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Kenny and Me

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Two boys help each other out.


First of all this is really a great site. I was referred to it by a new friend who I haven't yet met in person but will, for sure, soon.

I'm in my fifties, been fairly happily married for over thirty years, but would love something different. Like so many of us older married guys I tried to entice my wife into some exploring but, other than toys and role-playing, she's made it pretty clear that it ain't going to include others.

I write erotica and love to read erotica. I've always enjoyed stories about happily swinging couples, couples in threesomes with bisexual men, and men who just enjoy watching their wives with others. But, I also like to keep a hope of 'coming true' to my fantasies. So, lately I've concentrated more and more on married men getting together for jack off sessions and maybe a little more. And, I have real reason to believe that this is, very much, going to come true for me very soon. Thanks Buddy!

OK, now my story.

This is very true and the reason it's written in dialogue is because that's the way I write best. Kenny was a good friend. We met at about the age eight and always got along well. At about the age of ten we started talking more and more about girls and sex. I remember on a hike with a couple of other boys how we all decided to jack off together and Kenny was able to ejaculate. We were all fascinated by his cum and also the size of his dick.

This particular night Kenny and I had decided to sleep out in his back yard together in a tent. We were probably 11 or 12 at the time.

'I played with Toni's pussy the other day,' Mike spoke out of the blue after we had settled into our sleeping bags in the semi-dark little tent, 'It was really neat.'

'Toni from school?' Kenny was obviously interested. 'Cute little Toni that shows us her panties in class sometimes?'

'Toni.' Mike beamed in the admiration that his friend had shown for his sexual prowess. 'That Toni. We were in the old firetruck on the playground. She let me play with her pussy and she played with my dick.'

Mike reached his hand into his own sleeping bag and grasped his hard dick and began to jack off slowly so as not to be obvious, 'She said she really just wanted to see a dick for real.'

'She can see mine too.' Kenny tossed his sleeping bag back as he spoke and showed his cock in the dim light held tightly in his hand. 'Hell, she can do anything with it she likes.'

'It'd scare her,' Mike looked at Kenny's already seven or more inch dick in the dim light as he spoke, 'And she'd probably run. She's way too tiny for you, Kenny.'

Kenny began to stroke his dick as he continued, 'She could jack me off.' Kenny thought a second then added, 'Did she jack you off completely?'

'No, not really,' Mike answered honestly even though he was tempted to exaggerate to impress his friend, 'She was more just checking me out, sort of like a doctor would.'

'Did you cum?' Kenny kept drilling his friend.

'I almost did when she had one hand feeling my balls and the other around my dick,' Mike was getting more turned on by telling the story and also by watching his friend jack off, 'But I held off because I was afraid she'd stop when I did. And, man, it felt good to have someone else's hand on me.'

'Wow,' Kenny interrupted, 'I'll bet that did. Sure wish I could have somebody else do me.' Kenny thought a moment then asked in a very serious tone of voice. 'Want to do each other?'

'I,' Mike's voice squeaked and broke, not only from puberty but also from nervousness, 'Guess so.'

'Oh man,' Kenny spoke as he felt Mike's hand touch his fat, hard, dick for the first time, 'That's good, Mike. Oh man, oh yea, pump it a little.'

'Like this?' Mike gripped Kenny's dick just like he would his own and was totally surprised at just how good it felt in his hand.

'Yea,' Kenny moaned as he let his own hand reach around Mike's and massage his own balls, 'Man that's good.'

'Want me to go faster?' Mike had now turned more on his side and was trying his best to see this dick better in the dim light. 'Are you going to cum?'

'It just feels so good,' Kenny spoke in a low guttural voice, 'I just want it to last.'

'Me too,' Mike spoke before thinking and then hoped he didn't sound queer so he added, 'It felt good when Toni did mine.'

'I'm almost there,' Kenny began to thrust his hips as he spoke, 'Don't stop now, I'm there.'

The first load actually hit the top of the small tent and made a sound that the boys heard.

'Neat!' Mike grinned as he looked up to see the small white glob, but before he could say anything more he felt the large dick in his hand throb again and more cum began to flow out over his hand. 'Really neat.'

'Oh man,' Kenny breathed heavily as he began to relax, 'Thanks, Mike. That was really needed. Here,' Kenny turned onto his side as he spoke, 'My turn. Let me do you now.'

'Sure,' Mike reluctantly let go of Kenny's nice dick and laid back on his back and enjoyed the feel of Kenny's hand on his own dick, 'That's good.' Mike enjoyed the feel of Kenny's hand but not as much as he'd enjoyed the feel of Kenny's dick in his own hand.

'I'm so fucking ready, Kenny,' Mike muttered as he felt Kenny began to jack him off in a way that he thought he only knew how to do to himself, 'I'm not going to be able to last long.'

'Go ahead,' Kenny spoke as he masterfully attended to his friend's needs, 'Let it go.' Kenny felt as Mike's dick pulsed once, twice, then a third time in quick spurts and shot cum up, not as high as his had earlier, into the air and onto his arm and hand.

'Thanks, Kenny,' Mike spoke and was slightly disappointed that the hand left his dick so soon after he'd cum, 'That was great.'

'Tastes just like mine,' Kenny commented as he licked a very small drop of Mike's cum from his arm, 'Ever taste your cum?'

'No,' Mike didn't know how to react but didn't want to hurt his best friend's feelings by sounding grossed out, 'What does it taste like?'

'I don't know,' Kenny thought then added, 'Not like anything at all,' he reached down and got some of his own cum off of his belly onto his finger and offered it to Mike, 'Try it.'

'No,' Again Mike didn't want to sound too grossed out, and in fact it was tempting, so he added, 'Maybe some other time.'

'OK,' Kenny retracted his hand and his offer and lay back and looked up at the top of the tent, 'That was good. Sure felt better than my own damn hand.'

'Yes,' Mike agreed but was thinking more about how good Kenny's dick had felt than how his hand had felt, 'Sure was. We'll have to do this again.'

OK, this is the writer again. I hate to end this right here because, as a reader too, I know you're wanting more. But, I also enjoy reading stories that are absolutely true. And, if I went any further it wouldn't be. We never did anything like that again. I'm guessing that Kenny found someone else that was more adventurous than me. We remained friends through high school and I'd love to hear from him and maybe, follow up on his offer.

I never did do anything with Toni again either. She was sure cute and I wanted to but I guess we were just both uncomfortable around each other after that experience. Stupid kids!



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