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Josh and Me

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I had hoped that this next business trip I would get the opportunity to room with my fellow co-worker Josh, who is about 35 and good looking. The four of us arrived in Portland and as luck would have it Josh and I were paired together in the same room. Josh and I got unpacked and we had a couple hours before dinner so I suggested we go check out the adult book store across the highway. I didn't know how Josh would react to this idea being from a small town and married but he grabbed his coat and said sure.

When we walked into the huge bookstore and arcade you could see where there was a real nice video area with private booths so I told Josh I was going to go check out some movies for a while in one of the booths. I hoped 'hard' that Josh would come along and watch some movies with me. I entered one of the booths, put $5.00 in and sat down to watch. I searched around and found a movie about two hot young guys in the shower together and unzipped my pants. I heard the door next to me open and then shut, you could hear their money go in and then the window light between the two us started blinking. If I pushed 'open' the window screen between the booth opens and you can see each other.

I was hard by now and the thought of seeing the guy next door excited me so I pushed open and to my surprise and delight there sat Josh with his pants around his ankles and a very large bulge in his underwear. Josh looked at me and smiled and rubbed his crotch as he looked at my hard cock head poke itself up through the top of my shorts. I slowly lowered my briefs and my hard seven inch cock slapped up against my stomach. Josh did the same and I was amazed that his cock was dripping precum already on his tight abs as he slowly stroked his hard-on.

Josh looked so hot, his cock was about the same size as mine but had a bigger head than me. Josh was watching the same channel as me and now the two guys were stroking each other off. Josh pointed at the screen and then pointed at me and then him smiling as I clearly understood the message he was sending me. Josh stood up and stroked his erection and brought up more precum through the end of his head. This really got his cock all lubed up as he started beating off faster.

I pulled up my shorts and pants and motioned for Josh to follow me and he quickly did. We practically ran back to the motel room and as soon as we got inside I was pulling Josh's clothes off. I pulled his shirt up over his head and licked my way down his hard pecs and sucked and pinched his nipples till they were rock hard. Josh by now was moaning as I unbuckled his pants and pulled them down and off his legs. There in front of my face was his hard on as I reached up and slowly lowered his underwear. I wrapped my hand around his hot cock and thought to myself this is so great and began beating Josh off. Josh pulled my shirt up and over my head then pulled me to my feet and I got as naked as him.

We jumped on the bed and hugged each other as our hard-ons slipped back and forth between our stomachs. We sat up and scooted up close to each other as I put my legs up over his so our cocks came together. Josh grabbed them both and began beating us off. I looked down to see our two cocks sliding back and forth together as Josh beat us off faster and faster. I reached up and tweaked his nipples and finally I leaned forward and kissed him. Josh's tounge went in my mouth as his hand twisted around our cock heads bringing us closer and closer to cumming. I reached down and grabbed Josh's balls and squeezed gently. Josh moaned and said, 'here it comes' as he grabbed my cock I took over his and stroked him faster and faster as he let loose with a load that sailed up and hit me on the chin and all over my chest and stomach. I pushed Josh back on the bed and climbed up on his chest as he beat my cock faster and harder.

My cock cut loose with a load that landed on his neck. He kept pumping my load out as I shook all over from one of the best orgasms of my life. I had cum all over his neck and chest. Josh licked his lips and smiled up at me as we both jumped up and headed for the shower before our other two co-workers came knocking at our door for dinner. In the shower we had fun soaping each other up and after dinner we picked up where we left off. It was a terrific business trip as we learned that we both liked each other enough to enjoy each other sexually.



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