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JOing With Your Spouse

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Although masturbation is often (and usually accurately) described as a 'solo' pleasure, there are times when sharing the experience adds to the enjoyment of all concerned. Such is the case with me and my husband. We are 47 (him) and 43 (me) respectively and we have been married for 16 years and enjoy a very satisfying sex life.
Soon after our first anniversary we rented a house at the beach for two weeks. One of its great features was an enclosed outdoor shower which we would use late afternoon when we came up from the beach. The second day, while we were still on the beach,Hal whispered that he felt especially horny, and that 'I am going to fuck your brains out when we get up to the house.' I giggled and said, 'OK, but only after I suck your brains out through your cock.' We immediately gathered up our stuff and headed for the house. We dropped everything on the ground outside the shower and got inside and hurriedly stripped off our bathing suits.
I turned on the spray and grabbed the soap and began sudsing up hardening Hal's cock and balls, and he got another bar and went for my breasts and pussy. Oh, my, great touching! We played around with one another for a number of minutes and then I said, 'Let's take a brief break, I want to get the sand out of my hair before we go inside.'
As I started my shampoo Hal's hand went to his cock and encircled it, and he began stroking his shaft. Now I had seen himself 'play' with himself numerous times as he worked up a full erection before fucking me, but this was somewhat different. He was already very hard, and it was obvious that he was doing himself for the pure pleasure of it. I said, 'So that's how guys jack off, eh?'
'Yeah,' he said, 'it comes with the territory. And this is one of the few things I do right-handed.' [Hal is a lefty.]
Candidly, I was fascinated. In past years, when my sex life stopped with necking and heavy petting, I had given hand jobs to a number of guys, many to the point of ejaculation. But I had never seen a man actually masturbating. 'That's very sexy,' I said, 'and it's darned obvious that you love it.' He stopped his stroking and said, 'Well, I better knock it off, because I intend to use this hard cock to fuck you when we go inside.'
'Oh, go ahead,' I said. 'I like watching you, I can always get you hard again.' 'In that case,' Hal said, 'give me the shampoo -- it is a much better lubricant.'
'So you jack off in the shower behind my back?' I said teasingly.
'Sure do,' he said, 'and I bet you do the same thing. 'Fess up...'
He had me dead to rights, and I must have blushed. In any event, he put a gob of shampoo on his cock and resumed stroking. 'Show me how you do it,' he said, 'go ahead, I'm doing my thing for you.'
With some excitement I stepped back a few steps, and put the flat of my hand on my mons and rubbed up and down. And oh it felt good! Even more so because loving eyes were fixed on me. A finger crept into my cleft, and I arched my body so that Hal had a good view of what I was doing. He continued jacking off as he watched, seemingly faster now that I had joined him.
I worked on my pussy until I had the top halves of four fingers in my slit, with my thumb teasing my clittie. Hal began to gasp and said, 'Honey, I'm about to cum -- do you want to go inside now so I can fuck you?'
'No,' I said, 'go ahead. Hold off a few seconds, I want to climax with you.' Oddly, we still had not touched one another, only ourselves. As my body tightened as I started my orgasm, Hal spread his legs wider and said, 'Look, here it comes.'
His first spurt of cum was just a few drops that coated his crown, then gave a veritable gusher of wet semen that sailed across the space separating us and hit my upper thighs. That pushed me over the brink to my own full orgasm. I clutched my pussy tightly as I watched my husband's cock spurt out what seemed to be an enormous amount of cum.
We smiled at one another, we embraced, I washed the cum off his groin (and my legs) and we wrapped towels around our waists and went inside. And, yes, revival was fast, and he indeed fucked my brains out.
Thus shared masturbation became a part of our sexual reportoire -- both as foreplay and as an act unto itself. Roughly, one night a week is 'jack/jill off night' and our rules are firm: watch one another, don't touch one another until both have climaxed. Fucking and other stuff comes afterwards.
I have mentioned what we do to several girl friends with whom I discuss sex. A couple chided me initially for 'wasting a perfectly good hard cock.' One of them told me, sheepishly, a week or so later, 'I take back what I said. T___ and I did it together the other night, and it was dynamite.'
So, a query: how many of you couples, married or otherwise, masturbate together? I get the idea that we are not alone, but the subject is not something you bring up at a dinner party.
I hope that our new webmaster adds a site where we could exchange ideas on the subject. If not, go ahead and post something and I will reply on the story board. [Webmasters Note: plans are in the works for a BB! Hopefully early 2003. Until then, feel free to communicate with one another via the posted stories!]



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