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Keith Cums Clean

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Good night story to jack off to bed with.


My step dad Keith was an asshole, but he was something else to look at. He was built like a bear, 6' tall, about 220 lbs. For being in his 50's he looked well and pulled off that classic man's man look. He was covered in silver grey hair that was naturally groomed from the top of his head down to his cock and balls, and beyond. He worked with his hands which were rough, strong, and massive. The kind of hands that you knew where meant to grab hold of a cock and shake it until release. His hands had a lot to hold on too. His cock was perfect porn star material, uncut, thick and well used. It hung well soft, about 4 inches with juicy balls dangling nicely behind it. Another nice feature was his ass, solid and fit into jeans like a glove. He grew up working out and his body was able to maintain its shape with a nice thin layer of fat to give him that bearish figure. I watched his body from a distance, but I could always steal glances in the morning when he would walk naked from his room to the bathroom and back. Nobody gets up at 7:00 in morning for nothing.

One evening Keith and I were changing the oil in my truck. He squeezed himself into some overalls that were too small and hugged his muscles like a condom on a cock. I could see the details of every muscle, and his cock might as well have nothing covering it because I could see the outline of every vein, and his uncut tip. He was laying on his back half under the truck draining the oil while I was standing over him wondering how I could make the most of the situation. My mother was out of town and had been gone for over a week and wasn't going to be home for another week or so. I knew they fucked a lot, but since she was gone he had nothing but his hand and I thought that talking about beating off would be the best way to work the angle. We'd been talking all night about guy things like sports, women, and of course cars so I thought perhaps I should change the subject to my favorite topic 'Sex'.

'So Keith how old we're you when you started masturbating?' I asked. 'What?' came the response. 'How old were you when you learned you like to play with yourself?' I restated, 'I was 14!' For what felt like forever the silence was broken with a slow reply of '14 eh, you were pretty old... I'd say I was about 12'. Keith slid himself from under the car and sat up looking at me a slight grin. 'When was the last time you jacked off?' he asked. 'This morning... I woke up with a raging hard on that needed some relief, so I gave it to myself in the shower.' I laughed then stole at glance at his crotch and I watched the bulge between his legs stir. 'How 'bout you?' I asked. '3 days ago, and my balls are on fire. I haven't had a good jack off session since your mother made me dump my porn collection 5 years ago.' he sighed. 'Well maybe we can fix that, I've got a bit of porn we can watch give me 5 minutes and we can fix your burning balls.' I said turning towards the house to get my favorite porn. He mumbled something as I closed the garage door.

I returned to the garage with my favorite porn. It had a little bit of everything straight, bi, and good ol' orgies. I opened the door to the garage and saw Keith's overall laying on the hood of my truck covered in oil, and Keith was standing naked by the tool bench trying to rub some oil off his hands and neck. 'Didn't know you were that horny, I haven't even put the porn in and you're naked.' I said trying not sound eager. 'Damn oil gets everywhere. I have to clean this up before we start the movie give me a hand.' He said reaching for some saw dust. There he was in all his glory moving around... I just about came right then and there looking at his sweaty body, but I went over and grab the bucket of saw dust and threw some down on the spill. I had put the porn down on the tool bench so I could grab the bucket, and as I was cleaning up the last of the spill I notice Keith was holding the DVD in hand and his cock was starting to come alive. I had often wondered how big the thing got. I had seen it soft so often that I had a rough estimate that it had to be 8 inches, but as I watched it grow I would soon learn I was wrong. 'Go get that ready, I'll have this cleaned up in a minute' I said to him. Keith had set up a small bachelor pad like place in the shop so he could come out and watch his football games in peace. It had a TV DVD combo, couch, and beer fridge in a private area of the garage and best of all no windows.

I finished cleaning the spill and walked over to the TV and notice Keith had the movie in and was teasing his cock with his hand. 'Well you do move fast' I said 'No wonder you haven't had a good jerk off in 5 years'. I could see I startled him, but he didn't slow his pace. 'Keith... if you cum soon the rest of the evening is going to be spent doing nothing so relax' I said hoping he'd calm down. 'Oh yeah... I guess I've got time' he said moving over on the couch 'Look I've already gotten naked, you better do the same.' As I walked in front of the couch I was reward for all those years of anticipation. His cock was in full glory. He had his left hand on his nipple and his right hand rubbing cock. That cock... It was ideal. It was so massive his hand couldn't even wrap all the way around it, and a rough guess would put it at 8 1/2 inches long. His mushroom head was appearing and disappearing with every stroke of his uncut monster. I was a bit embarrassed to release my 6 1/2 incher beside that beast, but I started to undress. I was trying to see if he was noticing me taking off my clothes but I could tell his eyes were glued to the lesbian scene on the TV.

I sat down beside him and started to rub my balls. I was less than 6 inches from him and I could smell his meat and see the glistening pre-cum he was using as lube. 'It's been years since I've done this' he said with a smile on his face. 'I hope it doesn't have to be years after tonight' I replied 'Show me what you've learned from so many years of practice' I asked. His stroked slowed and for the first time he looked at my cock. 'Well' he said 'We got some good stuff to work with here.' 'When I was younger I had friend and we would jack off together all the time, he tough me how to masturbate.' Keith said as he eyed my cock. 'So what did he teach you?' I asked hoping he'd be willing to have me has his new jack off partner. Without a second invite he took his hand off his cock and wrapped it around mine. His hand was stronger than I imagined and the rough groves in his hand felt so good and he began stroking my cock up and down. Without letting go of my cock he moved off the couch and was sitting directly in front of me. His free hand grabbed my balls and started rubbing the skin between my sack and penis. 'I can't handle this I'm cumming' I said shooting 3 long thick ropes onto his chest. 'You were worried about me cumming too fast' he said laughing and scooping up my cum. 'I guess I wasn't expecting that' I said half embarrassed 'but I'm younger than you and I can get it up at anytime.' 'Well you have to wait until I'm done before you get another' he stated as he sat back on the couch, 'I think it's my turn' he said rubbing my cum on his cock.

I got on in front of him staring in amazement, chills coming over me as my fantasy was becoming a reality. I wanted this to be his best experience so I grabbed his cock with both hands. It was so hard, so thick, and so ready for me to stroke the hell out of it. I took my time slowly moving up and down the shaft watching the head of his cock playing pee-a-boo, and waiting for his muscle spasms to tell me when to stop. I watched his face as he stared off into his fantasy land. His mouth was half open and his panting and moaning was music to my ears. I could feel his cock building with pressure, and after teasing his cock for about 10 minutes I pulled out all stops. I never heard a man cum so loud in my life. His moan turned to a grunt and I felt his hot cum drench my face. I don't know how many ropes were dripping off my face, but I knew I had a new jack off friend. That night I discovered more about Keith than I was expecting, we jerked each other off another 2 times each until our balls hurt. That night when we were cleaning up he looked at me and said 'I needed that. It's been years since another man has played with my balls. I hope that this can lead to regular boy's night out.' 'Hell yeah' I said enthusiastically 'You have lots to teach me!' 'You boy' he stated 'Can teach me a thing or too as well.' We set up a weekly boy's night out that last a few years.



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