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Jim's Story

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I have enjoyed solo sex since I started around 10yrs. old. Just like the rest of us. Ha Ha Some where in my private solo sessions I started experimenting with touching my ass hole. Man that was that good feelings. I remember having a cigar box next to my bed where I kept my special things. Yeah you guessed it some Vaseline and a ball point pen. That's what I started with a ball point pen. Since I was practicing drums at that time in my life the next item I tried naturally was a drum stick. Oh yeah more great orgasms.
As I progressed through my life I enjoyed my sex with my wife and never fooled around. But I always enjoyed reading Penthouse magazines. I found I really enjoyed the Forums. I could finally read about other people and there stories. Stories that I seemed to zero in on were stories about same sex situations. Male and female. I found I really like got turned on by this but never tried anything on my own. Always to afraid to mess up my marriage so I just used fantasy and my right hand to enjoy the spice that I read about.
There were times that I was more interested in solo fuck sessions but I didn't have any toys to play with. Still had drum sticks but they weren't big enough. Certainly long enough but not big around. I tried making a dildo out of silicon once but it never set up hard enough. I'd see pictures of dildo's and I'd secretly think what the hell would that feel like going in my ass.
Just a little bit of a downer here. Through all this experimenting with solo anal sex I always felt guilty and ashamed of doing this stuff. Even though in the heat of doing it I always had great cums. I mean great! There's nothing like getting your asshole massaged if your into it.
I'm into my early fifty's now and I just spent a year in therapy for depression. I have come out of it again and am off the meds. I feel great again. A lot of guilt I have lived with all my life I have said good bye to . I enjoy sex with my wife better that ever. It's slowly getting back up to speed again after coming to a near standstill with the depression. I have decided to enjoy all that I can in life and my solo sex life is one of them. No more guilt.
So getting to my tools. I read on the Internet about a lot of solo sex, nifty, proaxis, and other sights. One great item I read about was this guy is always on the lookout for items he could use. If in the grocery store he'd look at the cucumbers and say to himself, could I use that item. Hmmmmm. and buy it and use it to all it's glory. Some use carrots. I like TOOLS.
One day I was working in my little workshop hanging up all the tools that I have used on previous jobs around the house and I picked a file that needed to be hung up. As I grabbed the file by the handle I realized that the handle was contoured nicely and I thought what would this feel like going into my ass. Well the handle measures 1 -1/4" in diameter at the widest part then tapers down to 7/8" the handle is 4" long and the file with the handle on measures 16" long. Now mind you all I need is the handle. I was getting hard touching this thing and thinking what it would feel like. First chance I got I cleaned it up and myself and got out the Vaseline. It's great that this whole thing measures 16"long cause I find the easiest way to enjoy penetration is to be on all fours and slowly introduce my love hole to the new tool. As I back up onto my tool I let the other end of the file touch the floor and give the perfect resistance. In other words I 'm in control as to how much of this wooden cock I take and how fast I take it.
The first time I tried this baby my cock was screaming and bouncing as I slowly slid down onto my wooden cock. It felt wonderful to be fucked by something so large and rigid. I fucked myself till I was tired and laid down on my back to rest. I brought up my heel and placed it on the end of the file and found out that if I moved my torso up a little and back I could fuck myself laying on my back! Oh my aching cock I put some Vaseline on my cock and I was in heaven. I've never had so much pleasure in all my life. I got back up on my hand and knees and softly said to myself .... fuck me big boy, fuck me good and hard. I came so hard I couldn't remember when I came so hard. It's a good thing I had towels on the floor so I could cum without a care in the world.
The next time I made love to my love hole I started a little different, I wrapped my wooden cock with saran wrap and preceded to give my wooden cock a blow job. Didn't do to much for me so I lubed it up and got onto my knees where I really want to be. After some good butt fucking and on my knees and on my back I looked over at the lazy boy rocker recliner I have and scooted over to it . Laying on my back I put my legs up in the seat and started rocking the chair. I scooted up a little to the chair and placed the end of the file against the front of the chair and now with a little rocking motion I was laying on my back very relaxed and doing a long slow fuck while I was doing a long slow tug on my cock. The fucking pleasure I was receiving was just overwhelming. It's on believable how much pleasure one can give ones self by just letting go and enjoy enjoy enjoy.
I should think I could get addicted to this but I really don't have much alone time and my wife wouldn't enjoy this type of action. So when the opportunity presents itself I indulge myself and I don't get a chance to get bored with it.
My latest improvement to my play toy is two wood working squeeze clamps. the kind with the orange handles on them. Now mind you I start off on all fours previously I rested the other end of my tool against the carpet, now I put one clamp on the end against the carpet and then put the other clamp on the handle of the first clamp. I slide the handle of the last clamp under an excerise bicycle. Now I can push AND pull on my tool!
So my last session with my tool, contoured handle, and two clamps led to one quite evening all alone in my house with nobody to disturb me. I took a shower and made very sure I spent some time on my cock all the while thinking what I was going to enjoy shortly. I lubed up my love hole which sure gave me a great hard on. I set up my toys and laid out some towels on the floor. I lubed up my oak lover got down on all fours and felt my homemade cock kiss my love hole. Oh what a feeling as I gently push against it. I just love this first feeling of entry. Then rocking back and forth I gently let my tool explore my hole some more, loving these longer and deeper strokes. Finally the handle pops all the way in and I relax some more and breath deeply. What a great feeling to be impaled, my cock is hanging so hard just begging for some attention. I slowly start pushing and pulling on my tools keeping pace with both, my ass hole is sending the most exciting sensations along with ones coming from my engorged cock. How much of this can I take? I get so close I have to stop stroking my cock while keep pounding my ass with my oak cock. The electricity is flying up and down my spine I can't help but grunt like and animal. My hand finds my cock again and the tidal wave of hand fucking and ass fucking gets even harder. I have to slow down again and let my cock hang while I pull my oak cock almost all the way out then plunge it back again. Oh fuck me, fuck me you big dick. I quietly whisper the secret I have kept under cover for all my 50 years. My dick is literally dripping with my juices. I'm again plunging and again pumping my cock for all I'm worth, the waves start washing over me and as my ass is flaming while my balls are exploding, pumping my cum up through my dick. I feel like my head will explode. It finally does. I'm coming and coming, Oh my ass , my balls , my cock , I have to finally stop and catch my breath. As I slowly lean forward and pull my oak cock out I collapse on the cum covered towels. My oh my what a great cum!
Every word is true to how I make love to myself. Hope you all enjoyed. Keep on stroking.



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