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Johnny's Girlfriend's Video

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I've been reading Solo Touch for a while now so here is one of my life stories. I hope you all enjoy.


I took a job farming in Western Canada when I was fresh out of school. The pay was good for a young guy but the farm was very far from any sort of life other than work.

I worked and lived with five other guys where we all stayed in large mobile type homes. Each home had sleeping for six and a small living room and bathroom.

Nights and Sundays were boring so we found ourselves playing cards or sitting around drinking some beers and talking.

The other guys were about my age up to maybe 23.

Bill, John, Johnny, Ed and Vince. We all slept in one large common room with bunks so there was no privacy for masturbating which I did a lot of daily. I had to go to the bathroom to relieve myself of my daily load because even the shower area was not very private and was for all the homes together not just ours.

One Saturday night we were all having some beers and talking when girls came up as did many times. This is when Johnny said he had brought with him a private show on video but has not been able to watch it. Turns out his girlfriend made him a video tape of herself playing with her pussy for him to take with him to watch. There was a small TV and VCR combo machine in our living area but we had no satellite just old worn out movies. We all kept on at him to show us the movie and after about a half hour he agreed.

I was so excited to see a home made porn of this girl. Johnny got the tape and came back saying he would be so dead if his girlfriend ever found out.

We all rushed to the screen of this small tv now close to silent. Johnny slid in the tape and it began. He had never seen it before because of where the tv was.

The tape started with his girl sitting talking with a see through red top on. She was quite good looking with a nice tiny body. She talked about how whenever he gets hot thinking of her he should play this tape and pretend he is inside her. She then slowly dropped her top and moved the camera back showing her whole body. Wow was she nice! She then said she had just freshly shaved her pussy for the show just how he likes it.

She sat back, opened her legs and after sliding a finger inside her slippery pussy she started stroking her clit gently and moaning softly. She then talked about Jonny's cock and how she liked playing with it etc. Jonny stood up to turn it off but we all yelled no and he stopped.

The tape was about 40 minutes long and this girl had about five good orgasms by the end. Now there we all were horny as hell! Johnny said ok now you have seen it and never again. We all protested and made a deal with him. If we could watch the tape when we wanted we all would give hime $10 of our pay each week. He agreed but the tape stayed with him until someone asked for it.

Then John asked with a laugh if we could jerk off while watching it. That brought on many comments and jokes and his answer was sure you can because he was going to. Then Ed asked can we watch it again now and jerk off. Boy that made the room silent. Ed said you know we all want to and where else can you do it? I wanted so badly to jerk off right there in front of everybody while watching that girl masturbate again. I was the first to say it's not a bad idea and we all have the same parts anyway. Why not ignore each other and just say it's ok after a certain time of night? Then one by one everybody agreed. Ed asked Johnny if he would slide the tape back in and he did.

We started watching for about five minutes when Ed said I can't wait any longer. Because it was hot he only had track pants on. He slid them off saying you guys are supposed to be ignoring me. He had a full erection and started to stroke it in front of us all. I was the next saying it has been a while. I dropped my shorts and took off my t shirt, I was also quite hard and my cock was throbbing from the show and talk. I sat on the floor and gave my cock just a few strokes when all the others started to agree it was time to masturbate.

Within a few minutes all five of us were watching this young lady masturbate while we did the same. I was so excited to be doing this! Ed came hard in about three minutes. I wanted to last to the end so each time I came close I would stop and squeeze with cock inner muscles as hard as I could while my cock stood straight up throbbing deep red. One by one I watched the others cum and I was still stroking when the tape came to the end. Johnny shut off the tv and asked are you done? I said right now and they all watched as I stroked my cock to a great orgasm. It was a different experience for me to be watched by these others as I came hard.

That was the first of so many times watching and jerking together. After a few days almost any time after dinner there would be one or more guys masturbating naked in front of the little tv. I would walk in the room and not say a word as somebody would be stroking away or cumming.

We got ourselves a bottle of vaseline from the store one weekend trip to town. It was very large and I'm sure the daytime room keeper lady knew why it sat in front of the tv.

Over the next few months I must have witnessed guys masturbating 100's of times. After a while we got real porn tapes purchased at the video store in town. We had quite a collection and we used them all the time. One of our group favorites was a lady begging guys watching to masturbate. She would masturbate herself while talking about how nice the cocks were of the guys watching. It was a tape that we watched many nights before going to bed. We must have flushed gallons of cum down the drain in that camp home!

Many nights I woke up to the sound of somebody's hand sliding up and down their cock with a glow from the tv in the doorway. I never got tired of watching the guys stroke their cocks and I was always extra excited when somebody was near while I did the same. I usually would join in any time somebody was taking time to jerk off. I did it three and up to five times morning or night and loved every minute. The guys all would joke about how I was always watching and stroking more than anybody else and I was always the last to cum but I did not care. I had a the time of my life stroking my cock as much as I could. I knew back then that I was above average with my sexual desires.

I miss that job. It lasted a complete season plant to harvest and the guys became great buddies. After we left I never made contact with any of them but my memories are great.

This was nice to share my past with you all. I have enjoyed many of your stories as perfect masturbation reading for a while now myself. It's good clean fun.

I must now go and masturbate thinking of these memories. My penis has been hard most of the time I wrote and relived these details.

Happy masturbating to you all.



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