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Jr. High Field Trip

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An amazing day in my life that I will always remember.


I was 13, in eighth grade, and hopelessly in love with a classmate named Patty. We had always been kind of an 'item' since meeting back in 6th, but, as much as I secretly lusted for her, and abused my poor boyhood as my head whirled with nasty thoughts of the things I SO wanted to do with her, I was simply too shy to make any kind of move beyond kissing her at every opportunity. As is not atypical of budding teens, she became much more the aggressor in our muted sexual explorations, frequently tantalizing my stressed libido by pressing her better than average developed tits against me, or dressing in a sexy manner, letting me see glimpses of her soft, unencumbered tits bouncing around under some skimpy top, or very short little skirts that allowed many glimpses of her creamy thighs, and even her sexy little panties. I was in a near constant state of erection whenever we were together, and she was all too aware of that fact, as she would tease me about my obvious condition, or make attempts to grab me there, which I stupidly avoided. One of my most lasting recollections of Patty was the day that found us alone in her house, when she calmly guided me into her parents bedroom, where she extracted a condom from a drawer, and put it in my hand without so much as a word, then, walked over and lay down on the bed, her barely-there little panties in full view as her tiny skirt rode up her thighs. Moron that I was, I just stood there, pulsing erection tenting the front of my shorts, and stared at her crotch, and warily eyed the packaged condom, unable to move from the spot. After a bit, she shook her head, and gave me an exasperated expression, as she got up, and led me back to the living room. These little scenereo's continued, with much the same type of outcome, over that school year, finally changing for the better when our class took a field trip to San Francisco. We rode a chartered bus to the city, and Patty was right at my side the entire day, avidly seizing every opportunity to press those soft mounds into my body somewhere, and dropping her hand onto my upper thigh a dozen times as we sat together on the bus ride, all of which resulted in my suffering a day long erection. After the lunch break, we were all herded into this huge planetarium in golden Gate Park to see the star show, and, as we settled into the very comfortable chairs that rocked back so that you could look up at the round ceiling without crinking your neck, Patty was right there next to me, her hand lightly tracing my thigh, causing my erection to throb painfully. The lights went out then, and the ceiling filled with a million stars, and constellations, accompanied by a narration, and we all glided the chairs back to a near horizontal position, and turned our attention to the heavens. About five minutes into the show, Patty had manoeuvred her hand fully into my distended crotch, and was happily massaging my rigid penis, as I bit my tongue, desperately trying not to moan loudly at the incredible sensations. She leaned her head very close to me then, and hissed for me to just act natural, and for once, not to try to stop her, because she was determined to do this, here and now, whether I wanted her to, or not. My heart was hammering so loudly that I was sure everyone for about six rows could hear it, as I felt her hand grip my penis, and stroke it several times outside my shorts. She shifted slightly, again whispering for me to 'act normal,' and I had to again bite my tongue, as I felt her hand slide under the elastic waist of my shorts, then fumble some, until she managed to get inside my briefs too, and I did gasp loudly then, as her bare hand closed around my bare erection. I thought I might actually pass out cold, so intense were the sensations of her steadily jacking my dick, as she kept up a steady stream of whispered comments right at my ear, telling me how hard, and how hot, and how smooth my penis felt, and how she wanted me to cum for her, and slime my stuff all over her hand. needless to say, she got her wish, as I stifled yet another groan, and closed my eyes, seeing more bright stars behind my eyelids than those being projected onto the ceiling, as I literally exploded, rapid streamers of my ejaculate jetting again and again into my briefs, and over Patty's steadily moving hand. Finally, it ended, as my balls drained more completely than I had ever imagined possible, and my penis wilted into its flaccid state, as Patty gave it a few last strokes, and squeezes, before finally extracting her hand from my well soaked shorts. She leaned close again, and softly kissed my cheek, as she giggled softly, then, sat back in her own reclined chair as if nothing had happened. On the bus trip home, after dark, she managed a reprise of her little mission, a story that I will relate at another time if anyone cares to hear it.



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