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Jason the Jock

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This began when I was a sophmor in high school. No one knew or suspected!


Everybody knew Jason. He was friendly, outgoing, and a jock. He was on the swim team and the soccer team; needless to say, his body was fine! I, on the other hand, was average-looking and shy. I also was begining to notice that I was more attracted to guys than girls. We ran with different crowds and never really hung out together. That all changed our sophmore year when we were in the same gym class and our lockers were only a few feet apart! I would sneak peeks at his nice developing body while we were showering and changing.

Since he was a jock, he was given one of the large lockers in the locker room while the rest of us were stuck with much smaller lockers that held next to nothing. One day, I was attempting to jam my books and clothes into my small locker when I heard Jason ask me if I wanted to hang my clothes in his locker. I looked over and there he was, totally naked, exposing his entire sexy body to me! I quickly agreed, mainly because I wanted to get a closer look at him. From that point on, he would let me hang my clothes in his locker even though we still did not hang around together nor speak to one another outside the locker room. But I was content just being close to his naked body in the locker room and would often jack off thinking about him.

Well to put it bluntly, Jason was not the smartest guy in school and rarely studied because of sports and his active social life. One day, while we were changing in the locker room, he asked me if I would help him study because his grades were poor and he was in danger of getting cut from the swim team. I agreed, and he then asked me over to his house after school to study, for that very afternoon.

I arrived at his house and he was just wearing a pair of gym shorts and a tank top. Nothing happened that afternoon but he did get a 'B' on his test the next day. He was very excited and asked me to continue helping him with his studies. I agreed, and we met almost every day after he got done with practice.

As time went on, we became friends, although we still did not hang out together except for our study sessions. One day, we were talking and the subject of girlfriends came up. He asked me why I did not have a girlfriend and I told him that I just did not like any of the girls at our school. And besides, he was already dating the hottest girl in school so there was no one left for me, haha. He told me he did not really like her and only dated her because his friends expected him to. I said that fucking her with that big dick of his had to be great. He blushed and whispered that he had never had sex with her because she just didn't do it for him. He also told me that if I told anyone that he would beat the crap out of me. We went back to studying and did not mention girls or sex the rest of the night.

The next day, when I arrived, he answered the door wearing only his gym shorts-no shirt! I could hardly handle the excitement of seeing him like this outside the locker room. We went up to his room and started to study. After a while he put down his books and suggested we take a little break. I said, ok.

From the way he was sitting, I could see right up his shorts and he was wearing no underwear! I must have been staring because he asked me what I was looking at. I blushed and said I was staring at nothing, just spacing off. He said he thought I was checking out his dick like I did in the locker room. I was horribly embarassed and speachless. He smiled and told me not to be embarassed and that he had checked mine out too!

With that, he pulled off his shorts and asked me to stip as well. I did. Next, he said his mom would not be home for a couple hours so we could jack off together if I wanted to. I said I wanted to but had never done it in front of another guy before. He said he had not either but wanted to and thought about me when he was doing it alone.

Both our dicks were now hard. I was watching while he began to gently stroke his shaft. It was skinny and about 6.5 inches long and very very hairy with a nice thick blond/brown bush. Although he was a swimmer, he did not shave down there which is good, because I love a nice thick bush on a guy! I could not hold back and began stroking my hard dick. We just sat there watching each other until we both tensed up and began shootings rope after rope of white hot boy cum! We promised not to mentioned what had happened to anyone. We got dressed and started to study again.

We 'studied' quite often after that and we grew closer and closer. Jason and I even began hanging out together at school. But it was the afterschool activities that we both enjoyed the most. Finally, we made plans for a sleepover that promised to be a very memorable occassion for both of us. I will tell you all about that next. Yes, everyone knew Jason, but only I REALLY knew Jason.



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