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Jerking for Tim

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It was spring when the new neighbors moved in. One day when I got home from work the guy was out working in the yard, so I walked over and introduced myself. He name was Tim, and he was a construction contractor. And gorgeous. He had a short butch haircut, a little mustache, and a bulge in the front of his tight, worn jeans that I could barely keep my eyes from. And he had the hardest, sculpted ass I'd ever seen. I had two intense experiences masturbating that had to do with him.

The first time I was home one morning because I didn't have to go in to work until noon. I decided to take advantage of the warm spring day to enjoy a morning jack off session. I'd left the backdoor open, thinking I wouldn't be disturbed. I had decided to put my favorite masturbation video on. I'd just popped the video in the VCR and was kneeling in front of the TV set with the top button on my jeans open and my zipper at half mast when I heard a banging on the door. I jumped straight up in the air-cause from the door you could see right into the living room where I was kneeling with a boner in my jeans. Shit! It was Tim!

I backed up enough to be out of his line of sight long enough to button my jeans and try to pull up my zipper, but when I got to the door, I still had a bulge in my pants. I looked out, shaking, and Tim held out a package, and said 'UPS left this at my house.' I opened the door and took the package and said thanks. I was so embarrassed. I could tell by the smirk on his cute face that he knew what was going on. I just stood there in the kitchen and watched from the window as he went back to his house and went indoors. When I got back into the living room, I didn't even bother to turn the video back on. I just lay down on the floor and started rubbing my boner through my jeans until I couldn't stand it any more. Then I bucked up my hips, slid my jeans down, grabbed my balls with one and hand and my cock with the other and whaled on my hardon for about thirty seconds before the cum started flying all over my hand and my belly. I was moaning like I'd never cum before, and just lay there for a long time covered with my own sperm.

About a week later the weather turned really warm, and when I got out of bed I put on just a pair of old, soft gray cotton gym shorts. I headed out to the kitchen to boil some water for coffee and out the window again I saw Tim, working in his yard. He was wearing a white tshirt and those tightassed jeans and as he moved back and forth across his lawn I watched him and started to grow a boner in my gym shorts.

I continued to watch his hot ass cheeks as I started to stroke myself. This time I put my hand right down into my pants and wrapped my fingers around my uncircumcised cock head. Man, there's nothing like the feeling when you first skin back and expose the head, and feeling the underside of my head rubbing up against the gymshorts drove me wild. A few more strokes of the head against the cotton and it was time to wrap my fist and start beating off. I let the shorts fall around my ankles while I stood there watching my blue jeaned hunk flex his ass muscles. I wondered if he knew I was watching him. I was so turned on I started rocking my hips and thrusting forward, banging my nuts against the cupboard. I could feel the cum start to race up my cock and then I just couldn't stop it, couldn't stop the wild stroking, my boner pointing straight up my belly and then I blew it and I still couldn't stop stroking. My cum was running down over my fingers and then I could feel it warm on my balls and I shot and shot and shot. When I finally stopped cumming I looked down and saw my gym shorts down around my ankles and they were full of the cum that had leaked down over my nuts. My hand was covered with cum too and I rubbed it all over my nipples, which made me feel almost like I was cumming again. As soon as I got my breathing under control I looked out the window again and saw Tim going inside his house. I wondered again if he knew what I'd been doing, and later that morning I jerked off all over again, fantasizing about him going back into his bedroom and beating off right after he'd heard me cum.

Unfortunately, he moved away not too long after that and I never got the chance again to try to let him catch me beating off. But to this day I can remember that bulge in his crotch and I still cum hard thinking about jerking off while I watched him.

In fact, my boner's ready to blow right now. It's poking out of the hole in my boxers and I think I'm going to let it cream all over my shorts again.



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