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Joey's Underwear

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This happened the night of my birthday!!


Well this happened at my cousin's house and he's married, and they take care of foster kids. Kids that are out of trouble and couldn't go home for at least a year (only time they go home is on weekends).

So this experience happens on a Friday; and I was sleeping over for the night, while my parents were away on vacation and I didn't want to spend at the house all by myself. So I got to the house that night and found out that I would have Joey's room to sleep in while he was away for the whole weekend.

As I walk into his room for the first time, I smell the fragrance of his sweet scent cologne all over his neat room. The room had a cable box with 600+ channels on it, this got me very excited to be in someone else's room and perhaps be in for a fun night?

As it became late in the night, I was watching a movie (since I couldn't buy porn without letting my cousin know from his monthly bill); I notice at the corner of the room there was a laundry-basket full of dirty laundry that hadn't been washed for days. So I was poking through and around to see what king of body he was in and saw that he was in a build and skinny kid for a 17 years old body. All of a sudden...JACKPOT!!

I saw what I wanted to see for weeks (now)...those sexy (medium and large size) underwear and boxers that he had buried under all that XL-Shirts and Jeans that had been worn for days. At that moment I had to lock the door and strip myself completely nude. I picked out a pair of boxers, the smell of Joey's body scent made my cock, as solid-rock hard that I'd ever had before in my life. It must have been eight inches long (more than the usual seven inches), which at that time was the time to pick-n-choose the one underwear that I would be wearing to jack my load into. Then I found this Black, Medium size underwear that he had, and I wore that nice tight clothing, like it was a rush feeling that went throughout my whole entire body.

At that moment, I rushed into his bed and started to jack-off and within seconds...I knew then, that this orgasm would come sooner than I thought it would come! So, I knew that I had to cherish this moment in time that I had this blonde hair, blue-eyed 17-year-old boy's underwear on me, so immediately I used the 'stop-n-go' method to hold back every drop of cum that I had in me.

After 20 minutes of day dreaming about Joey, and all the pumping and sweat from every pore of my body...I decided to let it rip! At that moment my orgasm was so strong that I had to force my head into the pillow to let out the biggest scream that I had! With that powerful orgasm that I had; I also let out seven to eight ropes of cum into Joey's underwear.

After that amazing ordeal, I went and took-off the 'fully-loaded' underwear of cum and placed it back into the laundry basket together with the other dirty laundry!

After five minutes had past, I was past out laying there naked with the cool air coming in from the window onto the hot and sweaty body of mine. Early the next day, I quietly got dressed and went back to sleep without letting anyone know what I had done last night and serenely not Joey himself.



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