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When friendship became sexual.


We live in the UK. My wife has a long time friend called Kathleen, who we have known for twenty five years. Kathy is a 50 year old brunette, five feet tall, slim body with nice firm breasts, pert bottom and great legs.

My circumstances are that I am an avid masturbator, with a nylon fetish, which I practice when my wife is out shopping, when she has gone to bed, or in hotel bedrooms when I am away on business. I have an average sized, six inch circumcised cock, reasonably thick when hard, and a nice plum coloured, sensitive helmet, which I like to rub with lube when wanking. Sex with my wife is a distant memory due to her ill health, but I love her dearly and would never think of playing away. Over time Kathleen has been a good friend to my wife when she hasn't been well in the last few years, and has supported her when I have been away on business. She lives in a town about forty minutes away from us, and visits us once every few weeks, and in between she speaks to my wife on the phone. She was divorced from her husband a few years ago. We all get on very well.

A few weeks ago, Kathleen called up one night, when my wife had gone to bed early, to organise a visit later that week. Normally she would have rung back the next day, but we got into a telephone conversation about our families, and our respective partners. She was moaning about her current boyfriend, whom she said wasn't really making her feel very comfortable or happy, she said she expected more from the relationship. I said 'in what way?', (knowing what direction the conversation was going!). 'Oh I want a bit more variation in our relationship instead of just making love occasionally', she said. I said 'you are lucky to have some occasionally, as you may know (wasn't sure if she had those sorts of conversations with S my wife), is turned off sex altogether due to her health problems', which she then said she was aware of. I added 'I have to take things in hand, so to speak!'

The conversation was beginning to make me aroused, and my cock was starting to get hard in my briefs, which was all I was wearing. She laughed and said, 'How often do you take things in hand?' 'Oh about twice a week, sometimes more often, depending on how horny I am.' She then said 'What makes you horny', I replied 'Nylon mainly, seeing women in skirts or summer dresses wearing tights, flesh coloured or black. I have some images on my computer, mainly of women in tights or hold-up stockings, I love the look and feel of nylon.' 'Oh, that's interesting', she said, 'as I love wearing tights or nylons, the new shiny versions with added lurex make me feel sexy, and I also have some hold-up's with wide lacey elasticated tops which feel good on me.' I added, 'I also like to see the line of the pantie or crotch part in a darker colour exposed, it's a real turn on.'

Whilst we were talking openly like this, I pulled my hard cock out of my briefs and started to wank myself gently. I said 'I have noticed you wearing nylon, and I wondered if they were hold-up's or tights.' She said 'When I come over next time I might put some on for you to look at.' I said 'Thanks, that would be great, you really have the legs to show them off well.'

We continued to talk in a more general, non sexual way, but I remained hard talking to her. As it was getting late we finished the conversation, by making arrangements for her to visit in a few days time. Before I went upstairs to bed though, following this highly erotic conversation, I was so horny that I needed to finish jerking off downstairs, wanking furiously just imagining Kathleen in her nylons or hold-up's. I came a good load into my hand, and licked it up cleanly. (I have had a taste for my own cum for years now, apparently it has good health properties as well!)

A few days later Kathleen came over. I was working upstairs in my office, and went downstairs to say hello, and was greeted by her in a red summer dress, fairly low-cut, accentuating her breasts with a tight bodice, and a red pleated skirt, just above her knees, and yes, nearly bare, shiny tights or hold-up's. She gave me a kiss and a hug as usual, but also a smile when she saw me looking at her legs.

I left them to talk, and went back upstairs to work, but I was now aroused by the image of Kathleen in her dress and nylon clad legs downstairs. My cock was semi-hard and moved it out of my briefs, so it was directly under my trousers. I gave it a few tugs to make it harder.

Later, Kathleen came upstairs to use the toilet, and I watched her go inside, whilst looking at her legs, as my office door was open at the end of the hallway. Hearing her pee made my cock jerk slightly. When she came out I turned to smile at her and said 'You look great Kathleen, thanks for putting those on. Are they tights or hold-up's?' Expecting her to just answer, instead she lifted the front of her dress, exposing her firm thighs encased in shiny, flesh coloured tights, as they were, but she also raised her dress enough to show me the panty part of the tights in a darker colour and that she was wearing very small white lacey panties or a thong underneath.

She must have only held up her dress for a few seconds, but it was enough to make me rock hard. She stood at the top of the stairs and I said 'God Kathy, you look so horny, I will need to take myself in hand now!' and laughed. She also laughed, but then said 'I would like to see you take yourself in hand sometime.' with that bombshell she went back downstairs.

Now, typical horny man, from that image and conversation I was so turned on that I was prepared to whip out my hard cock there and then and wank off. But even though I was tempted I thought I would postpone it until later when I could edge and prolong the exctasy, with images of Kathleen in my mind. Little did I know I was going to come off much sooner.

At lunch later with my wife and Kathleen, we sat in the garden in easy chairs. Kathleen had her legs crossed, and I tried very hard not to stare at her legs, the shiny nylon shimmering in the sun. My wife said she had to go and visit an old lady a few streets away, that she cleans and does shopping for, but added that she won't be long. She invited Kathleen to go with her, but she said that she would prefer to sunbathe if that was allright with her. 'Fine' my wife said. I said I was busy and went back up to my office.

