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Just Down the Road

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Things could be better if you'd let me help! I'm willing to go beyond the call of duty and engage in some pleasure also.


Country living is great. The fresh air, plenty of sunshine, and good exercise are all healthy for a person. Although people have more contact with others in cities, occasionally an opportunity comes along out here in the country to enjoy and remember. Such an experience happened to me about 20 years ago while just driving along minding my own business on a warm summer day. About a mile and a half from our place a pickup was parked along the side of the dirt road, but nobody was in it as I drove by. Not having gone far, I decided to back up and see if anybody happened to be near and needed help. So I backed up and was surprised to see a slender bare leg raise along the backrest as if in the midst of an exciting moment and a guy with bare shoulders pulled himself up from under the steering wheel. I lost my presence of mind and asked, 'Need any help.' He said, 'No.' and I left, going on my way.
When I got home I mentioned it to my wife, but got almost no comment. Over the years, I have ofetn wondered why the guy was under the steering wheel, instead of having the female lie down on the seat by the steering wheel so he could have had a bit more room crawling under the dash on the passenger side. Over the years, I've wondered if she was a young girl being exploited or a mature female who was consenting. I've also wondered whether she had just climaxed, or was in the middle of an orgasm, or got caught and had to finish later or was not able to finish because of being interrupted.
Over the years, I have also thought many times how I could/should have done things differently. 1. I should have slowed down, shut off the engine, coasted to a stop, and arrived on the scene quietly. 2. I should have not been afraid of getting shot at close range for interrupting a very private love session. 3. Instead of stopping and asking, I should have just pulled over to the side of the road, gotten out 'to help,' and fondled her breasts while he was kissing her Love Nest, licking her clit, and sucking on her clit to engorge it. She could have had a much more pleasurable orgasm with attention from two men playing all over her body at the same time than just from one kissing her clit.
Occasionally cars still park out here in the country a few miles out of town, but never so it's convenient for me to go 'help.' Once after sunset a car was parked just a quarter mile away, but the moon was so bright I knew they'd see me as I walked up to 'help.' Sometimes the cars have just sped off as I was driving up. Whatever privacy the lovers want, they need to consider the needs of country dwellers also and know we also enjoy the pleasures of sex. City people should also understand that out here we are certainly willing to 'help' our fellow citizens in any way we can, especially if it is personal help they need that we can do for them. I've pulled people out of the ditch a number of times late at night that had gotten pulled off the road by the soft shoulder (pun!). If we can also get a rise out of helping you, please don't just rush off when we come on the scene.
My wife and I occasionally walk along the road one Sunday afternoons and have found a number of telltale traces of fun, in addition to lots of junk which is not appreciated. There have been big wads of toilet paper on the side of the road that obviously had been used to wipe love cream from either the male or female or both. There was even a yellow condom with some love cream still in it, so it must have just been filled the evening or night before.
Now next time you have to walk to a nearby farmyard and ask to be pulled out of the ditch, please consider the inconvenience and at least offer a $10 dollar bill, or better yet, if the guy doen't have a ten, the girl can at least offer a blowjob! There's not much happening out here in the country that we're not willing to interrupt. Now in winter when you're stuck in the snow, I'd appreciate an invitation to warm up in your car before driving my tractor back home. And yes, females, I'd really appreciate your opening up your blouse or lifting up your sweater to show me your breasts as a special 'Thank you' to me for helping you and your boyfriend out of a problem.
Why, I'd even be willing to take the time late at night to kiss your breasts and tickle your clit before we all part. My wife might ask what took so long, but I'll come up with an excuse. You can get a second orgasm for nothing because I won't charge for the privilege and the pleasure I get out of giving you pleasure. Your boyfriend can either get lost for a while or go to take a leak on the other side of the car. I'm not in the habit of asking questions such as names, etc. or noting license tag numbers. I just like to be rewarded either monetarily or sexually for the help I give. Just ask if I'm RC and if so, say you read my comment on 'solotouch' and I'll think it worth my while to have entered this comment. Thanks in advance for being courteous to me.



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