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King for a Night

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My girlfriend and I have a wonderful and amazing sex life that includes mutual and solo masturbation. Now like most red-blooded males, I have a very high sex drive and all I have to do is be near her or think about her and I am ready to go. However, I rarely masturbate on my own because our sex life is so constant. I do if I am out of town or if our schedules preclude sex for a few days. And when I do I cum real hard because I know exactly what my 7' cock needs for total release.
The other morning she told me that she was tired of my always initiating sex, that it had been bothering her. She wanted to show me how sexy I am to her, how much I turn her on, and that she wanted me to be a bit more submissive so she could take control. I told her I was very glad she told me, and that it would be fine with me! Nothing like good communication to make our sex life even better! Of course, my balls were blue and I needed to cum badly by then after not getting any for a few days.........
After a few days apart we got together last night and had a fun evening shooting pool and playing video games at the local bar. She looked HOT, wearing her tight black jeans accentuating her long lean legs, and sexy low cut top that showed off her tight belly and trim waist. Of course all the 25 year old guys in the place were checking out her fine ass when she bent over to shoot pool. But they wouldn't know what to do with her anyway, and she knows it! She needs a real man to pleasure and to pleasure her. She is 5' 10' and blonde, with a model's figure, so she is an eye-catcher to say the least.
We walked back home and got up to her room and relaxed and watched a tv show together in our underwear. I was wearing my boxers and she was wearing her sexy black lace bra and thong panties. Now, I go wild when I see her in her thong because it shows off her finest attribute, her tight perfectly shaped ass. I did all I could to refrain from feeling her up and taking her right then and there. No, I had to be the submissive one and wait for her to take charge.
I laid back and when the show was over, she lit a candle and closed the doors to her bedroom, and came over and told me how hot I looked and how much she wanted me. She gave me those bedroom eyes and laid down next to me, after first pulling off her panties and bra so she was totally naked next to me. She started massaging my front, working my thighs until she got near my stiffening member. She said,'Looks like you need some attention......' And did I ever! She massaged around my cock and balls through the white cotton of my boxers, pulling the material down so she could feel the thickness of my bulging erection. She pulled my boxers off so that I was buck naked on the bed, with my cock pointing straight up, throbbing with anticipation of what was to come. I looked at my cock, with the head bulging and pressing against my belly button, thick veins circling the shaft in the candle light. Then she started her magic, rubbing her hands all over me, grabbing the base with one so the blood could fill my erection and make it as full as it could be. I am 6' around and she could tell. Good thing she has such long fingers to wrap all the way around! She commented on how big I was and how much my cock turned her on. She then massaged my balls and perineum which she knows I love, making drops of pre-cum dribble out of my cock. I felt the tip and how wet she was making me, and pretty soon there was a constant stream of clear fluid dribbling out of my cock head. She ran her finger over it and pulled it away from my cock, making glistening strands that I could see in the candle light. Then she rubbed my love juice on the underside of my cockhead on the oh so sensitive ridge. She started masturbating the shaft, moving her hands up and down all along the length of my erection.
Then she moved her beautiful face down between my legs, inhaling the scent of my manhood. She ran her tongue up and down my shaft, lightly licking and alternating putting the head in her mouth. She did this for about 15 minutes and I was in complete ecstasy. She was making me feel like a king and she knew it. She was in total control of my pleasure and it was all about me! By now my cock was throbbing uncontrollably, with precum dribbling out the hole. I told her how good she made me feel and how much I liked her hands on my cock. I asked her how she wanted me to come (because she would have let me come in her mouth if I wanted) and I told her I wanted to see my cum shoot out all over, and she said, 'Well, how about if I keep running my lips up and down the ridge on the underside of your cock and at the same time I can keep pumping your shaft with my hands, and then you can just come right here all over yourself.....' When I heard this I really lost it and really started bucking my hips and letting her pump my cock for all she had. I haven't seen my cock this big in a long time and it looked so sexy pressed against her beautiful face with the candle light behind her.
I told her I was ready to explode all over, and that it was going to be really messy because I had so much cum built up inside me. She said that was fine because it would turn her on to see me ejaculate all over because of her. She kept her lips running on the ridge and then her hand tightened around the end of my shaft right under my cock head. Her thumb started rubbing back and forth and pretty soon I came with all I had, streams of come spurting out all over her and and my belly. I thought I was going to come so hard that I would shoot back behind my head, but I dribbled more than anything. But did it feel good. I let out about 7 huge spurts and felt like I came for about 2 minutes. She rubbed my hot white cum all over my belly and held my cock until I started going flaccid, then she cleaned me up and gave me a sexy kiss. I was king for the night last night!



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