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Just Sort of Happened

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My brother and I hate "family Christmases". To us it seems they are false, as our family are not good together. It's not open warfare, but there is a constant war of who is earning more, who is doing best at school..yuck.

It also means that Mike and I share a room. This is ok...we've done it before many times, and seen each other naked loads of times.


But this Christmas was different. Moms sisters daughter and her boyfriend were going to be allowed to share a bed. (Naturally I am not allowed to have my boyfriend overnight!) anyway, on the second night Mike and I heard them fucking. It was hilariously funny and we both nearly wet ourselves stifling the laughter.

She was making these little yelping noises, like a yapping puppy, and then, with her voice much lower letting out a moan and a "oh fuck me Steven" she has a very educated upper class British accent. And somehow, it doesn't work.

I lay back on the bed and said "oh fuck me Steven" mike rolled onto me, and vaguely started dry humping me while imitating her boyfriends accent, also British. "Oh yes Jenny,. I'm fucking you"

With every word and moan, Mike and I imitated them, calling each other their names and putting on a phoney British accent with each other.

Somehow, the mood changed and I felt a definitive arousal. I think Mike did too because he pulled my legs up around his waist which allowed him to dry hump me right in the right spot.. I was getting wetter by the second, and I could feel Mikes stiffy pressing against me.

Then it seemed we were not in role play any more. He was banging hard against me and I was telling him not to stop.

We both came simultaneously. I actually felt him holding still against me and twitching and I knew he was cumming in his pants. I had also squirted or peed myself. I didn't know which,

After, we both knew what we had done, and the huge wet spot between my legs was a dead give away. Mikes cock still tented his pants and I looked at it and said "show me?"

He peeled his pants and boxers down and I saw the large amount of spunk he had shot and could smell it too. Sperm has a funny scent doesn't it? I find it quite metallic in a way.

Mike wanted to see me too and I had to peel my pantyhose and panties off anyway. It turned out I had both squirted and peed...I must have been really far more horny than I thought.

The next night, we talked about what had happened and agreed never to do anything like it again...unless it just kinda happened.

I don't want to fuck my brother, that would be too weird. But I can't deny, having him dry hump me like that gave me the strongest orgasm I have ever had.



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