Of course, hearing this I became harder than I was, aroused already from looking at her legs, and was thinking of a way I could get Kathleen to repeat what she did earlier. I didn't have to wait long.

As soon as my wife left, I stood up at the window and saw Kathleen laying back in her chair, her dress raised up on her thighs, enjoying the sun. I was fully hard looking at her legs, when suddenly she must have seen me and waved. I waved back and beckoned her to come up. I positioned my hard cock on the outside of my briefs again, creating a tent in my trousers.

I sat on my office chair, facing the stairs, with my legs slightly open and heard Kathleen coming up the stairs, I tugged on my hard cock. She came and stood in the office doorway and I said 'You look like you were enjoying the sun. I couldn't help noticing the light shining on your legs.' 'Yes' she said, 'It looks like you enjoyed the view, you look hard, are you going to take yourself in hand' and giggled. 'If you want me to' I said grasping my hard cock outside of my trousers.

I stood staring into her eyes as I slowly pulled the zip down on my trousers, she was staring at my hand pulling the zip down. My solid cock sprung out when I pulled my fly apart. Kathleen gasped, and said 'That's a nice cock, it looks bigger than Stan's' (her current boyfriend). I just held it around the shaft with my fist, not wanking just letting the head swell as much as possible. I didn't want to get off too soon.

I said 'Would you lift your dress up for me again?', and with that she smiled and reached down with both hands and grasped the hem of her dress and pulled it up to her chest, fully exposing her nylon clad, shimmery legs, the darker lined panty part and her white lacey panties underneath. 'God Kathleen, you are so naughty doing this for me', and I opened my trousers and dropped them down to my ankles followed by my briefs, fully exposing my cock and balls to her. I started to wank slowly, careful that I didn't shoot too soon, as this was just a fantasy come true, far better than the images on my computer screen. My cock was now fully veined with blood pumping into the head, making it turn plum coloured and mushroom like.

She said, 'Well, you are good to S, and I like to help out where I can, (giggle) and besides, I miss seeing a man masturbate, I love to see a man shoot his stuff, I am aroused too.' When she said that I started to wank a bit harder, and said 'Would you like to rub yourself?' and without saying another word, Kathleen moved forward until she was a foot away from me, smiled and held the hem of her dress in one hand and put her other hand on the front of her thigh and rubbed herself in circular motions. I sat down on my office chair so that the pussy area was level with my head. I could hear the noise of the nylon being rubbed by her fingers. I was transfixed by her hand slowly rubbing in circles up to her pussy covered nylon and panties.

She gasped when her hand reached her pussy and said 'Rub your fat cock for me, I am so turned on watching you'. Wanting to savour every moment and take as much advantage of the situation I said 'Can you turn round for me for a second and bend over slightly, I want to see your bum' with that she lifted up the dress to her waist, still rubbing between her legs and turned round, still looking over her shoulder at me wanking, and bent slightly forward pushing her lovely pert nylon encased bum at me. 'Oh God' I said, 'Your bum looks gorgeous Kathleen, I would love to shoot my spunk on it' She giggled and replied, 'Not now, it would be too messy, we don't have time, let's just cum together'.

She turned round, opened her legs more and she ended up nearly astride me and carried on rubbing herself, first her fingers then pushing her hand into herself, her breath becoming laboured now. I could see she was visibly damp in her panty crotch and could hear her wetness squelching as she rubbed. I was wanking quite fast now, and my breath was laboured. My balls were aching and felt tight up inside me. We were both getting close and without asking I reached out with my right hand and rubbed the outside of her right leg, the silky feeling of the nylon made me gasp and felt so good that I immediately shot several strands of spunk hard onto the carpet, being careful not to spray on her, I was seeing stars I came so hard, my balls aching they were pulled up so tight.

At the same time she gasped, rubbing herself furiously, her fingers almost a blur, and cried out 'Oh fuck Jonny, Oh fuck!' and her hips gyrated and pushed forward towards me in a fucking motion. She bucked and gyrated for what seemed minutes, but was probably only seconds, almost collapsing on me. Her breathing was heavy and panting, and her juices were visible running down from her pussy. The smell of my ammonia filled white spunk and her wonderful pussy juices was intoxicating as we came down from a powerful mutual orgasm.

She stood above me, her legs apart, my legs apart, my cock subsiding and her fingers still resting against her pussy. We didn't say much as she stood upright and dropped her dress down, I stood up and pulled my briefs and trousers up. She hugged me and we kissed briefly on the lips. 'Thank you, that was the best cum I have had in a longtime' she said. 'I have probably not shot so much spunk since I was a young man' I added, and she giggled.

'What are we going to do now' she said. I said 'I would love to repeat this with you sometime, but I might regret how my feelings are towards you, and I love S too much' She agreed, and despite our total enjoyment of this mutual masturbation session, we agreed it would be the last.

Kathleen remains a close friend of my wife, the only thing that has changed is that everytime she comes over she wears different coloured silky tights and has also worn hold-up's, as I still get the occasional flash from her when I am working from home, but we haven't masturbated together since. I wank off to the images of her nylon clad legs in my mind later, and once recently I wanked off with her and my wife downstairs after she had shown me some really nice black hold-up's with deep lacey tops, oh I am a lucky man to have such a wonderful friend!



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