquired through second hand accounts (girl talk), and review of third hand information (porn), I am confident that Tim is surely among the most well endowed men on earth, exaggerated even more by how disproportionate the size of his penis is to the rest of him. Girls, I can confirm, as any woman with worldly experience probably can, that there is no correlation in size between a man's penis and any other part of his body (hands, feet, nose, height in general, etc.). The charming thing about it in this case was that Tim had no idea just how gifted he was.

My reaction, I'm sure, was dramatic. A huge gasp, followed by several choice expletives and so on, and at first I didn't even want to touch it out of shock.  I don't think I really believed it was real. That didn't last long of course. Tim seamed genuinely confused, but flattered. I learned later that I was only the second girl ever to have even seen it. The first hadn't done more than touch it a little, and when she commented on the size he thought she was just being generous, especially since she never went out with him again (probably scared her off, poor thing). In addition, growing up in a conservative home with no brothers and few male friends and no mandatory gym-class showers, he had no frame of reference to which he could compare himself. To cut to the chase, Tim and I did very little that night aside from me exploring his unique appendage. For those of you who may be interested, the balls were proportionally oversized to go with the shaft. Of course we tried to do more, that was the plan after all, but the only part of me that he could fit inside, without a lot of pain and discomfort, was both my hands clasped together. He and I working together did finally bring him to a very messy climax, which just served to compound my fascination.

Over the next weeks and months Tim and I continued our exploration. I practiced my little heart out trying to learn my way round that beast.  I tried so many different techniques to make his breath come in gasps and roll his eyes back in his head that it may have made my class work suffer some. Tim, of course was very grateful, and became quite good at returning the favor. It was such an exciting time for both of us. I never imagined how fun and creative and varied manual stimulation could be, still without any penetration. I also learned, contrary to what many men may be thinking right now, that being so big is not exactly a dream come true. According to Tim, it can be challenging to sit comfortably, be active without good support, and find pants that don't make you look like a pervert. A single unplanned erection can be a real crisis as well. I also learned, through my own experience and the experiences of others (more girl talk) that some women really aren't into that. Most of us want something easy to use and that works the way it's supposed to, and something we can receive pleasure from as easily as we can give pleasure to. I hate to imagine the internal dimensions of a girl who can comfortably accommodate Tim in any position, never mind what she must have to do with her jaw. Yikes! Boys, there are many men out there smaller than Tim who are probably still bigger than a lot of women prefer.

That being said, at the time, I was still fascinated by this novelty and very nearly grew to worship it. I bragged to my friends about it, who of course didn't believe me at first, until I deliberately aroused him in front of two of them and showed them the size and shape of the bulge in his pants.  However, in spite of our most sincere efforts (OUCH), the size difference was too great and we could not be each other's first. Eventually our other differences caused us to grow apart and we split. A little later on I learned that my hymen was unusually strong, which I'm sure was part of the problem, and shortly after having it removed by my OBGYN (yes, really), I found a lovely man (men) with whom I continued my education, and eventually got married and lived happily ever after.

To this day, however, I still lustfully remember Tim behind my husbands back, and recall the hours and hours I spent playing with that thing. I still spend happy times alone imagining what it might have been like to actually take him. I even have silly daydreams of getting a toy of similar proportions just to try it out, but what would my husband (who is a truly fantastic lover) think if he found it, never mind the damage it could do? He and I both love my nice little kitty.  I've worked hard to get everything back in shape after the babies and wouldn't want to sacrifice that for a daydream. Alas. It shall remain a fantasy.

Even so, I must thank Tim, wherever he may be, for properly introducing me to the amazing penis, albeit in its exaggerated form. Through that experience I became fascinated by it and perhaps somewhat obsessed with giving it pleasure. And because of our lack of other options, I learned just how fun and varied and exciting mutual masturbation and foreplay can be. I'm sure my husband thanks him too.

I don't mean to give advice, but if any of you are so inclined, perhaps you may want to make a temporary agreement with your partner of no penetration for a week or month or whatever, but still promise many enthusiastic and lusty encounters and be willing to try anything new that you think might be fun. Who knows what you may discover?



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