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Just a Friend?

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This story takes place a while back, maybe one or two months.

A group of friends, about ten of us, were at my Ex's house. We were sitting in her garden talking when she asked me to go to the living room with her, her parents were out. I thought she just wanted to talk, as earlier in the night she was saying how much she liked one of my male friends. So I really didn't give it that much thought.

We got to the living room inside, it was obscured from view of everyone else and we sat down facing each other. She was in a skirt, with her hands crossed on her lap. I was in a pair of trousers, one leg resting along the length of the sofa, the other on the ground.

I was the one to start talking, but obviously, that wasn't what she had in mind. Before the third word could leave my mouth, she had leaned forward and planted a deep kiss on my lips, my heart started to pound. Not because of nerves, I was a virgin at the time, but I had experienced sexual activities before. It was more so from confusion. Here was naive little me thinking she wanted to talk about my friend. (And not in that sense)

She placed a hand on my crotch and started to softly grab it, then stroking me through my trousers, my penis' outline becoming more and more visible through my trousers, hardening and lengthening until its full mast, just over seven inches, not too big, but nothing to be ashamed of either.

She then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of my boxers, holding it in one hand, the other moving down to fondle my balls. I was confused as I said earlier, but not resistant.

I pushed my lips against hers and started to feel her breasts, they were coming on nicely I might add, considering when I first met her, she was rather flat. She pulled my foreskin over my shaft with a soft caressing motion, using her nails to make me rock solid.

Before I could do anything to stop it, I felt the swell sensation (how great it is) of an oncoming ejaculation. And within seconds, I came. All over her hands, my trousers, partially on the sofa and a slight bit on the denim skirt that clung to her legs.

She just smiled, kissed me again, then got up, went to the bathroom and left me, exposed on the couch. I zipped up, then used the kitchen sink to wash my hands and wipe down my pants.

When I went outside, she was just sitting there, as if nothing had happened. And even now, she makes a move once in a while, and only with me, but still she insists we're just friends...



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