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K and I

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A very intense mutual masturbation


Katherine and I met on an online sex partner search site in 2004. I was married and looking for a playmate. She was single and had recently undergone a journey of weight loss and seeking to celebrate her new found sensuality. I was 49 years old and she was 37. We carried on an online and phone relationship for over a year (we lived in different states). Our online messaging and phone conversations grew to be very sexually intense as we explored our fantasies. In late 2005 we had an opportunity to meet in person. The following event occurred several months later, after I had moved out and was in my own apartment and after K and I had several intensely pleasant sexual liasons.
It was mid-March in my apartment near Chicago, on a rainy, cool Saturday afternoon. She had flown in to spend a weekend with me. We had had an intensely sexual evening on Friday after she arrived and were relaxing. I rose from my chair and strode over to her and ran my fingers along the back of her head, lowered my face to hers, kissed her and said, “…come with me.” I took her hand and led her to my bed. I dropped my robe and she did the same. We sat on the bed, facing each other, our legs draped and entwined. We kissed and caressed. K is a very sensual and oral woman. When we kissed, she would almost suck my tongue out of my mouth.
I told her to lie back and she did. I lay down next to her, on her right side, our right hips pressed against each other’s, with my feet to her head and hers to my head. Then I draped my right leg over her right shoulder and told her to do the same. We were side by side, legs over each other’s shoulders. We had our heads on pillows so that we could see each other’s face. She sighed softly. I ran my hand up along the inside of her thigh, tracing my fingertips lightly along her smooth skin, causing her to twitch. I moved my fingers up to her mound, running them through her soft fur. He pussy was already warm and moistening. As my fingers reached her mound, her hand pressed firmly against my soft cock and she pressed hard, squeezing my cock and balls, and began to roll them in her hand. We moaned at the same time. She spread out her left leg, opening her sweet moistness. The room began to fill with her scent, and as I sensed her musky sweetness, my cock began to swell in her hand. There we were, side by side, opposite, slowly stroking and petting each other, our eyes locked on each other.
I moaned as her hand encircled my stiffening shaft, squeezing and pulling on me. I pressed my index finger into her moistening folds and up along her slit. K was more than moist; she was wet, and warm. She removed her hand, drew it to her mouth and covered it in her saliva, then returned it to my cock. At the instant her wet hand touched my cock, it pulsed, throbbing as she wrapped me in her fingers. I pressed my index finger against her clit and she rolled her hips to press hard against it. Her clit was small when she was relaxed, but it grew swollen at the slightest touch, and it was now growing big and hard. Her juices were starting to flow, covering my finger as I flicked it up and down against her clit. She held my shaft in her hand, and rolled her thumb against my tip, pressing hard against my hole knowing how sensitive I am there. I moaned and rolled my hips.
Next, I pressed her clit between my thumb and forefinger and began to roll and pinch it. It grew even bigger and her pussy juice flowed more. As I did this, she let my cock fall from her hand and began to trace her nails along the underside of my cock head ridge. I thought I would explode right then, but she had grown to know exactly how to control my pace. I was squeezing and pinching her clit and she was sending shivers through my whole body by scraping her fingernail along my ridge.
Our tension was building. Knowing how much I adore her feet, K bent her leg and said, “Stick out your tongue.” I did and she pressed the sole of her right foot against my face. I licked as she slid her foot along my tongue. Then she pressed her toes along my tongue. I was in heaven. Her warm wet clit in my fingers, her toes playing along my tongue, and my cock being teased by her fingers was almost too much. K then said, “Don’t cum yet. I want us to cum together.” She let me lick and suck on her toes for a while, as she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my sack and pulled on my balls, drawing them out. “I love how big and heavy they are.” she said. As I savored the taste and scent of her foot, she rolled and pulled on my balls. We were lost in our enjoyment of each other.
After few minutes, she lowered her leg back down onto my shoulder and moved her hand back to grasping my shaft. As she began to stroke me slowly, I pressed my forefinger and middle finger against her pussy. Her juices flowed like a waterfall and she bucked her hips against them and I slid them both deep into her. She let out a guttural moan as her pussy thrust to the base of my fingers. With her left hand, she grabbed my hand and pushed it as hard as she could into her. By now, I was oozing pre-cum, almost as much as a regular climax. My cock was as wet as her pussy. The slurping sounds of our hands on each other, along with our scents filled the room. K began to stroke my pulsing, throbbing cock faster. I pressed my thumb hard against her swollen clit. I now had my fingers inside her, rubbing and pressing her g-spot, as my thumb massaged and pressed her clit.
It could not have been more than a minute when I felt my balls begin to tighten. I knew I was close. K knew me and my body as well as I do, and she grasped my shaft hard and tight and ran her thumb frantically across the tip, thrumming the rim. I pumped and pressed my fingers against her g-spot and clit. Our hips began to buck and roll, fucking each other’s hand. She felt my cock pulse and pressed her thumb hard against my hole as my first hot blast of cum erupted. It splashed hard against her thumb. Instantly she convulsed, and began to squirt all over my fingers. I groaned, she screamed and we began frantically grinding and cumming. She let my next hot rope shoot freely from my cock and it must have gone 2 feet into the air and landed all over her hand and my hips. Her cum was splashing all over my hand, arm and the bed. I had never heard her scream so loudly. I continued to shoot rope after hot, thick rope all over her and I as her hand frantically pumped my shaft. Her pussy and clit fucking my hand hard and fast as her climax rolled on and on. Moaning and grunting we came together, taking and giving.
Slowly, our climaxes subsided. We were soaked with each other’s cum, so was the bed. After a few minutes, K shifted slightly, and as she did, she pulled away from my fingers. The slick, slurping sound of her pussy sliding off of my fingers was divine. She rolled a little onto her side. I looked directly into her eyes and said, “I have never had anything so great!” She said, “I am in heaven.” And with that, she leaned over, pressed my softening cock against my belly, and lay her face against it. We fell to sleep, and slept for hours.



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