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Keeping It in the Family & Staying Young

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How many older guys have seen their wife's pussy stop lubricating as she got older? How many guys have seen their wife's tits begin to sag as she got older? How many guys have often dreamed of getting their hands on a pair of firm young tits and sticking their fingers in a very wet pussy? That doesn't mean that we don't still love our wives. It just means that we would like to once again experience the joy of sucking a pair of firm tits and getting our hands wet while playing with a pussy that floods when aroused.

Those thoughts had crossed my mind a few times until about ten years ago. My wife has a niece who I have always thought was beautiful and sexy as could be. Her niece and I have teased each other for years until one day I told her just how sexy I thought she was. I also let her know in no uncertain terms how much I wanted her body. I figured she would tell me to fuck off and never speak to me again. Imagine how surprised I was when she told me that she had masturbated many times while thinking about me. That was all I needed to hear.

So for the past ten years she and I have had a thing going. She says she does not feel right about fucking her aunt's husband but has no problem jacking my dick and letting me play with her pussy. Would I like to take it farther? Yes, but I am not going to push it and mess up a good thing. Her tits are small but they sure do suck good. And her pussy is everything I imagined it would be. She has lots of dark brown hair around it and it floods when she gets horny.

My favorite thing is to catch her husband out of town and go over to her house. We both strip totally naked and hit the bed. She has this very large dildo that I fuck her with while I massage her large clit. Before I get the dildo in her she is soaking wet. When she cums I can see the pussy juice squirting out around the dildo. She is the type of woman who is not satisfied with just one orgasm and always like to have at least three or four. She wants to keep going until her clit starts getting too tender to touch. By the time she gets to that point my dick is so hard that it is hurting. I am leaking precum all over the place. Then it's my turn. She takes my dick in her hands and while she is jacking me with one hand her other hand is working on my balls or sticking a finger in my asshole. She also like to suck my nipples or kiss me on the lips while she jacks my dick. I have shot cum all over her body but she especially likes for me to shoot off on her pussy. She will usually get on her back, spread her legs and hold her pussy lips open with her fingers and let me cum on her pussy. Once I have shot my load she massages my cum all over her pussy, her tits and even pushes some of it up inside her vagina.

We usually will shower together and then get dressed. By the time we get out of the shower we are both very clean and well satisfied. Does this mean that I don't still love my wife? No, it means that I leave my loving niece's house feeling 30 years younger. I want sex more now than I did before we got involved. It makes me feel alive.

If any of you younger women want to make an old man feel good and get some loving by someone who knows how to make a woman feel appreciated, find an older guy and let him play with your pussy. You will see first hand what I mean.



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