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Kevin-my Boy from Heaven

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This happened a couple of years ago.


I had lived in a very small town all of my life. One of those towns where everyone knows your business and if you aren't dating a girl by the time you are 15 there is something wrong with you. So I played the game just biding my time until I could escape. I dated girls and had been with the same one all of senior year but we hadn't had sex. Honestly, I had never had sex with any of the girls I had dated. I knew why but didn't dare tell anyone. If anyone had found out I secretly liked boys I would have been branded as 'one of them homos' or a 'butt pirate' or a 'queer'. So I kept my feelings to myself.

I had been accepted into a college in a large city with a scholarship and everything. Finally my ticket out! During that summer I still hung around with the same group of friends and continued to date Beth. The summer dragged. I was anxious to start college and my new life free of the constraints of small town living. Toward the end of summer Beth started pressuring me to have sex with her. 'You don't want to go to college a virgin do ya?' She would constantly ask. Finally I had had enough and told her I didn't want to have sex with her because it would complicate things and that I was just looking forward to starting fresh in college. This led to a huge fight and we broke up! It worked out just as I had hoped. I was free of her and nobody suspected a thing!

A week later I was off to college! Since I had applied late all the dorms were full. I had to find my own place to live. I was thankful for that. I found a nice little apartment right near campus and quickly settled in. To help cover all of my expenses (the scholarship only covered so much) I found a job a the local mall. It was there that I met Kevin. He worked at one of the outlets in the food court. I went there for dinner one night and felt butterflies in my stomach the first time I laid my eyes on him. Needless to say I ate there every night I worked, making sure he was the one that took my order. We started talking more and more and I even started flirting with him a bit. One day I ordered a hotdog.

'Regular or jumbo?' He asked with a smirk on his face.

I kind of laughed and told him 'Jumbo. I like 'em big and juicey!'

'Me too' he says with that smirk still on his face.

About a week later I went to get something to eat and was disappointed he wasn't there. Up until this point it seemed as if our schedules were the same. I grabbed my tray and went to sit down. No sooner had I sat down when he approaches my table, carrying a tray of his own, asking if he could sit with me. 'Sure!' I eagerly say 'Thought you were off today.'

'Naw. I saw you coming and took my break. I'm Kevin.'

'I know. I read your name tag!' I sarcasticly tell him. 'I'm Zack. Don't laugh. I hate the name. It's short for Zachery. I was named after my grandfather.'

'I like it. Kind of a cool' Kevin says warmly.

As we eat our lunch we tell each other about ourselves. Keving was 18 but still in high school, lived with his mom, hated working at the fast food place but it was money in his pocket, and other general stuff. I told him I was from a small town, had just moved to the city, started college, and hated working where I worked too but it helped pay the bills. Funny thing, the subject of girls or girlfriends never came up. All too soon our breaks were over and we had to return to work. Befor we parted Kevin offered to show me around town the next day since neither of us had to work. I accepted his offer and gave him directions to my apartment.

The next day arrives and I am very excited to be hanging out with my new friend. Trying not to look like a hick, I put on my new pair of cargo shorts and a really cool t-shirt I had bought at the place I worked. Kevin arrives. I open the door and am shocked at how good he looked! I knew he was cute but he was down right sexy out of that uniform he had to wear for work. He was dressed in a pair of board shorts and was wearing the exact same t-shirt I was! We had a good laugh about that and agreed we both had really good taste! He drives me all around town showing me all the touristy stuff, the areas not to go in, the rich section, ect. Around lunch time he suggests we go to this little place he knows of downtown. We get there and even this hick could tell it was in the gay section of town! I mean you could just tell by the names of the shops and clubs in the area! Never having been exposed to such a place I was really nervous when we went in. Kevin reassured me that it was cool and I need not worry. We had a wonderful lunch and continued on our tour. This was the first time I started to suspect that Kevin might be gay. We ended up back at his mom's house and she invited me for dinner. She was impressed that I was in college, living on my own, and working! She was happy Kevin had made such a friend. After dinner Kevin drove me back to my place and I invited him in to play some computer games. After a while he said he had to go because he had to work the early shift in the morning. I thanked him for a great day and gave him a big hug before he left.

