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Jacking Off

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I learned to masturbate in a kind of strange way. This was back in 2009. My folks drove into the big city to go door to door buying antiques. They were the original American Pickers. This was back before people shot you in the testicles for looking at them. And they never left me at home. I guess they were worried I would eat too many TV dinners or pee in the sink or something. I figured I was old enough to hang at home without adult supervision.

One day while my folks were way down the street so far that I couldn't see them and had forgotten all about them, I got some tingling in my pants. I didn't know what it was. I was in the back seat of a crap car waiting and waiting and bored to fuck. There was that tingling. I thought I would get naughty and pull my pants down and just be kind of naked in the back seat of the car.

My little dick got hard, but I didn't know what that was all about. I only knew that having my pants down in front of somebody's house was thrilling shit.

Somewhere along the way I got the idea to tie a string around my dick. It might even have been my shoelace. I don't know. I tied the string around my dick and then I got to tugging on the string and one thing led to another and I had an orgasm. It was dry.

I remember the first time something spurted out of my dick. It was yellowish weird stuff. I thought I had a disease. Then I ignored it. When I jacked off the next day, white gooey spermy stuff jumped out. Then I was ok. After that, I did everything I could think of that might or might not have been nasty. I licked my sperm off my hand. I put things in my ass. I sucked my own dick. Everything!

I don't remember much after that. Something about driving in the back of a 53 Buick and jacking off while my older brothers were in the front, blabbing away about cats and Black Sabbath.

Another time I was jacking away beneath my covers and my older brother got up (it was the three of us in one room) and he pulled off my covers and everybody knew I was jacking off.

Then I got into the mutual masturbation circle jerk thing when I was with my best friend, Corey. He found some nasty playing cards, the kind where instead of a jack, you got titties. We didn't know from titties. Corey called me up and told me he had a secret. Those cards. We hooked up and it wasn't too much later that we found ourselves in an old junk car. We looked at the naughty cards, both of us getting little stiffies. I don't think I had a slight bit of pubic hair then and I know Corey didn't.

Somewhere along the line I thought I would show him how to masturbate. On the count of three, we pulled our pants down and then one, two, three, the tighty whities came down. Corey's dick was small compared to mine. I said: 'If you do this a real long time, it will feel so good that you can't stand it, but it's great!' It sealed the deal. Corey wanted all the details. I even gave him a blow job demonstration, but I wasn't yet aware that such things were extremely cool. Otherwise, I would have spent more time on the subject!

That was the best day of my life, even if I was scared and ran off before either of us had orgasms.

We jacked off together a hundred times. It took five or six times, getting together, hiking to some secluded spot, and starting the whole thing off by talking about girls we liked at school or on the bus. When it was cool to cum together, our friendship took on a whole new meaning. We were best buds and it was no big deal to jack off in old barns and bathrooms and camping tents. Yeah!

I used to crawl around in the woods near Corey's house and jack off looking up at his window, thinking about all the things we could do if we weren't both so scared.

The last time I jacked off with Corey, he was 15 and I was 16. Then we went our separate ways as girls began offering hand jobs like candy on Halloween.



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