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Kevin's 'Back' Massager

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I had a buddy in my teens that we will call Kevin. We started off as school friends and slowly started talking more about girls and having more sexual conversations. We discussed masturbation, but had never done it with each other.

His mother and father were divorced and he lived with his mother. We were goofing off in his garage one day over the summer and decided to check out what was in the boxes in the rafters above. When we pulled the first one down, it was like a teenage boy treasure chest... filled with porn magazines. His father must have had them stashed there before he left.

As we looked at those beautiful women, I felt my pants tighten and said, 'I think I need to go to the bathroom'.

He looked at my bulging shorts and said 'Yeah, for number 3, huh?'.

'I know what number 1 and 2 are, but what is number 3?' I asked, trying to cover my crotch with a magazine and hoping he didn't notice my boner.

'Taking care of the three guys in your pants.' he said with a smile. 'But you don't have to go to the bathroom for that,' as he unzipped his fly and pulled out his now growing dick 'I'm gonna take care of mine right now.'

I was suprised when he pulled it out and started stroking. He was kind of a big guy already. He was almost 6 feet tall and had about a 7 inch dick. I was was only about 5 inches, so I was kinda embarrased by it, but watching him having all the fun got me anxious. So, I decided that sounded good to me, too. I pulled mine out and started stroking with him. We came pretty quickly, watching each other going to work on our dicks and looking at those hot pictures. We were now officially jacking buds and continued this tradition for a few months until all the magazines were gone.

One day a few weeks later, he called me all excited and said I had to get over there right away because he found something better than the treasure box. I jumped on my bike and got there in record time. When I arrived, he came to the door and I could see that he had already started without me as the tip of his cock was peeking out of the top of his shorts.

'Wait till you see this', he said as he pulled me in the room.

As I came in, I noticed a small box of VHS tapes and something with a cord laying on the ground by the couch. He walked over to the VCR and pushed play and immediately dropped his shorts and sat down. I soon discovered his excitement as a movie of two girls eating each other out came up on the screen.

'We hit the gold mine', he said smiling as he worked his tool slowly. 'I found these movies in the garage attic, but this came from Mom's room' he said as he reached over and picked up the shiny metal object on the floor. It was plugged into the wall and it had a strap on the bottom.

'What is that thing?' I asked him.

'Its a back massager.' he stated rather entusiastically.

'OK!?!', I said, confused as I sat down and pulled out my dick to watch these beauties on the screen having fun.

'Let me show you how I use it.' he said, as he slipped the strap over his palm. The machine was perched on the back of his hand and as he hit the switch, his whole hand started to vibrate slightly. He moved over next to me, pushed my hand out of the way and grabbed my cock with his shaking left hand. Between his warm hand and the vibrations, I instantly got rock hard. He stroked me for a couple of minutes as I leaned back and enjoyed the movie. Then he said, 'Now watch this'. He opened his fingers slightly and got my forskin between them and squeezed tightly on my cock. He used his pointer finger to rub the head of my dick while his tight grip had caused the vibrations to increase significantly.

'Squeeze it', I said, and within seconds my ass tightened and I shot my load 2 feet out from the couch. He held his grip and and my balls kept pumping with the rhythm of the vibrations until I felt like I was going to pass out.

'Wow, that's what I call a back massage,' I said, not sure if the machine or the thought of him grabbing my cock made me hornier.

'Yeah, that's what I thought when I discovered it,' he said laughing as he grabbed his meat with his massaging hand and went to work.

There's more to it, but we'll save it for next time... let me know if you want to hear more.



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