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July Heatwave

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This happened a few years ago during the month of July. I had been friendly with John for several months, ever since he joined our school when his family re-located to our town earlier in the year. He had been to my house a few times and like-wise, I had been to his house. This was generally when we got together to do our homework. Although we were good mates, we had never discussed anything of a sexual nature, and there had not been any 'you show me yours, and I'll show you my mine' sort of stuff. I have to admit, however, that I was not entirely innocent in such matters. I had a couple of pals who were quite willing to show what they had; and such viewings usually ended in mutual masturbation.

I live in England, and we were in the middle of a very humid spell of weather at the beginning of July. John and I had arranged that, on the Saturday afternoon, we would meet at his house, to revise for the important end of term English Literature exam that would take place the following week. The book we were studying was Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'; which we did not find a particularly interesting book for 14 year olds.

Early Saturday afternoon I cycled to John's place. It was only about a mile but by the time I got there I was perspiring freely. John gave me glass of iced lemonade, and then we went off to his room where he kept all his school books. The room backed on to their garden, and a large tree provided some shade, and made it perhaps the coolest room in the house. We talked about the heat and how debilitating it was. He then smiled and said he had heard something funny about the weather the day before. I asked him to tell me what it was.

He said that he had been to the sports ground belonging to the company his father worked for. His Dad had been there preparing the pitch for the weekend cricket match. (Cricket-a game of English origin, not understood by 95% of the world!) John had been sat in the shade of the cricket pavilion. The window above him had been open and he had heard two of the club members discussing the weather. John said one of the members had said it could be best described as 'sweaty bollock weather'.

I burst out laughing, and said that I agreed with the comment. John, with a twinkle in his eye, said that there was a way of curing it. I asked what that was. He said that if I really wanted to know he would show me. I was rather intrigued and said OK. He said if I was sure, I should follow him. He walked out to the bathroom, and I followed. He asked me again if I really wanted to know, and I said 'yes'.

He ran cold water into the wash-basin and put a face cloth into it. I think at this stage I knew what was going to happen next. He undid the clip on the waistband of my trousers and pulled the zip down. I just let him do it. Next he slid down my underwear. He wrang the cloth out and then proceeded very gently to wash my genitals. I gasped at the first application of the cold water, but it felt great. Of course, the inevitable happened, my penis gently rose into the erect position. He asked me if that felt OK, and I assured him it did. He then took a towel and gently dried me off.

I asked him if I could do the same for him. 'Oh yes please!' he said. When I lowered his clothes I found that he was already erect, which wasn't really a surprise. I did the same for him and I could see that he was enjoying the experience.

We picked up our clothes and carried them back to his room, each still with our erections proudly standing out before us. John jumped onto his bed and I got on beside him. He took my erection in his hand and I held his also. Here I should mention that our penisis were not gigantic like some contributors to these pages claim. None of the 'I am 13 years old and my cock is 7 inches, but my pals is 8 inches' (Can they tell the difference between centimetres and inches?) Just ordinary 14 year old size, maybe 4 inches or so-never ever measured them. For about 20 minutes or so we talked about our sexual experiences. John asked me when I had first seen sperm. (my cousin and I showed each other one day, not long after I was first able to do it). John said he was 13 when a boy of 15 who lived nearby had told him what would happen to him when he started to grow pubic hair. He had asked this boy if he could do it, and the boy showed him. Later on the boy had allowed John to stroke it until orgasm. John said he like to see it spurt out.

John had brought the towel into his room, and he got me lie on my side while he stroked my erection until I shot the white stuff on to the towel. I then of course did the same for him.

We then thought that we should get on with the work we had set ourselves. We both agreed that Shakespeare was considerably less interesting. But our hard work paid off. We both got excellent marks in the end of term examination.

Strange thing, though. Although we remained good friends-and we still are to this day-nothing similar ever occured between us again. But it was a day which lives on in my memory, as I'm sure it does in his.



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