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Jason the Jock (Part 2)

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This is a continuation of a previous story. Everybody knew Jason-but only I really knew Jason.


I continued to help Jason with his studies, but it was the study breaks that I really enjoyed. For our breaks we would always strip naked and jack-off together. Although we would have to do it real fast, just watching this cute cute guy stroke his hard, hairy dick would always make me cum with intense power. And ohhhhh it felt sooooo good! One Wednsday, after our break, he asked me what I had planned for the weekend. I told him nothing-as usual. All he said was, 'cool' and we went back to studying. I could not figure out why he had asked because he was going to be out of town all weekend for a big swim meet. I thought nothing more of it. I figured he was just making small talk.

Well the next day, Thursday, Jason had a horrible accident. He missed a couple of stairs and sprained his ankle! He spent the rest of the day hobbling along on one foot because his ankle was too sore to put any weight on. He could not go to swim practice that day nor would he be able to go to the out of town meet that weekend. Needless to say, both his coach and team mates were very upset with him. I told him that he should go home and rest his ankle and that we should cancel our daily study session. He looked disappointed, as did I, but he reluctantly agreed. A few hours later my phone rang And it was Jason! He explained that his parents had planned on being out of town this weekend attending a wedding. But they were not going to go and leave him alone in his condition. He said that he talked with them and agreed that they would still go if he had someone to stay with him. He said that he had suggested that I stay with him and they said OK. They had gotten to know me during the course of the semester through our study sessions and knew I could be trusted-unlike many of Jason's jock friends!

On Friday Jason was still limping along complaining about his sore ankle. since he was so popular at school, everyone was helping him out-carrying his books, etc. I felt a bit left out but was OK because I knew that I was going to be the one taking care of my friend all weekend. I did help him out to his mother's car after school and she gave me a ride to my house so I could gather my things for the weekend. She read us the parental riot act about how she trusted us and expected us not to trash the house -things like that. She dropped me off and I quickly packed a bag and headed over to Jason's house for the weekend.

By the time I got there Jason's parents had just left. He opened the door and told me to come in. First thing I noticed was that he was not limping anymore! He had explained that he had faked his injury, knowing his team mates and his parents would be out of town, so that we could be alone together all weekend. Then he wrapped his arms around me and started kissing me! I could feel the bulge growing in my pants and could feel his erection straining the front of his shorts. We started stripping off each others clothes and soon were naked-pressing our young naked teen bodies together, still locked in a passionate kiss! We worked our way upstairs to his bedroom, fell onto his bed, started to kiss again and slowly stroke each other's hard cocks. Since we had never touched each other before and since we had missed our study break the previous day, both of us were soon shooting loads of cum all over each other!

We just layed there for a few minutes, still naked and covered in semen, gazing into each other's eyes and talking. He explained that he had known for awhile that he was gay and that the only reason he had joined the soccer and swim teams was so he could see all the boys naked! But when he saw me and the way I looked at him in the locker room he had developed a crush on me and sensed that I was interested in him as well. I admitted that I felt I was gay too and that I had wanted to be with him since the first day I layed my eyes and that beautiful naked body of his. He asked how experienced I was and said that he had never had sex with anyone before me. I told him I was not experienced either and that my only sexual experiences were our study breaks.

We began fondling each other's dicks and petting each other's pubic hair. Soon both of us were hard again. Jason suggested we jack each other off head-to-toe so we could really enjoy the site of each other's hard cocks close up. I agreed and added that lube would really help. He grabbed some and positioned himself so his dick was in my face and mine in his. I could not believe this was happening. I began stroking his hard dick with one hand while circling his pink head with my fingers. He was doing the same to me. We went real slow because we wanted it to last-the pleasure was just too good. After about 10 minutes he stopped I said, 'Dude-why did you stop? I was about to cum.' He said, 'I know, so was I, but it is too soon- I want this to be great!' When our dicks finally settled down a bit we resumed stroking each other. It felt even better than before. Soon we were both squirming and bucking our hips-fucking each other's hands. After about 20 minutes, neither of us could hold back any longer and soon we were both having the most intense orgasms of our lives-cum was flying every where! We just layed there afterwards, staring at each other's softening, cum soaked, hairy dicks. Finally Jason suggested we take a shower together to wash off the cum and lube. I had often fantisized about this in the locker room, so I quickly agreed. We kissed and washed each other up and soon were hard again. We dryed off and went straight back to his bed where he layed on top of me-kissing me while our cocks rubbed together. There is no better feeling than having another guy lying on top of you naked, kissing you while your dick and balls are making love to each other. Once again, we both soon came. We eventually drifted off to sleep-naked in each others arms. We awoke the next morning and started right back at it.

We had sex the entire weekend. Our sexual relationship lasted right through high school and well into the summer. Unfortunately, Jason got an athletic scholarship at an out-of-State university and I went to a State school, but our final encounter was very emotional and quite hot. I will write about that another time

Jason and I did see each other over the holidays and school breaks. We would fool around together but the passion was gone. A couple years later I got a phone call from an old buddy who attended the same school as Jason. He had hot gossip-Jason had been caught having sex with a guy in his dorm room. My buddy said 'Can you believe your study-buddy Jason is gay' I just said 'No way I can't believe it'. Inside I was smiling because only Jason and I knew our private little secret. Everybody knew Jason-but only I really knew Jason!!



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