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'Just Beat It!'

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Back in the mid-eighties I was working at a major Manhattan hotel in a fairly crappy job. In fact, the job was so mind-numbing that I had taken to numbing my mind before I got to work waiting for the No.7 train. I would carry that numbness into Grand Central Terminal where I would sort of hang out and people watch while waiting to mellow out enough to go over to 45th and Madison and work. I was always 20 minutes early so I could have a few minutes alone before putting on my customer service face and dealing with the public.

One particularly chilly day I was standing near the Grand Central Oyster Bar and people watching. There is no better way to burn a few minutes of waiting time than watching the world go by in New York City.

While I was standing there amusing myself a woman in her early 20s approached me tentatively. She wasn't dirty, but her grungy appearance made her stick out among all the swells flowing in and out of that expensive cafeteria. Actually what made her stand out to me was her pretty face and nice, slender body. She was making the rumpled jeans and blotchy hoodie she had on look great.

'Excuse me mister, but would give me a dollar so I can get some food?' I was sympathetic enough to give a smart-ass retort that would normally not be tossed at someone who is basically begging for food.

'I'll give you 20 for a meal, but what's in it for me?'

Her look abruptly changed and her expression went from one of pleading to one of being totally in control. Her hazel eyes got all smokey and her upper lip curled back like an Elvis sneer over teeth that were in extraordinary condition for someone out begging for food money. She stepped in close and placed her her hand on my chest. 'Mister...' she said as her hand slid down my pants and into my boxers to firmly cup; then gently cradle my balls, 'for 20 bucks, I'll blow you 'til you're weak in the knees!'

I could only stammer, 'No, I really didn't mean...' She breathed into my ear, 'Come on, tell me what you want.' My cock was suffering no such ambivalence, but was straining alongside her forearm.

I fumbled in my pocket and pulled out the aforementioned cash and thrust it into her free hand. I was torn between wanting to take the deal and being afraid to say the wrong thing with my balls at stake.

'I didn't mean to be so for.....ooooooohhhh.' Her thumb rubbed a vein in my ballsack and sent a shiver through me from my toes to my chattering teeth.

I finally summoned enough consciousness to say, 'Look, I wasn't trying to buy you or anything, but here,' I pressed the bill into her hand, 'take the money and just beat it!' I nodded in the direction over her shoulder, indicating I meant for her to leave while my groin screamed, 'FOOL!' at my moral reluctance.

I think she mistook my meaning as well for her hand released my balls and grasped my cock and began to firmly pump the shaft. I grabbed her arm with both hands and said, 'NO!' She stopped jerking me and removed her hand from my pants. She patted my fly and winked as she pocketed the cash and walked away.

I caught a couple of envious stares from some of the guys in the Oyster Bar, so I grinned and walked stiff-legged toward the exit ramp.

As I made my way to my office my brain was as much on fire as my cock. 'What were you thinking? Why did you stop her? Why did you say that stupid shit in the first place?' I was so shaken I was nearly hit by a cab while crossing 45th St.

When I reached my office I grabbed the days 'To Do List' I had posted the previous night and set off down the hall to make sure all the conference rooms would be ready for my clients.

Coming toward me was Terri, the Convention Services manager.

'Morning, Rob!' said Terri, a cute Italian girl from Queens. Terri grabbed my arm as I mumbled a response and tried to pass by her in the hall, pretending I was in too much a hurry for pleasantries. 'Wait a minute, bro! Are you just gonna diss me like that?' She saw the look on my face and my hunched posture and asked, 'Are you alright?'

'Yeah, yeah. I'm fine.'

'Are you sure, you look like you have a stomach ache or something.' At that moment, Terri looked down and evidently couldn't miss my tenting pants. She looked at me and grinned mischievously, her dark eyes sparkling. 'Or something! Come here.'

Terri led me back to my office pushed me in and locked the door behind her.

'OK, Rob. Tell me why you're walking around with such a hard-on. Were you watching a porno in here? Do you have a tape?'

'No, Terri... I... I.'

'OH, never mind. Tell me later. Right now, though, it looks like you could use some help.'

Oh yeah. Most definitely.

'Terri, I.'

'Shhh... don't say anything... we'll talk later.'

Terri pushed me to my desk and leaned against me, mashing her breasts against my chest and grinding her crotch against my cock. She kissed me and I felt a 'snap' on my lip as the electricity crackled through us. I kissed her back and pulled her hips closer to me.

Terri stepped back and then reached to undo my belt and pull down my zipper. My boxers were sopping wet by then for I had spilled so much pre-cum. I stood up from the desk for a moment so Terri could pull my pants and boxers down past my knees. She took my cock in her left hand and bent to cradle her cheek against it. 'I knew it, I knew it.' I smiled because whenever there was any sexually charged office banter taking place, Terri would sometimes drop the 'Well, you know what they say about black guys' line.

I leaned back and watched as Terri took her palm and captured the pre-cum from the head of my cock and wiped it up and down the shaft, alternately gripping and caressing.

Terri kissed me softly and said, 'You know... we've been waiting for this.'

I nodded.

'Good,' she said.

She took me in both hands, smearing my lubricant all over my cock while twisting her hands in opposite directions and pumping up and down.

'This is just the beginning.' she said. I just leaned on my elbows, hung my head back and received her pleasure.

She firmly but gently stroked my cock until I could take it no longer and came over her hands and wrists and into my boxers that were bunched around my ankles. She cooed, 'Oh yeah, baby. Give it to mama, baby. Let it go. Let it all go.'

'Uuuuuhhhhh.....' I clenched up all over as I raised up off the desk and pushed out one last blob of cum.

Terri helped me step out of my pants and we managed to perform that maneuver without getting my pants wet. Terri took my boxers and used them to wipe the majority of the goo off her hands.

'I guess you'll have to go commando the rest of the day, Rob.'

'Terri, I...'

She raised her hand and cut me off. 'Rob, I did what I wanted to and we can talk about this later.'

'Terri, can we talk at dinner?'

She smiled and said, 'You bet!'

I pulled her into a hug and kissed her with no uncertain meaning. Then I said, 'Go get your houseguys going in the Terrace Room; I need the floor cleared so I can have my guys run cable.'

'Just make sure your guys have that video projector ready for the Empire Room by 11.'

She unlocked the door and started to step out. She looked back over her shoulder and said, 'See you tonight.'

I'll never forget that day... but it pales in comparison to that night.



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