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Keep Exploring

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Keep Exploring
My self-exploration started at a fairly early age (Iā??m 27 Now). From what I remember I was about 5 years old and would lie in bed and play with my cock and balls pretty much until I fell asleep.
I donā??t remember my first real masturbation session but I do remember that when I started I didnā??t actually ejaculate. I do remember the mess it made when I finally did. I didnā??t get to much experience with mutual masturbation as a child I jacked off two or three time in front of friends but that was it. I never really got caught but my Mom found the paper that I used in my room one day. She questioned me but my Dad told her to leave me alone.
As life went on my J/O session increased and my methods varied. I suggest that all kids male and female alike experiment. I encourage it. I have run into too many sexually repressed people that donā??t or canā??t enjoy the full spectrum of sex without knowing their bodies.
I am happily engaged to a wonderful woman that satisfies my every desire. We have even played with a little mutual masturbation that we both love. One thing though, I still enjoy the sessions by my self. Her and the kids were out of town last night so what was I doing? Sitting in front of the computer, lubed dick in hand going through this web sight getting off to the stories of how everyone does it. That was the first time after a bite to eat I turned on a porno and came all over my chest.
I enjoy a little exhibitionism. Just a few days ago on a camping trip I took a bath in a cold mountain stream nude. When I was sitting in this water soaping up I looked down at my semi-erect cock sitting in that ice cold water and started to stroke it. I did it quick in fear of being caught but that was part of the excitement that I felt the whole time. First stroke to the last moan and clean up was no more than thirty seconds, but one hell of a thirty seconds.
Please donā??t let anyone tell you different. Regular "self love" can actually keep you healthy. I know for the men it helps keep you prostate clean. Keep playing with it boys AND girls. The experimentation will make you more confident sexually and with out a doubt will make you a better lover.



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