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Jackin With My Best Friend

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Cum with me


When I was about 15 years old, my family went on vacation to Virginia Beach and my best friend Eric went with us. We had known each other since we were in first grade. I thought Eric was hot and so did all the girls it seemed. He was about 5'7', 150 lbs with dark hair. We had seen each other naked for years, especially since we were on most of the same sports teams, like football and baseball.

Getting back to my vacation. We get there and my parents are in one room, my two sisters are in one room and me and Eric are in a room by ourselves. We get to the room and to my surprise, there was only one bed. I thought I was in heaven. I asked Eric if he minded and he said he didn't care. He said he wanted to take a shower and I told him I would take one after him. Eric then starts to take his clothes off and at this time my shorts are pitching a tent. Eric gets completely naked and catches me staring at his whole body. He then asks me if I like what I see. I stammer, yeah. He then looks at my crotch and tells me I should take care of that.

With that he walks past me with his six and a half inch cock waving at me. I stare as he passes and get to see his fine ass. He stops and bends down revealing the most beautiful butt hole I had ever seen. I alomost lost it.

Once I hear the shower going, I rip my clothes off and see my cock is leaking pre-cum. I don't want it to go to waste, so I eat it up. I then went over to where Eric dropped his clothes and pick up his boxers. I start to smell them and I almost cum right then. I jump on the bed and put the boxers over my head so I can smell him as I'm jackin off. I must have been so into it because the next thing I hear is, 'How do I smell.' I just froze. Standing in front of the bed was Eric sporting a huge hard-on. I was both nervous and excited. Eric gets on the bed with me in between my legs. He moves my legs up and starts playing with my rock hard dick and massaging my butthole at the same time. He tells me to put his underwear in my mouth. I did it almost immediately. We had never done anything like this before. So Eric starts jackin me off using his spit and my pre-cum. I couldn't believe it. Well it didn't take long before I told Eric I was about to cum. I was looking down watching him jack me off and ropes of cum start exploding out of my cock hitting my stomach, chest, chin, face and even forehead. I never came like that before. I could barely move. Eric then scoops up some of the cum off my stomach and puts them in my mouth. I almost got hard again that instant. He kept feeding me my own cum off my stomach and chest. He then sqeezed my cock one more time and the rest of my cum oozed out on his fingers. He then put them in his mouth and said I tasted good. I couldn't believe it. He told me not to wipe the cum from my face of chin. He said it turned him on. I complied.

He now tells me its his turn. Without delay Eric lays down on the bed and I take the same position in between his legs. I use my cum and my spit and start jackin his off. I could feel his cock pulsating in my hands. Soon he tells me to stop and kneel on the floor which I do immediately. He stands in front of me and tells me to start again. I'm jackin him and then he starts to tell me he is going to cum. He tells me he wants to cum on my face and I tell him, go ahead. Now I'm jackin him off and myself as well. In a matter of seconds, Eric starts spewing the most cum I have ever seen in my life. It hits me in my face, head, everywhere.

Finally, Eric stops cumming, but I am covered, my chest, stomach, balls, cock, chin lips, forehead and even hair. Eric gets me up off the floor and we get on the bed. He gets on top of me and we start sliding up and down each other covered in our cum. He then started kissing me and eating his own load off my face. We were both getting hard again........more to cum.



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