Over the next couple of weeks we started hanging out together, spending all of our free time with each other. Kevin and I even coordinated our breaks so we could have lunch together every day we worked. For the first time in my life I felt like I had found someone truly special. Some one I could honestly say I loved. I think he felt the same way too because I could feel the sexual energy building between us. Then one day, while having lunch, we had the 'talk' I had been trying to avoid.

'So dude, how come you don't have a girlfriend?' Kevin asks.

'Um I used to. But we broke up right before I left for college.' I tell him trying to skirt the issue.

'Well how come you don't have one here yet?'

'I don't have time. You know with school and work and everything.' I confidently reply.

'But you find time for me!' Kevin pushes.

'Well your different. You special.' I bashfully tell him looking down toward the floor feeling my face turning red. 'What about you? Why don't you have a girlfriend?'

'Wellll the girls at my school are all bitches.' Kevin stammers. 'Besides, I am over 18 so I could get into a lot of trouble if I fuck one of them.'

I think we were both relieved that our breaks were over and we had to get back to work and the issue could be dropped. The one good thing that came out of that talk was that we were both a lot more comfortable around each other. When alone we would both be a little more openly gay and would often hug or tickle each other playfully. A strong bond was forming between us. It was obvious we were rapidly becoming more than friends. I knew him so well that I could tell something was wrong one day when we were eating dinner together at the mall. 'Dude, what's the matter?' I question.

'Can I spend the night at your apartment tonight?' Kevin sheepishly asks.

'Sure any time you know that.' I reassuringly say. 'But why? What's up?

'I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say I had a fight with my mom today and don't want to go home tonight!' Kevin tells me while trying to hold back the tears.

The rest of our lunch we spend just talking about random things. I go back to work but wasn't really into it. I could not help but think of Kevin. I was worried. I had never seen him that upset befor. I was at least happy that he knew he could talk to me and ask to stay at my place. Time passed slowly but eventually it was time for the mall to close and for us to leave. I meet Kevin and he follows me home.

'Dude can I take a shower? I smell like the fryer!' Kevin asks while smelling his clothes and his pits.

'Sure. Let me get you a towel.'

I go to grab a towel for him while he goes into the bedroom and starts taking off his clothes. I go into the bedroom to give him his towel. This was the first time I had seen him undressed. Although he still had his boxers on (first guy I knew who wore boxers, every guy in my town, including me, wore tighty whities!), I could not help but notice the beautiful guy standing in front of me. He is about 5'9' tall, not musculer but a nice build, perfectly tanned, shaggy blond hair, with a nice bit of hair under his arms, on his legs, and a sexy treasure trail. I tossed him the towel and got out of there quick!! Soon he comes out with just a towel wrapped around his waist. 'Ahh dude, you got some clothes I can borrow? I left the house without bringing anything with me!'

'Sure but I don't have boxers. Only tighty whities!' I say with a giggle as I get up and walk toward my dresser.

Kevin starts to laugh and says 'That's cool. I haven't worn them since I was a little kid!'

I toss him a pair of underwear, some sweat shorts, and a t-shirt. He doesn't turn around, instead he just drops the towel to the floor giving me my first glimps of his beautiful limp dick resting gently against his low hanging ball sack all framed by a nice thick bush of blond pubic hair. I decide to change also and give him a good look at me. I take off my work shirt and pants. As I am doing this I notice that he is checking me out while dressing. I am just a little taller than he is with about the same build but being a farm boy I am a bit more muscular and my hair is blonder from the sun.

'Ummm where am I going to sleep?' Kevin inquires.

'Ya know I hadn't really thought about that.' I nervously tell him. 'Guess you can have half the bed or the couch.'

'We'll figure it out' Kevin says as we head out to the livingroom. We sit down on the couch and I ask ' So what happened?'

'Can't tell you. Don't want to talk about it.' Kevin says very agitated.

'C'mon Kevin. Tell me. You can tell me anything.' I caringly say while I move closer to him and put my arm around him. Our bare hairy legs touch and he doesn't pull away. Oh what a feeling!

'Weellll, my mom found some porn in my room and is all pissed off.We had a huge fight.' Kevin whimpers.

'Shit is that all?' I ask trying not to laugh. 'My dad showed me his stash of 'Playboys' that he kept in the barn when I was 15!'

'It wasn't a 'Playboy'.' Kevin says flatly.

'What was it a 'Penthouse' or 'Hustler'?' I stupidly ask. These were the only porno magazines I knew of. I honestly didn't know there were other types!

