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Joint Jilling

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When I was at college, I found myself in a whole new world.


My sister and I were very closely controlled at home. Oh, don't get me wrong, it was a loving, family home, but my parent's religious background meant there was never quite enough to eat, never quite enough TV and never quite enough time alone with boyfriends. (It didn't stop my sister though! She lost her virginity at 13!)

So, when I went up to University, I found a whole new world of self-reliance. I had decided I would be open to new experiences.

There were, hmm, what shall I call them...'obvious lesbians' at college. Girls who refused to shave under their arms, who looked a little aggressive, and who went out of their way to belittle the guys, this particular behaviour I found just contemptable.

One evening, I was watching a film in my room with a friend. I didn't think Anna was in any way lesbian, and she had a boyfriend. The film was more than a little horny in parts, and at one point there was a breathless sex scene between two teenagers. One of those 'we were just fooling around and it turned sexual' moments. The two girls were goofing around, tickling each other and it suddenly changed so their hands were in each others knickers.

I looked across at Anna and it was clear she was turned on. For one thing, her face and neck were bright pink, her nipples were like little bullets, and she was breathing hard. Me? I was so wet you couldn't believe it! I said, 'WOW! That looked realistic. I wonder if the actors actually got each other off?' Anna replied that the actors nearly got HER off! I said, 'I bet I know what you are going to do in bed tonight.' She said 'Yeah, If I don't cum walking to your door, that is.'

Now, I don't know what made me do this, but I leant back in my chair, and just let my legs flop apart. I was wearing a short skirt and it was easy to get at myself. I started stroking over my knickers and Anna watched. Then I put my hand inside my knickers and sunk a finger deep inside myself. Anna stood up and for a moment, I thought she was going to walk out. Instead, she undid her jeans and kicked them off. I almost giggled. She was wearing a pair of white knickers with little flowers on them. I used to wear things like that when I was 13! She sat down and I opened her legs. I could see she was soaked. Then she did the same thing I was. She slipped her hand into her knickers and started to jill.

We watched each other and it was obvious neither of us was going to last too long. I took my knickers off and, oh, I SO wanted to give them to her, but I thought that might be too much. Anna took hers off and suggested we move to my bed. As it only just fit into the tiny rabbit hutches that were student rooms we had a wall to our backs each. Having my legs open opposite another girl who had HER legs apart was such a blast. As we got closer to orgasm, we slipped down the bed until we were almost, but not quite touching. I could actually feel the back of her hand on the back of mine. Now and then one of us would arch our backs as our orgasms got closer and could feel the other jilling.

Anna came first in a huge sigh and moan and for a second, while she was lost in a frenzy of fingering and rubbing, I took my hand away so her knuckles touched my pussy.

I quickly put my own hand back and finished myself off and she did the same.

Afterwards, I said 'We got pretty close to doing each other there huh?' Anna nodded and said 'I wouldn't have minded if we had.'

There were a few moments of absolute total silence before we were kissing each other. We brought each other off again before she went back to her room.

That was my one and only masturbatory lesbian experience. I never tasted another girl, (OK, I admit, I did lick my fingers after they had been in Anna, but I wanted to lick her out but never did.) And I have never been with another girl since.

It was a lovely, teenagery, collegey thing to do and I guess part of a rite of passage in a way.

Funny how these things can just, well, happen right out of the blue and with the last person you would think.

I am very wet now. Telling you all about my masturbatory experiences is thrilling beyond words.



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