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Jason's Tent

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My buddy Jason got a new tent for his birthday and he asked Larry and I to sleep over one night in his back yard.

After spending much time awake it was late, about midnight when Larry said we should play truth or bare. The game so he said was you told the truth or ran outside naked behind the houses in the open field.

The night was dark with almost no moon light at all so the field was tough to walk in. After a few questions I was the first to go bare mostly because I wanted to. I quietly unzipped the tent then stood outside and took off all my clothes tossing them back inside. I loved the fact I was the only one nude even though the guys could hardly see me. I had a full hardon and I felt horny as hell thinking my punishment was to go nude in public.

I walked out into the field then came back and into the tent. Once inside Larry turned the flashlight on my cock and they both gasped because my cock was sticking straight out and very long.

We sat down again to play more but I left my clothes off saying I had to wait for my cock to go soft before I could get dressed. I knew my cock was not going to go down any time soon feeling the way I did.

One more question and Larry took bare too. He stripped and did his field walk then came back into the tent also sporting a hard cock. Jason shinned the light on his cock then mine back and forth saying we were perves.

Larry then said we should all take a walk to the other side of the field naked, over to where the church yard was. Jason balked at the idea saying it was much too far and we could get caught at first then Larry and I said we would go alone so he then caved in.

Jason stripped down and we all left the tent for our naked adventure across the field to the old church yard.

The house lights got further out of sight as we walked and in the dark Larry asked if I was still hard or not saying he was now hard due to the feeling of his cock swaying as he walked. I told him mine had not gone down since my first walk then Jason admitted he too was a bit hard.

As we walked I then took my cock in my hand and began to stroke it with each step. Because it was dark nobody could see me masturbating and I felt so dirty thinking about walking naked and jerking off right beside my buds as we walked.

We got closer to the church yard and the large yard light began to light our way so I let go of my hard cock. I wanted so badly to cum and thought to myself I may squirt in the dark as we walked back.

Once we got behind the church close to the gravel parking lot we could not walk on the stones so we made our way around the outside on the grass. Our goal was to stand on the back steps then walk around to the front if nobody was in sight.

I remember standing on the back steps of the church thinking how I stood there not too long before that talking to a girl I knew. It made me even more horny than before. I told the guys about it and we all laughed but very quietly.

We got to the corner of the church and peeked around the corner. We could not see anyone but many houses still had lights on inside and out. Larry said he was going for it & bolted out the front across the walkway and to the other side of the church. I thought I would be next then did the same knowing the way was clear. As I made my way about half way a voice yelled out 'hey look at the naked guy' and I just kept going. Then I heard footsteps running my way so I ran right past Larry and headed for the field. A bunch of older kids both guys and girls were behind us but not really trying to catch us or I'm sure they would have. It was hard running in the slippery grass and we both went down a few times.

We stopped once in the dark and knowing they were not following any more but Jason was nowhere to be found. We went back and he was just making his way home because he was hiding.

Jason said it was a close call and the older kids walked right past him while he hid behind a tree. He asked us if we still had hardons and Larry and I both only then noticed we were soft.

We walked back the the tent talkng about our mission and how we were going to keep this a huge secret. As we walked Larry asked if we could keep even more secrets then told us he was rubbing his cock a few times when walking before. I laughed saying I was doing the same thing. Jason again called us perves then asked us if we jerked off much. I was the first to spout out yes and told them I did it sometimes three or four times each day. Both of them said I jerked more than they did so I asked them how often they did it. Larry said most times every morning then at night before bed. Jason said only at night.

As we got closer to the tent I was hard as a rock again from the jerking talk. I told the guys I was hard again and I needed to cum or I would not be able to sleep. Larry said he would be the same and needed to cum. Larry said we should do it before we get back so our cum is in the field. Jason said he did not want us to do it in his new tent and said if we were going to we had to do it now.

We were now close enough that we could easily see each other clearly since we came from the dark field close to the houses. I was first to start. I grabbed my cock and began stroking it telling the guys how good it felt. Larry did the same and Jason just paced back and forth telling us to hurry up.

Larry and I were watching each other stroke our cocks for a few minutes then Larry said he wanted to cum. I told him go for it and Jason came over right then hearing what we were saying. Larry started to move his hand back and forth real fast then bent at the knees just a bit when he started squirting long ropes of cum out onto the grass. Jason again said you guys are such perves then I began to creep up on my orgasm. I grunted a bit then as I always did slowed right down and ever so slowly rolled my tight skin under the head of my cock back and forth just a bit. When cumming, my foreskin gets so tight it is hard to move it much so going slow feels very nice and my orgasm is quite hard.

I had a great cum, with lots of semen squirting very far and my cock kept pumping long after there was no more cum to shoot. Jason asked if I was ever going to stop rubbing my cock. I guess I did keep it up a bit longer than normal.

Both Larry and I squeezed out every last bit of semen to the ground then we all went back to the tent. Jason said he was not going to jerk off that night and would be able to sleep ok. Juat after we got into the tent Jason's Mom came out to give us heck for making noise. That was a close call!

We went to sleep shortly after.



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