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Jizzing George

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I grew up in a family of girls, the long-awaited son after four sisters, and I suspect that my genetic coding may have been right on the line between male and female, because I was definitely the last of my group of guy friends to reach puberty, and even now, 20 years later, I am practically hairless (I only shave once every three days) and I still have the lithe body of a teenage boy, but for a slightly plump and round ass that looks unmistakably feminine. My cock grew in over time and it's a satisfying 5' and reasonably thick, and I get erections that seem to last forever, even after I cum, so I have never had problems satisfying my girlfriends. Ironically, I think girls who might be 'right on the line' themselves are more turned on by my body and seem to seek me out, so I've had a long string of athletic, muscular girlfriends with correspondingly demanding sex drives.

In spite of this, I think I'm bi and maybe even gay, and I remember exactly how things started as a teenager. It was George, a boy who lived two doors down in my neighborhood. George was an only child and I took refuge at his house whenever possible. He had a video game system and a trampoline-two things that occupied most of our time together. If I was the last to reach puberty, George was probably the first. We were lying on the trampoline looking up at the sky when he told me about his first wet dream.

'No way!' I exclaimed, jealous of his progress ahead of me. He was already showing a man's muscular, broad chest, thick legs and a hint of whiskers above his lip that looked pathetic in retrospect but seemed very manly at the time.

'Since then, I need to let it out every day,' he admitted awkwardly.

'Let WHAT out?' I asked.

'My jizz,' he said, using a term I'd heard older boys mention in my scout troop, but didn't really understand. Oh, how that was about to change!

George went on to explain how he played with himself to 'let it out' each day before school. We were all of maybe 13 or 14, so this was a truly incredible confession. I didn't have any pubic hair at all and ... apparently he did! The two concepts-pubic hair and ejaculation-totally captivated me. I was aroused and erect in my nylon running shorts (which I wore without underwear, not for erotic purposes, but because the inner liner was sufficient still to contain my pre-adolescent boy parts). Now, though I was sticking straight out, a rigid little cock of maybe 3-4'.

George reached into his lacrosse shorts and pulled out a semi-hard monster-probably 6' and thick and sticky with precum already, with a corona of blonde pubes dusting his balls and framing his big dick. He wriggled his shorts and tighty-whities down to his thighs, bouncing me on the trampoline as he did, and I just stared! This was what manhood would bring, I thought. How cool. How...arousing.

'Have you gotten it out today?' I asked, guilelessly.

He nodded yes, but as he did, I watched his cock stiffen and arch towards his stomach in his grasp. He started stroking it with his thumb and forefinger-a motion I'd seen, again, among older boys, but never connected with its proper intent-and I was transfixed.

Droplets of clear liquid started sliding out of his slit.

'Is it coming out?' I asked.

George shook his head no and grunted, 'no...wait...' and stroked himself faster and grabbed tighter. I noticed then how big his balls were-bouncing between his thighs as he jerked it...

And so, there in plain sight of other neighbors (although nobody was probably looking), George rubbed himself and contorted his face as if in pain and I wriggled down my shorts and started imitating him to see if I could make my small hairless cock leak 'it' out, too.

I hadn't gotten very far and I was shyly turned away from him, showing him (as it would turn out), my skinny legs and round ass, when I heard him grunt and pant. I looked over my shoulder to see his eyes tightly closed as his big penis streamed out a milky shot of cum onto the trampoline between us, clearly aimed in my direction.

I stopped my stroking and rolled over to look at it. George hurriedly pulled up his shorts and undies and started looking very nervous.

'Dude, get your shorts on,' he urged.

I obediently pulled them back over my cock, now as hard as a railroad spike and stared at the splattery stream of cum.

'Wow,' I said.

It was the first of many, many experiences with George. If there is interest, I will happily share the stories of what followed...it would turn out that I wasn't just a bystander, but an object of his fantasies (and a good proxy for my sisters, too).





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