'I can't tell you. You'll hate me. And I don't want to lose you as a friend.' Kevin replies almost crying.

'Just tell me. I won't hate you I promise!' I reassure him and pull him in tighter next to me.

Keving looks directly into my eyes and softly says 'It was a 'Playguy''.

'A 'Playguy'?' I ask totally baffled.

Our eyes are still locked. Kevin has a few tears running down his cheeks. Finally he kind of smiles and says with a bit of a laugh 'Ya you know-a magazine with naked dudes in it.'.

'They have those?' I excitedly but stupidly inquire. 'Did you bring it with you?'

'NO she threw it away. Why would you want to look at it?' Kevin asks with a smile on his face.

I was not sure what to say here. I had NEVER admitted to anyone that I liked guys. But he just told me that he liked looking at guys so what did I have to lose. After all this is why I moved out of the small town. So after a long pause I simply but loving say 'Why would I want to look at pictures when I have you to look at?'

A look of suprise and relief replace the frown and tears on his face. 'You like dudes?' Kevin quietly asks.

'Never been with another guy but would like to. Especially you! Why do you think I like spending so much time with you instead of getting a girlfriend?' I boldly tell him.

Without saying a word, Kevin leans in and kisses me on the lips. I pulled him in tight and start making out with him the way I used to make out with Beth. The big difference was this time I was really enjoying it! Kevin breaks the kiss and lovingly tells me that he had had a crush on me since the day we first me. I told him I felt the same and that is why I always went to his place in the food court! Our lips lock again and we start exploring each other's bodies. He pulls off my shirt and I his. Then he rolls over on top of me. Our bare chest make contact as do our crotches. I reach down and tug off his sweat shorts exposing the bulge in his-uh my- tighty whities. He fumbles around and pulls off my shorts. Now the only thing seperating us is our underwear. We are again making out and grinding our hard cocks.

Breathlessly I say 'Guess this answers where your sleeping tonight!'

'Ya let's go!' Kevin gasps.

With that Kevin gets up off of me offering his hand to help me up. We proceed to the bedroom hand in hand. We again start making out and fall onto the bed. 'Dude, I've never done this befor.' I whisper.

'Neither have I. It'll be ok we'll just go slow.' Kevin softly says. 'I would like to jack you off though!' Again we start making out. This time he makes the move first and pulls off my underwear. I roll over on top of him and sit up on his legs. My boner is standing hard and proud as I reach down and slowly remove his underwear. What I had seen limp and hanging earlier was now all hard and leaking precum. I reached down and took it in my hand carefully exploring every inch of his hard dick and low hanging balls. He reached up and started doing the same to me. The great feeling ran right from my hard shaft throughout my entire body. Kevin releases my dick from his grasp and wraps his arms around my shoulders pulling me down onto him. We start humping and kissing. We were both totally into it. 'I want to watch while I make you cum!' Kevin gasps.

'Oh ya I want to watch while I make you shoot too!' I moan back.

We fall into a 69 gently stroking each other's hairy hard cocks. Not a word is spoken as we pleasure each other. All too soon neither of us can hold back any longer. With one loud grunt Kevin explodes shooting his wad of cum everywhere. The sight of that made me lose it too. I started thrusting and shooting everywhere. After we had regained our composer, Kevin tells me to lick some of his cum from his dick and he quickly does the same to me. Then he leans in and starts kissing me, exchanging our cum. 'Now we are boyfriends!' Kevin proclaims.

Neither of us moved. We just laid there and talked and kissed. As we kissed our dicks got hard again. This time we just continued to make out and rub our dicks together until we exploded all over each other's stomachs. Spent, we both soon drifted off to sleep -naked in each other's arms. The next morning we woke up with morning wood. Not wanting to waste a boner, we took care of each other again. Each time we did it it was better than the time before. All to soon Kevin said he had better go home and face his mother. I offered to go with him and he accepted.

When we got to his house Kevin's mom was waiting for him. 'I knew you were with him!' She says with anger in her voice. 'So is this your 'boyfriend'?'

'He is after last night!' Kevin shoots back with a smile on his face.

After some long talk and lots of crying Kevin's mom accepted the fact that her son was gay and I was his boyfriend. She came over and gave me a big hug and warned me to treat her son right. I promised her I would. Kevin spent many a night with me until he graduated from high school and moved in with me! We are still together and happy!



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