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Jaime's Accident

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Four years ago, my best friend Jaime was in a very bad car accident, and ended up in the hospital in serious condition. He had multiple fractures, and a concussion. He was fortunate to not have been killed. Jaime and I had been best friends since elementary school. At the time of the accident, we were sophomores in high school. I realized that I was attracted to guys in Junior High, but made sure that no one ever found out. Jaime was the source of most of my jerk off fantasies, because I found him to be incredibly attractive. I knew that none of it would ever come true, because he was definitely straight.

I visited Jaime in the hospital after he got out of intensive care, and he was quite a mess. He had broken his leg, had a fracture of both wrists, and one forearm. He had a large scrape on his forehead where he hit the windshield. He was happy to see me, and I visited him every day until he was released which was like a week or so. The first day I could tell that something was bothering him, but he wouldn't tell me what. The second day, just after I got there, the nurse came in, and announced that I would have to leave, as it was time for his sponge bath. I saw Jaime cringe, so I figured out that was what was no doubt what was bothering him. The nurse told me that I could wait in reception and come back in 20 minutes.

When I got back, Jaime confirmed that he hated the sponge baths, because whenever she washed his 'privates' he got boned up. I told him that I'm sure that happened all the time, and that she was probably used to it, and not to sweat it. He agreed, but then told me what really bothered him was that when he got home, he was worried it would happen when his Mom had to bathe him. I tried to assure him that nobody is going to get turned on by their own mother, but he cut me off, and said that I didn't understand. That because of his 'condition' he hadn't 'relieved himself' in over a week, and that popping wood was becoming a bigger problem every day.

I really didn't know what to say, so I told him I could see his point. Finally he looked at me, and asked me if I would do him a huge favor. I about jumped out of my skin, because I thought he was going to suggest I help him out with his problem, but instead he begged me to ask his Mom if I could be the one that gave his sponge baths and help him go to the bathroom. Now I was psyched about giving him sponge baths, but the thought of wiping his ass had me a little freaked, and I told him I would really have to think about that, and I mentioned the wiping problem. He begged again, and said it wasn't that disgusting, and that in the hospital they always wore gloves, so it wasn't like I was going to actually have to touch his ass or anything. So I agreed.

His Mom at first wasn't really in favor of Jaime's idea, but I convinced her that if it were me, I would be mortified to have my Mom bathe me, and she should think about it. Since it was the middle of summer, I really didn't have any obligations, so when he got out of the hospital, I started my new duties. The first day I arrived, I went to his room, and we talked and watched TV. He was lying in bed, shirtless with a pair of sweatpants on, that had been cutoff midthigh. He looked incredibly hot to me, and I was so nervous thinking that I not only was going to actually get to see his junk for the first time, I was actually going to touch it! Jaime told me he needed to go to the bathroom, and I said sure, and kept watching TV. He cleared his throat, and I looked at him... and realized that I needed to help him. So I said do you want me to help you get to the bathroom, and he rolled his eyes... pointed out he had a fucking broken leg... and told me there was a bed pan on the other side of the bed. I stammered, jumped up grabbed the bedpan and just looked at him, because I had no idea how the whole deal was gonna work,. He told me it worked out best if he rolled on his side, I held the bedpan against his stomach, and directed the piss into it. So he lifted his hips up into the air, I just stood there. He reminded me that he had two 'fucking broken arms' and that I was going to have to pull his sweats down. So reached over to his hips and pulled his sweats down.

Oh my fucking Lord. I was staring at the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. A long fat dick with a perfect mushroom head, a small bush of reddish pubic hair, and two nice sized nuts hanging low. He turned on his sid, and I reached over, took his dick in my thumb and forefinger, and pointed it into the bedpan. He finished up, I gave it a little shake, and then I pulled his pants back up. He thanked me, and didn't say anything else about touching his cock. My head though was spinning. I got up and told Jaime I had to go to the bathroom too, and went down his hall. Once in the bathroom, I quickly jerked off, thinking of what had just happened, and came in seconds. When I got back to room we hung out a while, then his mom came in and asked if he wanted her to get the sponge bath stuff ready, and he said sure. His mom came back with two big pails of water, washcloths, and laid towels on either side of him, and started to say that she would show me how to start, and Jaime rolled his eyes, and told her not to worry, it wasn't brain surgery and to please leave.

She shut the door, and I nervously undid his sweats again and slid them off, down over his leg cast. I soaped up a washcloth, and starting washing his chest and shoulders. I was so glad that I had just jerked off, because watching his nipples hardened when I ran the cloth over them was really hot. I washed his pits, then down his stomach and rubbed his cute as hell belly button. Then I paused as I got to his groin, not really sure how to proceed. I ran the cloth across his dick quickly, and under his nutsack. He dick started to grow, and in a matter of seconds he was hard as a rock, his shaft curving up with the head just south of his belly button. I pulled back, and he started stammering about how sorry he was, and how embarrassing it was. I really felt sorry for him, and told him that I really understood, and tried to tell him not to freak over it. I went back washed his one good leg, then his thigh on his broken leg and then his feet. The whole time his beautiful piece of meat was laying there in all its glory. I grabbed a towel and dried his legs then his crotch, then his torso. I looked at him, took a deep breath, and told him he was my friend, and if he wanted me to help him out with 'that' as I looked over at his dick, I would. Then I just pulled his sweats back up, grabbed the pails and towels and went to the kitchen and gave it to his Mom.

When I got back, I could see he was still hard in his sweats. All he said was, 'Thanks'. I said no problem, and asked what he wanted to do. He looked at me, and softly said, 'yunno... what you said'. I got up, shut and locked his door, then went back and pulled his sweats down again, I took his shaft in my fist, and slowly jerked him off. His eyes were closed, and his breathing got heavy. His face was clinched, and I slowly increased the pacebrushing the underside of his mushroom with my index finger. Within 30 seconds he moaned, thrust his hips upward, and let loose with the most amount of cum I have ever seen in my life. It went all over his chest, from his neck down to his belly button, and oozed over my fist. I grabbed some tissues and wiped him up, having to go back for more Kleenex. His dick started to soften, and I pulled his sweats back up. He thanked me, and I told him no problem, that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (I was the hottest thing I had ever done), We talked about it a little later, and about jerking off in general. I confessed that I usually did it at least twice a day, and he agreed he was about the same. He wanted to know what girls I thought about, and I lied choosing the ones with the biggest tits in our school. I found out he usually used lube, and I apologized that I hadn't thought about that, since I rarely did, but that next time I would use lube. He looked over, and smiled and said he was hoping I was gonna help him out again, and I assured him that it was no problem, I'm sure he would do the same for me.

For the next three weeks I jerked him off constantly. Twice a day my ass. Maybe it was the boredom of being stuck in his bed, but I was sure it was the thrill of having me rub him off. While that first time took him less than a minute to cum, over the next three weeks, it took anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes to make him cum, and he would tell me what to do... faster.. slower.. harder lighter..rub his nuts... rub his nipples... stuff that made my jerkoff sessions back home all the better. He never asked me if I wanted to jerk off too, so I never did in front of him. After he got his casts off, obviously my job was over, and I really missed jerking him off. He didn't mention it to me for months either.

At the end of the summer, we were at my house one day, and he finally brought it up. We talked about how he had some guilt about doing it, and I assured him that it wasn't natural to go weeks without relief, and he was nuts to question it. Then he asked me if I wanted him to do me to pay me back. Then he reached over and felt my hard dick, and proceeded to pull my shorts off, and then jerked me to the best climax of my life.

Sadly, that was the last time we ever jerked off together, but is still what I usually think about when I jerk off alone.



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