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Jacking off for Hours

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my dick feels so good right now....


I'm typing with one hand and milking my cock with the other. I started about five hours ago. I finished up some things anticipating having a nice long evening with my dick and balls. Damn it feels good!

I got my vaseline, put my towel on the chair here at my desk so I can get messy if I wanna, sat down, opened the jar, and launched Solo Touch. I've been stroking my juicy dick and cupping my meaty balls for hours.

I love to jack off for hours on end, edging, and I make time when I can to spend the afternoon and evening naked, milking it. A few minutes ago it got dark and I got up and turned on some low lights so someone could see me from outside.

When I jack off my cock for hours like this it feels better and better and I get hornier and crazier. Before I sat back down I got my candle, greased it up and then stuck a greasy finger up my ass and fucked it, milking my cockhead. Then I stuck the candle up my ass. Now I'm sitting, leaned back so the end of the candle is out on the seat cushion and I can rock back and forth on the candle while I slide my left fist up and down the length of my cock, stopping sometimes to milk just the head, my right hand here typing.

I've been jacking off like this for years. I've gone on road trips and jacked naked with one leg of my-oops, the candle slid out aways, I put it back, feels good-one leg of my shorts around one ankle. When it gets dark I turn on the dome light as much as I can and look at the big reflection of my cock in the driver's window, and in the rear view mirror, and in the mirrow I put on my visor. I'll jack off for eight or ten hours. My wife and I drove from San Diego to Malibu once on 101 completely naked. She had a towel in her window, her right foot on the dash and her left foot on the console between the seats. I tried to stay in the inside lane. We watched each other masturbate for hours, and came so good.

I'm gonna be at it for a few more hours. I don't have to get up in the morning so I'm gonna milk this dick until the wee hours, till I can't stand it anymore. When I get really turned on, I'll go up the stairs to my apartment door and open it aways and stand there naked just inside the door jacking my dick in the cold air. If somebody looks right at me, they'll see my dick. I mostly read the stories. I look for the ones about jacking off together. My ex-wife and I used to masturbate ourselves and watch for hours. All day we'd get nasty. She had her favorite vibe and we had some realistic dildos and a double dong. We'd watch nasty movies-nothin' but orgies, and watch each other and walk around the house posing for each other and humping stuff together and humping each other some. Sometimes we'd be so horny we'd each be sucking one end of the dong. I'd finally cum quarts all over her tits and face while she got off like crazy with the vibe on her clit, a dildo up her pussy, her legs squeezed together tight.

Now that I'm alone I get into jacking it and fucking my ass like I used to do for her. Ah, yeah um, feels good. My asshole and dick feel so good so I read stories. I love to read the ones by really nasty women who love to masturbate, and the ones when boys and girls-or girls and girls or boys and boys-are playing around and end up masturbating together, and the exhibitionist ones.

Every now and then, for variety, I flip over to short vids and watch one or two then back to the stories. I'll stop and have a drink. Sometimes I have to pee. It takes a while to get started but I'll aim my hard dick at the toilet and pee thru it while I'm stroking it. My hand gets wet it's nasty hot.

I'm gonnna check out a movie now... ...ahhh. I picked the masturbation video. An asian girl was laying back pumping a vibe in and out of her pussy, her other hand moving bewteen her clit and tits, moaning, 'I'm cumming. I'm cumming!' eventually, when I'm ready to cum, I'm gonna lay down, my shoulders on the floor my back up against the side of my bed, my ass in the air, and I'm gonna fuck my ass and milk my dick, just pump it hard and slow until I shoot splashes of hot wet cum all over my face and body. I hope I get some in my mouth.

My dick feels goooood....

stroke that cock! work that pussy! yeah!



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