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Just a Fantasy for Now

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This is a somewhat complicated story, but anyhow here it goes. I'm still friends with my ex-girlfriend (Anna, age 32) because she just happens to be my best friend's sister. After we broke up, she began dating a younger guy (age 26) that she met through work. His name was Sean. While they were dating, she would still invite me over for dinner and to watch movies and things like that. We three would all talk and watch DVDs.

Anyway, one night it was getting late, around 11:00, and we had just started watching a movie. I said I needed to go home since I had to get up the next day for work. She said I should just stay there. She had two bedrooms with each having a full bed. She said I can have her bed, Sean can have the couch, and she will sleep in the spare room. After the movie, as I was getting ready to go to bed, I slipped up and said, 'I don't mind sleeping with either of you.' Anna and I have quite a history, but that is not the subject of this story. Everybody laughed kind of uneasily.

Every time Sean and I had been around each other, I could tell he was checking me out and I was definitely checking him out. Sean is about 6 feet tall, with short brown hair, bright blue eyes, and he is rather well built. We always talked to each other a lot and we have a lot in common. We liked a lot of the same movies, same actors, actresses, etc. He is just coming out of a divorce. I have never been with a guy, but this guy set something off inside me. His ex-wife also started a rumor around town that he was gay! I'm about five-foot-ten, medium build, brown hair (a little long), and dark brown eyes. What really was the icing on the cake was the dream I had about Sean a few weeks ago. We were both sitting beside each other naked on my bed at my house. We were holding hands and nuzzling each other on the forehead. It was so sweet and so hot at the same time. I woke up and cried.

By the way, he and Anna aren't seeing each other any more, but now I'm scared to call him. I have built up a whole image of my mind of him and me just like those Eastern European DVDs of just guys having fun. If I call him and he is perhaps disagreeable, I ruin the fantasy, but if I don't, I'll never know. If anything happens, I'll write back. Even if nothing ever comes of this, I've had some great jack-offs imagining what he looks like, and what we could make each other feel. And what's more, I don't consider myself gay. I guess just on the cusp of bi-sexual. This whole deal is quite a conundrum for me as I have always believed a dream reveals your inner thoughts and wishes. I sure hope he's having the same dreams about me!



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