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Jimmy's Stepmom Was Nice

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Back when I was 17 I had a buddy named Jimmy. This one Saturday morning I went over his house to visit him. I knocked on the door and Jimmy's stepmom answered. Her name was Nora and she was a real fox. She invited me in and offered me a cup of coffee. She then told me that Jimmy and his dad got up that morning with the urge to go fishing and away they went. She was home alone.

I sat at the table. Nora was wearing a robe. When she brought over the coffee to me, her robe had opened. What I saw almost floored me. What a body! She was only wearing a skimpy bra and tiny panties under that robe. This was more than a young and always horny 17 year old boy could take. I immediately went hard of course meaning my dick. Here this fabulous body was standing right in front of me!

Nora was around 40 at the time. She then pulled out a chair and sat next to me making no effort to close her robe. She sat facing me and crossed her beautiful legs. I was wearing shorts and hadn't realized as my dick grew from my erection that it had slid down my left leg and was sticking out the opening. As luck would have it, Nora saw it. She looked at it and and said 'Oh my, looks like we have a problem there, don't we'? I looked down and saw it, jumped and shoved it back into my shorts all embarrassed and I know I had to be some kind of red faced. I said 'Oh shit, I'm sorry' as I did this. Nora laughed and said 'I guess I must have had something to do with that'. I answered 'I couldn't help it'. She then asked 'Do I look that good to you'? I replied back 'do you ever'!

She then put a hand on my knee and said 'We can do something about that if you want to'. I couldn't believe my ears. I asked her 'What do you mean'? She then said 'Come on now. Lets not play games. You're a man and I know you'd love to get your hands on these and these' grabbing her tits and her legs as she said 'these'. I looked her in the eyes and didn't say anything but I was sure thinking 'Oh man would I ever!'.

Nora then stood up and came next to me with her robe wide open and said 'Go ahead. I know you want to. Touch me'. I reached up cupping one of her beautiful tits in my hand. Nora reached behind her and unhooked her bra and took it off. She bent over so I could take them in my mouth. I'd never done this to a girl but I'd sure always wanted to.

Nora then reached down sticking her hand up my shorts where my dick had come out and she got hold of it and pulled it back out again. The touch of her hand on my dick was a fantastic feeling. She then moved even closer and I put my hand under her panties feeling her wonderful ass. She was so soft feeling. I then brought that hand down between her legs from behind feeling them and then up between her legs where her pussy was. All this time Nora had her thumb and index finger wrapped around my dick just below the head working it. This was all I could take and I raised up from my chair and went off. The cum flew covering my left thigh. Oh, did it ever feel good!

Nora then said 'Look at all that cum. I knew you wanted this'. I told her 'I've always wanted to do this with a girl. I never dreamed my first time would be with a grown woman'. She laughed at this. She got some paper towels and handed them to me. I wiped the cum from my leg and threw it away. I told her I better go. As I was leaving Nora said 'Not a word of this to anybody, you hear'? I answered 'Not a word'. As I walked out the door, I turned to her and said 'Thank you. It felt great'. She smiled.

Nora and I never had the chance again for a repeat performance although I sure thought about it and tried. I could never catch her at home alone again. Every time I'd go over to see Jimmy, Nora and I would look at each other and smile. Sometimes she'd give me a wink. And everytime I was around her, I'd get an erection.



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