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Jerked off by the Farmer's Wife

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Jerked off by the farmer's wife
When I was 20 years old, I spent eighteen months working on a farm in southern Ohio. I was just a farmhand, and there were two other farmhands, one twenty years old like myself and the other was nineteen.
The farm was owned by a couple named Gus and Mary. Gus was a huge guy, about 6'-8" and nothing but solid muscle. Mary was a short curvy blond with a friendly smile and big pretty thighs. She always wore her blond hair short.
All three of us were worked awfully hard by Gus and Mary. We put in almost twice the hours that most farmhands did at other area farms. We were always exhausted, but we were intimidated by Gus, and Mary loved ordering us around. Plus there were fringe benefits!
Every night we would practically fall into our beds and into an immediate and deep sleep because we were just absolutely exhausted! Every night that was - except Saturday night!
Saturday nights we were too excited to go to sleep because we knew what was going to be done to us Sunday morning. We would lie in bed and talk about Mary's legs and the latest pair of skimpy shorts we had seen her in. All three of us had a fetish for Mary's big pretty thighs and we knew she loved ordering us around while dressed in super-tight shorts, a tight blouse and with her legs and feet bare.
We never jerked off when we talked about Mary's thighs cause Gus told us if he ever caught us jerking off to Mary we'd be in deep trouble. And we believed him!
It all started when Gus caught Joey beating off behind the barn looking at Mary bending over and hanging clothes on the line. Gus threatened Joey and scared him shitless. Gus said we were all probably sneaking around and trying to peek at his wife while we jerked off.
That's when the Sunday morning ritual started. Every Sunday morning as soon as we wake up we have to strip naked and wait in our room just off the barn until Gus and Mary are ready for us at 9:30. By then we all have erections cause we know we are going to be jerked off.
At exactly 9:30 we look down the road (and if no car is coming) we walk from the barn to the house - all in a row - with our erections bobbing in front of us. We go up the back steps and into the back kitchen where Gus and Mary are waiting for us.
Gus always laughs and says that we must be horny for his wife. Mary is standing there smiling, wearing tight shorts and a blouse. She is always barefoot and her big pretty thighs are bare. I know she loves doing it to us.
We have to stand in a row, naked in front of them, and bend down to grab our ankles. We all have erections and we have to stay like that, bent over, all ready for Mary to jerk us off.
Mary stands behind us smirking and baby-oils her hands. Gus always gives us the same speech about how we will waste all our money on Playboys if he didn't have Mary jerk us off every Sunday and how he doesn't want us spying on her and jerking off - plus how much harder we'll work if our minds aren't on his wife's thighs and on our own horny dicks.
Then Mary jerks us off one at a time! She stands behind us and pulls our penises back under our bottoms until they point backward toward her. Then she stands there smiling and jerks us off!
Ted is always first in line. I hear him panting when she starts on him and it never takes him long to cum. We are all bent over naked with our faces beet red. In just a couple of minutes I hear him moan and Mary snickers as he squirts off in her hand. Then I hear her wash her hands at the sink behind us. Ted has to stand there bent over like the rest of us, but now drained, and not move a muscle as she starts in on Joey.
Joey takes longer to cum and sometimes Mary makes fun of him as she rubs him and pulls on him. I'm always so excited at this point I can hardly stand it and my cock is rock hard. I can hardly breathe and the kitchen floor tiles blur a little before my eyes.
At first we were nervous to be jerked off by Mary in front of her husband but then we got so addicted to her jerking on us that it didn't make a difference anymore.
Joey always makes a funny whimpering noice when he cums in Mary's hand. Mary laughs and seems to enjoy Joey's shame most of all - maybe because her husband caught Joey spying on her and beating off and this is her revenge.
I'm practically dying when I hear Mary wash Joey's cum down the drain cause I know that I am next! It feels so good when Mary pulls my penis back in her warm hand and starts jerking it! I'm panting and sweating right away cause she makes me so hot! I can't belive how good it feels! After two or three minutes of trying to hold back I shoot off in her hand, my knees shake and my mouth hangs open. She catches it all usually but sometimes I hear a gob or two plop through Mary's fingers and onto the floor.
Mary says I squirt the most and sometimes jokes about how messy I've made her hands when she washes my cum down the drain. I'm glad she says I cum the most because my penis is smaller than both Ted's and Joey's.
We have to stay like that in the back kitchen, naked, bent over and still grabbing our ankles until Gus and Mary finish laughing at how limp our penises are now.
Then they send us back to the barn - we're marched off in a row naked, just like we came, but now are penises are soft and limp instead of hard!--Anon.



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